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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

You wouldn't think that one of the most frightening survival horrors since Amnesia: The Dark Descent would have any funny moments, but oddly enough... here they are:
  • When interacting with a certain bathroom stall, a voice will scream "CLOSE THE DOOR GOD DAMMIT!!"
    • In Extra Chapter 1, we actually meet the guy who says that. Surprisingly, he's a classy gentleman type. His name is Shimoda. After fulfilling his requests, he even screams "I Love You" in English.
  • In Chapter 1, Seiko interrupting your searching to ask if Naomi has any of a certain type of medicine.
    Naomi: ...You really have no shame, don't you?
  • For those playing Book Of Shadows, you can go to the "Cursed Phonograph" section of the Bonus features to listen to the music in the game. When you select one, it'll do a slideshow of screenshots. Imagine playing "*Twinkle*Girls*" and getting a screenshot of Naomi holding her head in pain when the spell to revive Mayu fails.
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  • Bit of Dark Humour, but seeing Kizami getting ambushed and wonked in the head by Yoshizaku while he is chasing Yuka is hilariously satisfying, given how much of a bastard he's been over the series.
  • Yoshiki tells Ayumi to blow her nose after appeasing Ryou. Ayumi does so, but...
    Yoshiki: What the hell!? Not on my shirt!
  • In the "Soulful Testimonies" of Book Of Shadows, Tomokazu Sugita talks about how the light went out when he was going to take a bath, so he bathed in mostly darkness. He then suggests taking a Ziploc bag, then corrects himself by saying he shouldn't mention brand name products, since it'll probably be censored (and it is). He suggests putting the game in a watertight plastic bag and playing Corpse Party in a "Darkness Bath" with bath powder added so that the water is blood-red.
    Sugita: Who would do such a thing, you ask? I would. I would do such a thing.
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  • Naho acting like a cat to Sayaka's master. Equal parts hilarious and Moe.
  • Seeing the normally serious and uptight Fukuroi getting absorbed into a H-game.
  • Ayumi goes down a chute after going through a deactivated incinerator, only Kishinuma is nowhere to be seen. She starts feeling uneasy and desperate think he got killed off somehow during their descent. Cue Kishinuma shouting "Heeeeeeeeeeeeey! Don' me off yet!" before coming down another chute and landing right next to Ayumi.
  • The victim memoirs are pretty funny, taken out of context. "I ate my friend."
  • Corpse Party 2U is all about this. It manages to be Lighter and Softer while still retaining the series' brand horror. And the Lighter and Softer moments do not disappoint.
    • When picking different scripts for plays when Sachiko decides she wants to take part in one, they're revealed to be very much Stylistic Suck. The crew demands to know who was behind all of the scripts. The mastermind behind the scripts is revealed and promptly carried off by Yoshizaku at Sachiko's request. It was Kizami.
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    • Kishinuma in a wedding dress and Morishige in a cat-girl maid outfit and vice-versa. That is all. The former ends in a Wrong End, but even the circumstances of the Wrong End are funny in a dark humor sort of way. Morishige goes insane after both learning Mayu saw the whole thing and that Kishinuma looked at his phone believing his corpse pictures were seen, which wasn't the case, and Kishinuma has to go after him. In the meantime, Ayumi is having a Freak Out...because the wedding dress was one passed down the Shinozaki family and she was looking forward to wearing it. But Kishinuma's reaction to it is definitely a Tear Jerker.
    • During Sachiko's Quiz game, Aiko demands info as payment for vital info needed from her. Taguchi offers footage of Heavenly Host, to which Aiko agrees. He whispers to Naho and Sayaka that he made that up and when Aiko checks the footage after giving the info they needed...The footage revealed is footage of Taguchi running from the police after being caught filming elementary school girls with a fascinated expression. What really sells it is everyone's reactions to it, particularly Naho's.
    • The Reveal that Taguchi actually enjoys being The Chew Toy to Naho.
    • Inumaru wins the race that would allow him to leave Heavenly Host with one person of his choice. He obviously picks Sayaka...who flat-out declines saying she's not leaving Naho behind. Sachiko just sends Inumaru back when he's whining about it and actually enjoys the situation.
    • At one point when Morishige is coaching Sachiko and going full-on Serious Business mode, he slaps her when she messes up her lines yet again, much to everyone's horror... And then Sachiko gets fired up and determined to get better. Yes. Morishige and Sachiko just formed a Gai-Lee bond.
    • Near the endgame, everybody is searching a mansion in groups for the Book of Eibon that Sachiko needs. Yoshiki and Ayumi enter a room that traps them in and turn them into their PC-98 counterparts, graphics and all. Not only that, Yoshiki retains his Status Buff abilities from the same game, and uses that to break the door and free him and Ayumi, which turns them back to normal. After Ayumi praises Kishinuma for that, he tries to do another Status Buff skill...and fails.
  • In Blood Drive, Satoshi and Yoshiki are eating on the roof and Satoshi is particularly looking forward to eating his lunchbox, which he points out is oddly light. He opens it...and finds a Yen bill with a not saying what amounts to "buy some bread with this". Satoshi's ensuing Face Fault is glorious. Who'd have known Satoshi's mother was such a magnificent Troll.
    • And following that, Satoshi is met with the new Sensei-chan and Yui's replacement, Kuon Niwa, Aiko's Cool Big Sis. She asks Satoshi what is his favorite food, which Satoshi reluctant answers. She leaves, and a couple of moments later a helicopter comes flying over the roof, a shades-wearing man in a black suit drops from the helicopter to deliver Satoshi a lunchbox containing exactly what he just told Kuon-sensei. Satoshi's reaction put it best:
      Satoshi: ...just what is that teacher exactly?


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