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The real Aesop of this game is "Homemade costumes are inherently better than store-bought ones"
  • After all, you make every single one of the superpower-granting costumes yourself, and none of the generic NPCs (with presumably store-bought costumes) can do this, even when directly attacked.

Dorian's magic is the reason the costumes allow the kids to fight back against monsters.
He's incredibly powerful, much like his sister, but since he's too afraid to face her, he invests his power in the three heroes instead, trusting their imagination and pluckiness will pull them through. Which it does.

Wren and Reynold are from a family of wizards.
They're the ones who are empowering their costumes. Their family recently moved away from a place where magic is expected.
  • Alternately, Wren and Reynold are descendants of the Galochio family, powerful psychics (and magic users?) who moved away when they discovered that the rival Aquatos, who they had cursed to die in water, were out for revenge.

Everything that seems to have happened did

Every kid is capable of empowering their costumes, though they only work when fighting Repugians.
  • Some of the kids you meet talk about how they have fought monsters. Plus, one of the kids in hide 'n seek tries to use Fire Breath. This could have been an attack, but given that children were the target, nothing happened.


The Animated Series

One of the kids may be part monster.
  • Remember, Norm said that other monsters came through the portals besides Repugians. Most of the monsters just wanted to live in peace and presumably have been doing so in human suits. It's been a hundred years since then so there's no telling how many monsters may have developed relationships with humans. One of the kids could easily have a bit of monster in their bloodline and not know it.

Dorsilla and Dorian appear at the end of Season 1
  • Kind of a big deal to have a TV adaptation without the original villain. And her cowardly 'not-sidekick'.

Norm gave the magic potion to the original four kids.
  • The two monsters Lucy hung out with on her birthday said they were over a hundred years old. If Repugnians can live that long why not other monsters, too? Which leads into my next thought...

The friend Norm lost when he revealed himself was Lady Oona the owner of the nougat factory
  • She was one of the four original kids, wearing the dragon costume. After the Repugnians were defeated Norm revealed the truth in a moment of celebration. Having just fought off a bunch of monsters, the kids were taken aback by this, but none more than Oona. Furious that he would keep a secret from them like that, she never spoke to him again. Norm has basically been alone and friendless ever since. He probably changed his human suit every couple of decades pretending to be his own descendants.

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