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  • DAD TAX!
  • When calling to the first home for candy.
    Grownup: "Here, take some of this stale, dietetic marzipan I found in my couch. As you try to eat it, think about how bad costumes hurt Halloween."
    • "How do you know it wasn't YOUR costume? Maybe at the next house they'll hate robots but love garbage! I mean, candy."
  • The first meeting with Dorsilla getting rid of you.
    Dorsilla: "What's that? I couldn't hear you over that sudden tornado." *Snaps fingers*
    Player: "What sudden t—" *Blown away*
  • When the hero hits their Despair Event Horizon after losing their sibling.
    Player: "The one day I care about...the only thing i had to look forward to this whole entire year. Ruined. Mom's going to ground me for losing Wren/Reynold..."
    Black Cat: "Meow"
    Player: "And now this cat's going to barf on me."
  • When you step in to save Everett from the bully Travis.
    Travis: "You know, I just realized I've never given a wedgie to a robot before. Get over here!"
    Everett: "RUN brave samaritan! He is as fast as he is impervious to reason!
    Player: "I am not programmed for failure."
    Travis: "Oh man, I hate nerds!"
    • When Travis tries unsuccessfully to make you stop running.
      Travis: "Hey, you dropped something. I think it was your wallet or something else you care a lot about."
      Travis: "C'mon on. Stop running. I just want to welcome you to town, and to my knuckles."
  • After saving Everett and inviting him to help save your twin.
    Player: "I'm on a quest to rescue my sister/brother from the monsters — I'm sure you've noticed the monsters."
    Everett: "Shhh...You had me at quest."
    • "I'm the ORIGINAL. And I don't have a clone, I have an IMITATOR."
  • Finding out that Travis may have been Necessarily Evil.
    Player: "Not so tough without your leader, eh?"
    Luke: "Actually, he was the one who moderated our violent tempers."
    • And that he's now stronger than ever. Maybe.
      Player: "Travis is gone! The Neighborhood is free!"
      Seamus: "Actually, since you struck him down he has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."
    • Or that he's planning on preparing a certain dish.
      Player: "Where did Travis go?"
      Zack: "I dunno, I suspect he's making gazpacho. He kept talking about something that had to be served cold."
  • Sequel: " WHYYOULITTLE!! "
  • In the sequel, when it is revealed that Future!Everett and Future!Lucy are married...
    Reynold: "Whaaaaaat."
    Wren: "I knew it! I knew you had the hots for her, Everett!"
    Future!Everett: "Guilty as charged."
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  • The many and amusing lines that come up during Candy Corn's turn in battle:
    "Candy Corn can't control what the media says about him."
    "Candy Corn doesn't listen to the haters."
    "Is this the front of Candy Corn? Or the back?"
    "Candy Corn is an enigma wrapped up in a delicious candy shell."
    "Candy Corn is registered as a deadly weapon."
    "One of Candy Corn's stripes is a racing stripe."
    "Candy Corn lets the fight come to HIM."
    "Ceci n'est pas une Candy Corn."


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