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     Fridge Brilliance 
  • In Book of Shadows, Sachiko mentions that those marked for death can't avoid their fate, and their death will become worse than the last. However, it's also implied that Sachiko has some control over this. Considering the conditions of the stories in Book of Shadows, the characters are stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop. Given that Sachiko is completely aware of this it's totally plausible that she becomes savvy to their actions the second time around and makes sure that not only do the original victims continue to die, but she is more likely to kill one of the survivors as well. One piece of evidence to support this is that before Naomi even finds Seiko again, she finds various razor wires in the halls and at the base of the stairway, which were not there in Blood Covered.
    • Confirmed in Blood Drive! Sachiko showed the ability to loop time in the Nirvana with the help of the Book of Shadows. It's completely plausible that she incorporated it in the last Wrong End in Blood Covered that sent everyone into the "Groundhog Day" Loop, and was fully aware of everyone's actions in Book of Shadows.''
  • Out of all of the ghost children, why is Yuki Kanno the one to show Ayumi and Yoshiki what really happened? It makes sense that Tokiko Tsuji couldn't, since she's still unintelligible even after getting her tongue back since the top half of her head is missing, but why not Ryou Yoshizawa, who only lost his tongue? Because Yuki is the only one who saw the face of the real killer!
  • The title itself. They don't mean "party" in the partying sense. They mean "party" as in company. Rightfully, you find many corpses on your journey...they're your "company".
    • Given the game's origins as a much simpler RPG horror game, "party" may also refer to the group of characters that one travels with in, say, a video game. Especially given the original also has such gameplay elements such as choosing your group for the final battle based on abilities and powers. As a bonus for the "corpse" bit, though. The moment everyone landed in Heavenly Host, they were essentially doomed to die, whether by the hands of the ghosts or to starvation or dehydration and turn to future corpses. So until they could escape, they were all basically dead teens (kid in Yuka's case) walking. A party of the walking dead. A Party of Corpses.

     Fridge Horror 
  • Plenty of in-universe moments as the plot is pieced together, but one of the biggest involves a splattered corpse used for a bit of dark humour early on... mainly, who it turns out to be.
    • This is essentially the niche appeal of the game. You're given enough detail to comprehend the situation, but the rest is left to a horrifying imagination.
    • The way the students have to try and leave the school? By begging the forgiveness of Sachiko, the one responsible for all the horror and pain they suffered, via ritual. And even then, they only have a small amount of time to escape!
    • In an extra part, we see Ms. Yui reminiscing about her life, and it ends with her starting to cry about how lonely she is. Given the way Heavenly Host is set up, it's entirely possible that she'll spend eternity feeling the crippling loneliness she did when she died...
  • One of the greater scopes of horror is that when you die in Heavenly Host, you eternally feel the pain of your death. What's even worse, Sachiko proves that You Can't Fight Fate. So when it comes to what pain Seiko felt? Pick your poison: hung by your best friend or lose your head to razor wire. Mayu? Blasted towards a wall at speeds so high your insides explode or having your stomach vivisected live by the ghost children's bare hands. And those are just the first two victims we witness!
  • When everything is said and done, the memories of all the dead people return. The main characters get some closure, but what about the friends and loved ones of the side characters? As far as they know, their kid just went missing one day. God help them if they ever find out what truly happened.


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