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The power behind Heavenly Host Elementary's continued existence is YOU.
During the Blood Drive chapter of Book of Shadows, It's implied during the scene where you are wandering around in the woods that Ayumi and Naomi are being watched, but they can't tell if it's one presence or many...and they are. By the players.

what if the reason for the eternal suffering of the souls trapped in Heavenly Host Elementary isn't *just* because the school is keeping them there, but because people are constantly playing the game, making the characters relive their fates over and over with each playthrough?

  • This troper supports this idea, especially because Blood Drive confirmed thatthe Nirvana merged all the timelines together in the dimension, since the characters can now access the gym from 2U among other things. Sachiko is even aware of the timelines, with the You Can't Fight Fate statement in Book of Shadows after Seiko dies again.
Sachiko was the one responsible for the wrong info about the charm being posted on Naho's blog.

Checking Naho and Sayaka's name tags in Blood Covered reveal they both died after succumbing to The Darkening. Book of Shadows shows that Naho's ivestigation of the Shinozaki Estate got her haunted by Sachiko to a degree that Sachiko can appear to Naho in the human world and have a strong enough influence over her surroundings that she can affect Sayaka's director at her show and manifest her voice through the recordings, as well as having a good degree of influence over the people she cursed, as both Naho and Sayaka can hear her voice after the show. Naho saw how dangerous it was to continue with the Heavenly Host investigations and decided to put the kibosh on everything, but Kibiki had already gone there by the time Naho made that decision, and was genuinely in despair and terrified when she found out. Before she crossed over with Sayaka to Heavenly Host to rescue Kibiki, she went insane after her Freak Out! and posted the wrong info on her blog with the intention of giving Kibiki a bigger scoop. Given Naho was going through a similar change in behaviour as Naomi and, in a Wrong End, Ayumi, her posting the wrong information on the blog was Sachiko's doing so more souls could be brought to Yoshie, making the Heavenly Host curse grow stronger to prevent people from escaping as a result.


The old woman that traveled back in time to give Yui Shishido the paper doll charm in Book of Shadows is a time traveling Ayumi Shinozaki.
  • Jossed. Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday reveals her to be Makina Shinozaki, Ayumi's great-great-aunt.
The timeline where members of the party from Kisaragi Academy successfully escape is NOT the prime timeline, but an alternate spun off from the World Loop timeline.

The Events of the The original Corpse Party happened in an alternate Timeline

In this Timeline Yoshie survived her Fall or wasn't even pushed at all and the Shinozakis lived a normal life till Sachiko dies by falling.

Satsuki was meant to be a pivotal character in the series.
There were indications of a sequel titled Satsuki's Heart before it disappeared from the radar. Blood Drive also has an extra chapter named after this game. Given what we know about Satsuki, it's possible her story was either condensed or saved for future installments.

Yuka will make an appearance in Dead Patient, and will be as awesome as Satoshi if he's not going to be introduced.
Dead Patient is set 5 years after Blood Drive. Yuka will either be in high school or a recent graduate. Either way, she'll hopefully be older, wiser, and learn much on how to be a badass from her dear onii-chan. Either way, she has to redeem herself for being such a load in the main trilogy, and causing half the problems for the want of a sanitized toilet. It would be nice to see her knowledge and competent regarding the horrors of what she lived through. Boobs of steel are a hoped-for feature.
  • This troper says: While Satoshi is confirmed to come back, but I doubt it. Blood Drive broke the western fanbase, so making Yuka reappear AND making her likable is going to be hard. Also, making Yuka likable and competent? Seriously?

Maybe some time during the development of Blood Driveit was planned to end with resurrecting the members of class 2-9 that died at Heavenly Host.
Okay, this might sound weird (like a ton of things in WMG), but I can't shake the feeling that in the ending that the Book of Shadows mentioned the possibility of Ayumi becoming the master of Nirvana to loop time and save their friends, just after Ayumi announced her plan to eat the Nirvana and sacrifice herself felt a little odd. I get the feeling there might have been plans to do this at some time during development as it is kinda odd to mention this after Ayumi announces her plan to sacrifice herself, almost as if it was a remnant of a scrapped plotline. The promotional art for Blood Drive doesn't help, as a ton of them show the 4 who died (DESPITE the fact that they barely appeared in the game itself).

While the characters of class 2-9 introduced in Blood Covered all died, there might have been earlier drafts that didn't kill the new 4 of Kisaragi academy .
This might be a little speculativeI know that some people will mention things likethat 9 and 4 are unlucky numbers, so maybe that's why they died (or it is a coincidence). But please listen this: In corpse party Newchapter, the prototype of Blood Covered, doesn't appear to have Morishige. Also Naomi and Seiko appear on the cover of Corpse Party: Blood Covered, suggesting that earlier drafts might have been different.

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