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  • At the beginning of Chapter 2, a ghost offers to spare Yui-sensei's life if she agrees to sacrifice her students. She instead pleads for her students' lives and demands that he stay the hell away from them when he threatens to kill them. Bear in mind, at this moment, Yui is trapped under a cabinet filled with knives and other sharp objects. Does this kill her? Nope. She manages to get it off of her. Her actual death involves finding Ayumi in a room that is falling apart. She can barely move her arm and doesn't even want to think about what her back must look like. She still holds onto the ledge (with both arms, no less) until Ayumi has climbed to safety, then demands that she and Yoshiki hurry out of the room instead of try to help her. The woman is a damn fine teacher.
    • Yui-sensei mentions being well-versed in the ghost stories concerning her school. Book Of Shadows then reveals how she was so well-versed in the "Yoshie after-school" ghost story. She lived it. She actually encountered Yoshie, managed to avoid and fend her off and nearly escaped, at which point Tsukasa comes to her rescue. And when they're cornered by Yoshie and Tsukasa tries to pull a Heroic Sacrifice to save Yui, she takes none of it and becomes the distraction for Yoshie instead to protect Tsukasa. And both of them survived it. Yui-sensei is awesome.
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  • In Chapter 5, Satoshi, Yoshiki, Ayumi, and Yuka successfully appease Sachiko's spirit.
  • Also in Chapter 5, Ayumi, upon discovering that Naho deliberately put faulty instructions for the Sachiko charm on her blog, calls her out. Naho reacts coldly... until Ayumi reveals that Naho killed her beloved mentor after succumbing to The Darkening. This causes Naho to have a breakdown, making her spirit vanish and give Ayumi the item Satoshi needs to progress.
  • The game itself got a meta example. Despite coming out within the last week of November in the US, it managed to top November's PSN downloads.
  • In the final chapter of Book of Shadows, Hinoe gets one when she interrupts another ritual Gone Horribly Wrong and saves Ayumi and Naomi from a horrible death. Sadly, this crosses into Heroic Sacrifice as well, as she gets her head blown off in the same way she saved her sister from.
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  • In Chapter 4, When trying to appease the three child ghosts by giving them their tongues back, it was Ayumi (and not Kishinuma, the character the player is taking control of) who spoke their names first to calm them down, and she was the one who apologized and personally handed their tongues, while Kishinuma stood still, albeit frightened. Prior to this point, Ayumi has been depicted as the character who cried a lot, easily scared, and got possessed by several ghosts.
  • In Chapter 5 Kurosaki, near death from being stabbed and kicked through a hole in the floor, saves Yuka by not only taunting Kizami, but punches him enough to hurt him too. He does this just to make Kizami kill him instead so Yuka can recover and escape. Dude's a damn hero.
  • Satoshi becomes WALKING AWESOME during the course the game. He is called out as a Lovable Coward at the beginning of the game by everyone, since he's kind of a scaredy-cat when the Sachiko ritual is being performed, but when shit hits the fan, it is him and him alone who never loses hope and does everything in his power to save and inspire his friends. His inner monologue reveals that he's scared out of his mind, but his desire to save his friends and sister overpower his fear.
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  • In the original PC-98 version, the "girl in red" traps Yuka in a bathroom stall and starts flooding it with blood. Satoshi tries to kick the door down, but it won't budge. Ghost Girl appears and taunts him. He begs her to spare Yuka's life, and she laughs, telling him that she'll accept his life in exchange for Yuka's. If the player answers 'yes', Satoshi accepts her offer and pleads with the ghost to kill him and save Yuka. The ghost gets pissed off, snapping that no one's that much of a saint. She demands to know if Satoshi would die for Yuka even if Yuka wasn't right there and listening to every word. If the player chooses 'yes' again, Satoshi roars, "YOU TWISTED BITCH! SHE'S MY SISTER!"
  • In Book Of Shadows, the extended true ending of Chapter 5 has Mitsuki's last moment before her death. You might remember Mitsuki as the girl who had a freakout in the first game. Here, Mitsuki realizes very quickly that she's going to die, so what does she do? She focuses all her energy in staying as quiet as possible so as not to give Kizami the satisfaction of making her beg for her life.
  • Although the OVA Totured Soul is gore beyond belief, it does have badass moments.
    • Yoshiki has a Big Damn Heroes moment and attacks Kizami with a golf club. The force is so much, he knocks Kizami's head off. He later protects Ayumi and Yuka from Yoshikazu in a Dying Moment of Awesome.
    • Satoshi also stops Sachiko from piercing Ayumi in the back, by blocking it. But Sachiko's scissors went through his hand. He later fights with Sachiko. Finally, he willingly gave Naomi his piece of the charm and used Kizami's piece, knowing he could be killed. He was right.
  • In Blood Drive, Ayumi's entire end-game character arc. After holding the Idiot Ball for most of the game, Ayumi finally comes to terms with her guilt and Took a Level in Badass. She claims the power of the Book of Shadows, takes her place as inheritor of the Shinozaki witch line, destroys Misuto's false Book of Shadows, and then battles Nirvana’s core, the Witch Queen’s spirit.


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