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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • In Book of Shadows, Yui's chapter involves Sachiko's mother ghost trying to kill her, and t the beginning, an old woman tried to give Yui a charm to protect her, showing her as a good person (or ghost). Yet some lines of dialogue say the ghost "is an old woman". Is this a bad translation or is it suppossed to mean that the old woman who tried to help Yui is now trying to kill her alongside Sachiko's mother?
    • Makina Sachiko (the "old lady") was trying to help Yui, not kill her. Whatever case of the "old lady" being bad must've been an Unreliable Narrator from her part.
  • What the hell happened at the end of Book of Shadows?
    • A sequel hook for Blood Drive.
    • To clarify the actual events: Hinoe prevented her sister from suffering the backlash of the spells she cast, at the cost of her own life.
  • In Blood Covered, Naomi and Seiko encounter a bucket of 'yellow congealing liquid', which is probably pee. In Satoshi and Yuka's POV, the bucket is empty. Now, Yuka needs to pee for a good chunk of the story, but not once does she pee in the bucket. Nor does anybody else. Why is there pee in the bucket in Naomi and Seiko's POV, but not in Satoshi and Yuka's?
    • Red Herring. There were a good number of students wandering through Heavenly Host. Given Mayu's remains could be found in Seiko and Naomi's POV but that actually happened in Yoshiki and Ayumi's POV, it was probably one of the dead students found there.
  • What exactly was Naho's fate after Ayumi reveals she was the one that killed Kibiki and expelled all the darkening within her afterwards? Given she was already dead, did she went on to become another spirit and lose her physical form, or did she become Deader Than Dead?
    • The most likely scenario is that not only she lost her physical form, but she's now doomed to live in pain and regret like the other victims due to realizing that she was the one who killed Kibiki while under the possession of the Darkening
  • In Book Of Shadows, Ayumi is possessed by multiple spirits, seeing her as their only hope of escape. If Ayumi were to escape Heavenly Host while possessed by spirits of people that already died there, like Mayu, Morishige, Yui and Seiko, what exactly would happen? Would other people remember they existed?
    • Escaping while being possessed by multiples ghosts or even a single ghost would be impossible, because the cast wouldn't know if they have to chant for Ayumi herself, or for each ghost that's inside her and MAYBE one more for Ayumi herself.
  • After the events of the first Corpse Party's true ending, why didn't Naomi think about showing her mother literally anything on Morishige's phone? I mean, she and Satoshi should still probably have it, and that phone is filled to the brim with pictures that would serve as proof that they would be telling the truth about what happened at Heavenly Host, including the group photo he took before they did the ritual. Any normal person looking at that photo should stop and question why three people's faces have been replaced with a black void.
    • It doesn't even need to be Morishige's phone. Hell, Naomi has a picture of Seiko on her phone. Why didn't she just show that to her mother?
      • It's possible that she did, but why I suggested the group shot is because one missing face can be brushed off as a glitch or something, while three faces seems less like a glitch and more like something done purposefully.
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    • My theory is thus: Anyone who survived Heavenly Host sees the deceased as pictures with black holes for faces, because those people don't exist anymore but are still remembered by those viewing them. Anyone else (like Naomi's mother) would look at the photo and just see a blank screen.
  • So if anyone who dies in Heavenly Host has all evidence of their existence erased and are forgotten, how exactly was Naho recognized by Ayumi and how did her blog post manage to have the effects it did?
    • Questioned in Book of Shadows and answered in Blood Drive. Naho has a spiritual power that's strong enough to make people remember her and her blog, which is why she's considered as a "missing" individual instead of being "forgotten" like the other victims (with the exception being Sayaka, since she's also remembered due to having a stronger spiritual power than Naho).

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