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Nightmare Fuel / Corpse Party

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Her dress was originally pale yellow.

With a name like Corpse Party, you already know you're probably in for a nightmarish ride. Throwing in subtitles like Blood Covered and Repeated Fear isn't exactly encouraging, either...

Blood Covered
  • In the first chapter, examining a certain cabinet will display an image of the interior swathed with hair. While unnerving, this wouldn't be a surprise or even a fright to those with a working familiarity with the game. What is frightening, is the random chance of the image suddenly revealing a creepy face in the hair after a few seconds.
  • Finding your friend Seiko hung but still alive in the toilets. You've got two choices - try to free her or try to find something to help hold her up. She dies no matter what you do. And if you were foolish enough to take a nap in the infirmary before investigating the newspaper in 3-A, you're "treated" to a Wrong End where the ghost children surround you and force you to stick a pair of sewing scissors in your mouth, far enough that the blades tap against your molars. Then they cut out your tongue. And of course, all this happens while you're facing the dangling body of your best friend.
  • That pile of gore splattered against the wall in the first chapter? The one that's played for (slight) comedic effect when our heroes unwittingly step in it? It's Mayu. Even more disturbing is it's from being rammed into the wall at supernatural speed.
    • Morishige's reactions to the body count as well. To begin with, he seems to fetishize the body, going so far as to dig through it and apparently masturbate over it while taking pictures. Later, he laughs about how shameful the body looks in death, prompting Mayu to contact him from beyond the grave to tell him not to look. He goes Laughing Mad from the revelation and commits suicide by jumping out of a window.
  • The sad-looking ghost of a five year-old boy with trickles of blood oozing from his mouth. His cause of death? Repeated stabs to the abdomen, followed by forced tongue amputation. And if he catches you, there's a delightful zoom in on his face as he takes yours! Or buries you alive. Or makes you fall to your death alongside your little sister. He's not that picky.
  • How about the ghost who lacks an eyeball, leaving a constantly bleeding eye socket? Cause of death? Getting stabbed in the eyes with a pair of scissors. And if she catches you she does the same to you! And for that matter, let's consider the circumstances surrounding her death. Imagine you and three other children have been kidnapped by your insane teacher. He blindfolds you and lines you up on the floor. You can't see the two before you being killed (via disembowelment and the top half of her head being cut off, respectively), but you can hear it. Finally, it's your turn. When your blindfold is taken off, what do you see before your eye is stabbed out? Your teacher is cowering in the corner, while the fourth kidnapped child has you by the hair, a pair of scissors in her hand, covered in blood with an insane expression on her face. Now imagine that the little girl in question, upon getting her tongue back and letting Ayumi and Yoshiki go back, basically forces Ayumi to experience what she went through. To be fair, the girl DOES warn Ayumi that it would be really bad, and Ayumi insists on seeing what happened, but she probably doesn't realize just how BAD it'll be.
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  • While we're talking about creepy children, in the second chapter, there is a display case that can be examined to find a child's crayon drawing - four children and they're stabbing their teacher to death while he's on his knees and screaming in agony. Our protagonist is suitably unnerved.
  • What about those green heads in the slime that damage you for stepping over them? They have faces, for a start...
  • Any number of Wrong Ends! Let's go through the list... you can be suffocated by a malicious ghost, forced to cut out your own tongue, buried alive, cut in half, have your ribs broken and your lungs pierced with them, have your eyes torn out, let your best friend drown, accidentally smash her to pieces with the pool drain, get stabbed with scissors, mauled to death, and best of all trapped in a time warp that forces you to relive the nightmare again!
    • There's also the ending where a combination of Yuka dying and Ayumi succumbing to darkening destroys everyone's chances of escape.
    • Don't forget the wrong ends after reading all of the Victim's Memoirs! Especially the first one, where Yoshiki eats Ayumi, complete with sound effects!
  • The piano playing itself in the Music Room. It stops if you approach it... and starts again as soon as you leave the room.
    • Or the toilet that screams at you when you open the door...
    • The horror is pretty much completely evaporated by the first extra chapter, where it is revealed that the ghost inside said toilet is basically the nicest dude around.
  • Kizami.
    • He's just a friendly tough guy helping cute little Yuka try to find her brother. And as soon as she's in the bathroom, he stabs his friend Kurosaki and kicks him into a pit just for fun.
      • He's so nice, acting like a big brother to Yuka. In the manga, he catches her, ties her hands to a table, and begins to cut at her throat. The worst part? He does this as he starts to climb on top of her in what looks unnervingly like a rape scene. The fact that he unbuttons his shirt does not help. In-game, there's a bad ending associated with him capturing her and delighting over how many faces she'll show him before she dies.
  • The Darkening itself: While being trapped in a horror dimension, just being scared erodes your mind, and being alone just speeds it up. Once it gets high enough, whenever you get close to a situation where you can conceivably kill yourself or someone else? You will black out and take it, only to come back to your senses as soon as it's too late to do anything about it, not remembering anything. It's not uncommon for people to find themselves covered in their best friend's blood or dying slowly from hanging while having no idea what happened at all. And even if you manage to somehow survive, it eventually makes your body rot away while you're still alive, though by that point there's barely anything left of your mind so you can't even care anymore.
  • Okay Yuka, we finally found you a goddamn working toilet. Now get in there and relieve yourself already. ... What? You can't go because the toilets are 'all full'? Goddammit, you stupid girl, it doesn't matter if the toilets haven't been flushed, just get in a stall and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THEY'RE ALL FULL OF HANGED GIRLS!
  • The escape sequence after appeasing Sachiko. You have to get outside before the seventh toll of the bell, with the frightening knowledge that if you can't get out before then, then you have lost the only way to escape the horrid place, as the other children can never pass on.
  • The soundtrack to the game by itself can give you goosebumps as it will remind you of every horrifying moment. Not to mention how the intro song, "Shangri La" starts with a creepy chant and organ.
  • The true cause of Seiko's death, full stop.
  • The memoirs left by previous victims; there's a reason you hit a wrong end simply by reading them all the way through.
    • Incidentally, this is a situation where the game messes with your expectations. In the previous chapter, you receive a warning not to read a newspaper, when you have to in order to advance to the end of the chapter. So when you see a notice warning you not to read the Victim's Memoirs all the way through, you think "Oh ho, you can't fool me, game" and go about finding them all. Then, once you finish the last one, the whole atmosphere seems more tense than normal. Then Yoshiki realizes that he's been eating Ayumi. Or Satoshi suffers a Mind Wipe.
  • The final chase in the game. Yuka has to run away from a deranged Kizami whose voice echoes through the halls saying "Yuukaaaa?", "I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you Yuka! Hey!" and "Come out from wherever you are." It doesn't help that it's That One Chase.
  • Yoshie's diary. Calling it disturbing doesn't even begin to describe it!
    • How about the fact you're reading it when she's behind you? It's very unsettling that she's just standing there like she could attack at any moment.
  • Kibiki's death. After realizing he bit off more than he could chew by coming to Heavenly Host to investigate it for his articles, he finds himself pursued by a Darkening-Possessed Naho until he is cornered in the Custodian's Closet with Naho pounding down the door calling his name in a very distorted voice. The PSP version shows no character portraits so you're left to imagine the scene in full. The PC version? You get to see Kibiki's horrified expression as well as a portrait of Naho with glowing red eyes and a Slasher Smile as she closes in on Kibiki.
  • The PC version has a scene that was later added to the 3DS version where Naomi falls into a pool of insects and worms and has to swim her way out. Going through the disturbing pool is essentially a maze with invisible walls with one spot in particular that will warp you to the furthest part of the maze. And there is a time limit.

Book of Shadows

  • In the first chapter, Naomi gets the chance to save Seiko from hanging, and succeeds. However, once Seiko gets a good look at her, she screams and runs out of the bathroom. Naomi chases after her, but then Seiko trips and stumbles down the stairs — and gets decapitated by a wire that was at the foot of the stairs. Sachiko arrives and tells Naomi as she cradles her friend's head that it was fate. She could delay her death longer, but the way she would die would get worse. And then Mayu's chapter appears...
  • Nana's fate in Chapter 2 is just frightening as Mayu finds her lying on the ground with both of her legs severed and still alive and screaming in pain and fear. It gets even worse when Yoshikazu shows up and drags her away as she keeps screaming and trying to get away while crying out to Mayu to help her.
    • Of course, it then gets even worse in Chapter 4 when Sayaka Ooue watches in horror as poor Nana, still with both of her legs chopped off, is strapped down to a table and dies screaming as Yoshikazu takes a pair of pliers and rips her tongue out of her mouth. The image you're given right after of her face, frozen in fear with both of her bloodshot eyes wide open and a pool of blood in her mouth, is something right out of a nightmare.
      • And if you don't pick up the Notebook and Student ID before running into Yoshiki, Nana gets her legs lopped off by Yoshizaku as they cross a hole. Nana doesn't die, but she still loses both of her legs. From this point on, no matter what you do, you get a Wrong End. If you hide into the Science Lab, you find Nana's friend Nari burned to the bone and then Sachiko appears with Yoshizaku in tow... with Chihaya's severed head, using it as a puppet. Disturbing beyond belief. And while you're looking for a place to hide while the timer is running, if you cross the Infirmary, you'll see a bloodied hand touching the wall with Sachiko saying "We are busy right now. Try another room" before Chihaya's voice is heard from the inside, calling for help.
  • "Shangri-la" has it fair share of terrifying moments too. Focusing on Morishige, Mitsuki, Fukuroi, Nari and Chihaya's particular stories that took place in the first game, we are presented to a horrifying number of nightmarish scenes:
    • Morishige's story: First off, the Darkening meter is at its most sensitive in this chapter and if it reaches 100%, you get a Wrong End. This particular Wrong End plays fully on Hell Is That Noise, with Morishige being in a room with Sachiko, who has Emi Urabe hostage. We are treated to the lovely music of Sachiko opening Emi's body with a pair of sewing scissors, shoving her face inside and chewing on her organs. Morishige, at Sachiko's request, joins her]]. And the closer you get to 100%, the more disturbing the BGM gets, with the last one being little more than a string instrument playing frantically. Also, another Wrong End has Morishige go down a hole to pick up Mayu's Student ID, only to find Ayumi dead. After going insane, he decides it's a good idea to take something of her as a memento to her family. His options are her uniform, candles, hair or tongue.
    • Mitsuki and Fukuroi's story: At one point, to progress, they must examine a bloody, maggot-covered disembodied head for the key inside. One Wrong End involves Fukuroi peering through a hole in the girls' room stalls after Mitsuki sees another eye looking at her from there... and his eye is pierced by a needle before Yuki Kanno emerges and stabs Mitsuki to death with the same needle for allowing Fukuroi to peek. And of course, given they're Byakudan students, they too are targeted and eventually killed by Kizami. We are shown how Mitsuki went so deeply over the Despair Event Horizon that she couldn't be talked to or reasoned with. It is not pretty.
    • Nari and Chihaya: Sudden Scare Chord jump scare courtesy of Chihaya dropping her pouch onto the piano keys. Nari also dies being burned alive in cooking oil. In a particular Wrong End, the same happens to Mitsuki.
  • Chapter 6, "Mire", is probably the most horrifying in the entire game. It starts with a recreation of an optional/bad ending moment in Chapter 5 of Blood Covered where Kizami is getting ready to cut Yuka open as she's tied up on a table and just gets worse from there. Even after you escape, Yuka falls into the basement and you are only able to wander around and realize there's no way out. The absolute worst happens when Sachiko shows up... pretending to be an innocent girl and wanders with you with the intent of wearing through Yuka's confidence by personally Darkening her spirit. Watching all this unfold and knowing there's no way to escape it is truly the stuff nightmares are made of as it gets more and more disturbing and gory and comes to a brutal conclusion.
  • "Purgatory" is terrifying. Focusing on Naho's story prior to the events of Blood Covered, it shows that Naho was cursed by Sachiko after investigating the Shinozaki Estate to the point that Sachiko can manifest in the human world, have her voice appear in a recorded interview between Naho and Sayaka, and give a cardiac arrest to the show's director. And then we are shown that Sayaka too is afflicted with Sachiko's curse since the interview, and that Naho decided to end the Tenjin Elementary investigations, only to find out that Kibiki went over without her. The catch? If "Mire" is any indication of the true extent of Sachiko's powers, the ensuing Freak Out was so strong that it allowed Sachiko to influence the Darkening within Naho, which led her to post the wrong info about the charm on her blog, much like Ayumi can be corrupted into an Ax-Crazy Yandere in a Wrong End near the endgame. And then, as if that wasn't chilling enough, we are treated to a solo play following Sayaka after she got separated from Naho on their cross to Tenjin. But imagine being by yourself in a place you know nothing about, only that it's haunted. Now imagine that at one point, you're in a section of a long, dark corridor where a female child's voice can be constantly heard singing the folkloric game song "Kagome, kagome" endlessly, echoing through the halls and getting progressively louder and slower... as if a child ghost is approaching you, creeping closer and closer to you. Eventually, more child voices are heard as if calling you out to play with them as you progress through the bomb shelter. And then, after seeing how this place was eating at Sayaka's sanity, we get to Nana's death mentioned above.
    • Special mention goes to the "recorded interview" scene when the staff notice an EVP and replay one dialog over and over again. Thanks to the game's binaural recording, playing this scene can be frightening with headphones. The recording is first played at a normal volume where there seems to be no issue at all. Then the same dialog gets replayed numerous times, while the game is slowly increasing the volume and sound clarity, up until the final sample where the background music comes to a complete halt and Sachiko's voice is heard loud and clear. This is immediately followed by the frightened scream of the characters in the studio.
  • The final chapter of Book of Shadows sees Ayumi and Naomi attempting to fight fate by attempting another ritual. This particular one involves resurrecting Mayu. The results aren't pretty: It works, but Mayu comes back wrong, shambling and moaning with her face blotched out... and when her paper doll ignites, those moans rise into strangled screams as sigils appear on her joints, then explode. While Ayumi and Naomi are still freaking out over that, the sigils appear on Ayumi's arms — her doll caught fire, and Naomi's attempts to put it out spread it to hers...
  • The voice acting can get a little hard to listen to. The characters often sound so terrified that even if you can read the text, it's hard to hear what the character is saying. Furthermore, in this game, the voice actors used a dummy head mic. This means that if you're wearing headphones, the sounds and voice acting end up making it seem like you're really there.
    • In the "Soulful Testimonials" from the voice actors, many admit to being frightened by the content of the game. One (Taira Kikumoto, who plays Fukuroi) even admits that while just reading the script in a coffee house people started giving him odd looks due to his reactions.


Blood Drive

  • The intro. Ayumi finally gets to leave the hospital and meet up with the rest of the gang after a while. Everything seems to be playing out normally, until Ayumi gets home. THEN she shows how much Hinoe's death affected her. Survivor Guilt plays to its most horrifying level as Ayumi starts stabbing herself in the hand with a pair of scissors while she has a breakdown, stating that all she does is bring death to those around her and that she should have been the one who died. And that's BEFORE the game itself even starts.
    • Before we get to Ayumi, we cut to three girls in a classroom doing the Sachiko Ever After charm. Nothing seems to happen at first. Then, after the above moment, we cut to one of the three girls in her room, minding her own business, when the door suddenly flings itself open. Typical Jump Scare, nothing but a Red Herring, right? Then we are reminded this is Corpse Party, and the girl is suddenly lifted off the air and her whole body is bent at an impossible angle, and we hear her spine letting out a very audible crack.
    • Blood Drive is kind enough to show Hinoe's death in described detail. After her head abruptly comes off, her body is still moving like, in Ayumi's words, a chicken who was just beheaded. All the blades that were attacking Ayumi are now stabbing Hinoe, as if losing her head isn't enough. And somehow, Hinoe still has the strength to give Ayumi her final dying words. It pretty much establishes this as the bloodiest Corpse Party yet.
  • When Ayumi goes to one of her old relatives' house to investigate for clues about Heavenly Host and the Book of Shadows, we see a gloomy, abandoned house. What makes this frightening is the creepy face starting from the nearby window directly at the player.
  • We finally see what Heavenly Host became after the events of Blood Covered. Imagine everything that makes Heavenly Host terrifying, and add tentacles that can attack you out of nowhere, traps set by spirits of students that died in Heavenly Host and Meat Moss growing from the walls. Only it isn't just a massive mass of meat like in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It's walls filled with pulsing guts and internal organs.
  • MAYU. Sweet merciful lord, there's Mayu. Remember how everyone who died in Heavenly Host has a blotched stain over their faces in any pictures of them in the real world after their death? Imagine that, only here, Mayu's face is actually a gaping bloody hole as if her face was cleanly cut off Not only that, but She doesn't recognize Ayumi at all. All that is heard is a muttering of "Shige-nii" over and over until she lets out a VERY twisted "NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" as she starts chasing Ayumi.
  • The ending of Chapter 1. Ayumi continues to be pursued by Mayu, and finally runs into Yuki. She runs to the ghost girl pleading for help and trips on a hole. Yuki remains silent and what amounts to Yoshikazu 2.0 with a getup reminiscent of freakin' Jason Voorhees and Pyramid Head shows up. It ends with the screen going black as it's rearing to attack Ayumi.
  • Inumaru and Aiko find Sayaka's corpse. Her hair and uniform are intact, but her flesh is entirely decomposed. And there's still blood in her hair from the blow that killed her.
    • And Inumaru gets it the worst out of them. The shock allows the Darkening to consume Inumaru as he becomes what can only be described as a human acting like a feral beast, and he starts spouting words of resentment towards Aiko, blaming her for Sayaka's death because of her disclosure of Heavenly Host information to Naho, followed by him roaring madly while picking up the closet Sayaka was in and throwing it at Aiko, who can only run in fear as her fearless facade drops and the paper that said "YOU WILL EVENTUALLY KILL EACH OTHER" is laughing sadistically at Aiko's situation. It ends with a chilling cliffhanger as Inumaru corners Aiko.
  • Yoshikazu is dead. This Implacable Man of a horror is found crucified and impaled through the mouth in a large altar-like room that was NOT in Heavenly Host before.
  • Chapter 3's intro with Naomi. She starts drawing frantically at her notepad while muttering in a trance of insanity that people that don't believe her story about Heavenly Host should burn in hell and that friendship is found in righteousness, coupled with a Thousand-Yard Stare. She breaks even further as she's trying to draw Seiko's face, unable to remember what her face look like.
    • And as if that wasn't enough, Naomi's left eye starts hurting greatly, which comes out of nowhere and is definitely not a good sign. Which is proven true when Naomi calls her mother for help and Natsumi, on the verge of losing it with Naomi because she has no recollection whatsoever of Seiko and fully believes Naomi is insane, checks her eye after Naomi explains it's nothing to do with Seiko and we see a shot of her left eye bloodshot and with a white carving on her iris. Natsumi rushes out of the room and eventually Naomi sneaks in the kitchen to check on her... only to see her sharpening a knife frantically without saying a word. All Naomi can do is run out of the house in fear.
  • Ayumi running into the spirit of Morishige, who is so utterly broken that he simply wanders around the halls of the school aimlessly with an uncanny gait similar to that of a puppet on strings, calling out Mayu's name in a Creepy Monotone. Brrr...
    • "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaayuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..."


  • In the original PC-98 game, there's a point where Naomi waits outside while Satoshi takes Yuka in to use the restroom. She shuts herself in one of the stalls, with Satoshi asking after her after a while... only to get silence in return. Lots of silence. Then blood abruptly pools under the stall, and she starts SCREAMING...
  • The background of the evil spirit is pretty nightmarish: turns out they used to be an ordinary student before one of her teachers decided to take advantage of her loner nature to try and rape her. While trying to escape him, she slipped and fell several stories to her death. The teacher then got caught by the principal trying to hide her body... and he decided the school's reputation was more important and helped him bury it.
  • The B-2 Bad Ending, seen if Yoshiki sacrifices himself to save Ayumi from the anatomical model. The day after escaping, a grief-stricken Ayumi is trying to wash her face when she notices a hand-shaped bruise around her neck. It grows darker and darker, and her attempts to get rid of it just lead to her skin peeling away, until her towel's soaked through with blood and she passes out.
  • If Yuka and Yoshiki both die, you get to see the D-2 ending, where Ayumi approaches Satoshi while acting very strangely, and speaks of using black magic to revive their lost loved ones. Though Satoshi's creeped out, he does start to think she's got a point...


  • As per the Corpse Party norm, there's an anatomical model chase here as well. Only this anatomical model is a freaking Lightning Bruiser that can and will chase you across the haunted halls of the cursed school.
  • One Wrong End, out of nowhere, gives us Kaori beating Shiho to death with the Iron Lever that was picked earlier. As Shiho is dead with her head split open and her corpse blood-covered, Kaori leaves and wasn't actually Kaori, but the girl in red.
  • Prior to the above, the scene in the bathroom where "Kaori" tells Shiho she made a deal with the spirits that she would escape in exchange for Shiho's life. It isn't the real Kaori, but still...
  • One optional moment has Shiho trapped on the other side of the mirrors in the bathroom. You must break the right one so Shiho can escape. Breaking the wrong one kills Shiho still inside the mirror.

Cross Fear

  • Cross Fear gives us the lovely sight of a gigantic samurai statue coming to life trying to kill you with its BFS. And if you miss the action commands, the statue corners Seita before turning into an ungodly Eldritch Abomination that bites off his upper half.
  • Cross Fear also gives us the insane Doctor Amagasaki that tries to kill Kaori, Seita and Sayako in exchange for his freedom. Even before that, he was already a creepy doctor, taking pleasure in tormenting patients and attempting to rape Kaori. His death is also pretty gruesome. Sayako's paranormal powers awaken, resulting in Doctor Amagasaki's arm and head being blown up.
  • Ending B. Seita falls for the spirits' deceit as he and Kaori are escaping the cursed school in the white room where, if you look back, you are lost to the dimension forever. Kaori returns to her room in the mental yard, there's a knock on her door... with Seita's voice calling out to her saying he's lonely.
  • One Wrong End involves Kaori getting mauled by a Disk Grinder. We are treated to the lovely sounds of Kaori's body getting sliced by the grinder, along with her very detailed description of it all happening.


  • When investigating the bathrooms the first time... a hanged corpse falls from the ceiling.
  • The room you must investigate with the flashlight. Pitch-black at first and even with the flashlight you can only see one tile in every direction with every step. The room is also filled with mini-sized Eldritch Abominations that hurt you on touch.
  • The blood-filling bathroom stall is recreated thanks to Naomi becoming a red spirit, resentful over being forgotten when everyone was escaping, the "Naomi" among them being her body possessed by an evil spirit while her spirit stayed behind.
  • Yoshiki runs into Ayumi's corpse. He starts lamenting his failure to save her. Then the anatomical model charges stomping loudly at you. What follows is an escape sequence in a pitch-black room with the anatomical model constantly teleporting in front of you as you try to avoid it.
  • Early-on, you run into a unique red closet that very obviously holds something inside. It holds something, yes. Doctor Amagasaki's corpse.
  • Two rooms in the game are rooms where you are trapped should you enter them. One of them is mandatory and containing a key item, while the other one is just a Schmuck Bait with no exit that only lead to Game Over screen. The one containing key item is a room where you can't do nothing but walk around, which seems to be a wrong end...before the screen flashes and you find yourself in a dark room surrounded in blood and skeletons. It's only a Jump Scare, but pretty damn terrifying.
  • After rescuing Akari from the flooding stall, crossing the Boys' room prompts blood to splatter in the nearby windows. Checking it prompts Sayako to appear behind you and disappear into you... nothing seemingly happening, all while no one is aware of her presence. Examining it again prompts Yoshiki to say he has a bad feeling about it.
  • Yoshiki suffers Angst Coma upon receiving an attack from Sayako in the corridor and trapped in his own nightmare, fueled by Survivor Guilt. With Ayumi's help, Akari must enter Yoshiki's psyche to free him from his nightmare. Calling Yoshiki's nightmare as "unpleasant" would be a massive understatement. The updated version "if: Past End" even managed to take it Up to Eleven, with added Mind Screw.

Depths of Despair

  • The many Wrong Ends in this game. Either Ayumi dies in a shower of acid blood, being stabbed by Yuka, strangled by Yoshiki or drowning in blood like Yuka did in the PC-98 game. And THEN, in the final chapter, there are also the Wrong Ends involving either Yoshiki or Yuka possessing Ayumi and killing Sachiko in the incinerator or body pool, or one ending involving Ayumi, after she realizes her attempts at appeasing Yuka, Yoshiki and Satoshi failed, going insane and pushing Sachiko and Naomi off the school roof before Ayumi follows.
  • This game expands on the PC-98 game's D2 ending, after Satoshi rolls with Ayumi's suggestion to try and revive Yoshiki and Yuka with black magic. It goes as well as her attempts to do so in Book of Shadows, only Satoshi dies in Ayumi's place when it all backfires. Satoshi is reduced to a pile of bones in mere seconds.

Fatal Operation

  • Oh look... It's Kizami again
  • This game shows the full extent to which a Shinozaki can be a Yandere. Machi, the Expy of Sachiko, was the sister of the Big Bad, for whom a Shinozaki woman had feelings. Said Shinozaki also had a severe case of jealousy towards Machi, and as a result, put a curse on Machi that slowly caused her death.
  • This game puts the emphasis on "Corpse", featuring zombies that can ambush you from anywhere.
  • The Bad Ending. Seiko's body is taken by the Big Bad while the real one is left behind in the cursed hospital. The final scene is Naomi being ambushed by Seiko's ghost in the living room, not unlike how Yuka kills Satoshi in Corpse Party Musume and If.
  • Beware the Nice Ones takes full effect when Naho, in one of the alternate scenarios, more specifically the one where Haruka is killed by Kizami, slams and binds the killer against the wall with Black Magic and leaves him to die as Divine Blessing collapses. Fate Worse than Death at its finest.
  • The Wham Episode in Naho's backstory. Shiho went on to become the vengeful spirit holding together the Nehan from Zero.


  • The English launch trailer. Gory, frightening images from the game flashing by in a second, the swelling, harrowing music, and all of it is broken up by black text being typed on a grey background, describing the states of the four missing children when they were finally found by police.
    • At one point, the screen flickers and part of the text from the report changes into "You will surely die here."
  • Thought the murder of the ghost children was bad already? The trailer for the OVA makes the scene worse. Yeah, the detail on the frightened children's faces doesn't make it better. In the actual OVA, we get to hear one of them being killed, horrifying and heart-wrenching screams of terror and agony as she is first stabbed, and then slowly has her head cut in half at mouth-level.
  • The Tortured Souls OVA doesn't hold back at all. Remember the kid who had half her head cut off? The OVA lets you hear her screams and the horrible bloody sounds as the act is done, and shows the upper half of her head - eyes wide and bloodshot in utter terror - as it's discarded. Not to mention the horrible deaths of Yoshiki, Yuka, and Satoshi, in all their gory detail. Well, maybe not that last one. Including:
    • Seeing the ghost children move is horrifying. In the game, the children were frightening, but they were still images and had a relatively peaceful face on. In the OVA, their expressions are more fit for serial killers than children. Hell, the boy ghost has the most deranged look on his face, when he attacks Ayumi for his tongue.
    • Morishige takes multiple levels in crazy after finding out the corpse the likes the most is Mayu. In the game he commits suicide, while in the OVA he goes Ax-Crazy by killing anyone he finds and taking a picture of their corpse in a sad way of giving Mayu company, as he believes Mayu is in his phone. His death is upped as well; in the game, he dies off screen. In the OVA, Kizami kills him by stabbing him in the neck.
    • Kizami is even more messed up; he goes from friend to maniac in less than 5 minutes. We also get proof that Kizami is the anatomical model in chapter 5 when he kidnaps Yuka; he is half transformed into the model.
    • Yoshiki's death is depressing. He holds by a door to stop Yoshikazu from killing everyone. Yoshikazu just breaks through the door and pierces Yoshiki's stomach and then through his mouth. You even see his head get deformed by Yoshikazu's hand.
    • Even Satoshi gets hit by this. He blocks a scissor attack from Sachiko, which pierces his hand. He attempts to fight off Sachiko, but she slowly overpowers him and slowly stabs him with the scissors. At the end, Satoshi sacrificed himself by using Kizami's scrap and all that's left of Satoshi is his arms.
    • Yui's death was just cruel. In the game, she performed an epic heroic sacrifice. In the OVA she was beheaded by a random board that fell.
  • Kibiki's death was already terrifying on its own, and it was only heard, not shown. Then the manga goes up a notch and actually shows what actually happened. First, the main 5 find him killed by what seems to be a black spirit with nothing but its eyes visible from its pitch-black humanoid form. Then we are treated to a flashback of Kibiki's death. He's found by a Sachiko-possessed Naho that is speeding up the Darkening within Naho until she becomes covered in it, turning into the pitch-black being that was seen earlier, crushing Kibiki's throat. And as if that wasn't enough, that allowed Sachiko to get Naho's powers, which was how she got stronger and how Heavenly Host, by extension, got stronger as well.


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