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Awesome / Costume Quest

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  • Defeating the bully Travis with the aid of robot speed and a conveniently placed ramp.
    Travis: Ha ha! Dead end! No way out!
    Player: Incorrect. Robot vision detects escape ramp.
  • "Our costumes are both incredibly superior. We should stick together."
  • In the sequel, after you beat Orel:
    Wren: It's funny... This world you made where everybody is supposed to have white teeth... It's ROTTEN.
    Kid!Orel: How did I ever get to be so pathetic...
    Orel: I'm pathetic?! What do you think that makes YOU?!
    [Kid!Orel removes the teeth-brace his mother forces him to wear and throws it to the floor]
    Kid!Orel: A new man.


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