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  • While most of the funniest moments are made by other players, there's the zero-star boss fights which become jokes. The list:
    • Demonfox Haku fights you as a extremely fast baby Haku.
    • In beta, for the renowned Action Bomb C.S-Chan's fight, she usually summons powerful robots to fight for her. On zero-star difficulty, she summons two Squidols, which have tentacles for their arm and leg slots. Then they put their parts to good use, which prompts the Action Bomb Loli Boss to activate her Self-Destruct Mechanism on the Squidols.
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    • Post-beta, she summons Squidol Girl, which has the same results... but with more Les Yay!
    • Fractulus and Berzelius are both tiny in their 0* boss fights as well, but it's quite different from Baby Haku.
  • Try wielding the Stun Rod on the girls, and the Good Bad Bug turns them into Cry Cute.

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