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  • Alt-itis: A Summer 2012 update that introduced the now-gone Lesson Area allowed players to receive a single item that can generate a random Humanoid. At it turns out, many MANY powerful humanoids are possibilities (Including the supposedly never to be released again Type Zeroes), cue a large majority of the player-base making alternate accounts to get a chance at a powerful Humanoid. No longer the case as the NPC that originally gave that cube was changed to give a cube that rewarded a random item instead.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Players sporting low-liability bots with ridiculous weapons such as Blast Bazookas and Gatling Bazookas. Can front load hundreds of damage when used by smart players, and when you kill them they're barely worth anything. And they have more where that came from.
    • Done quite literally with Tarantulic, a spider bot with Web Gun, which inflicts the very annoying slow status effect. From Bad to Worse it goes if you put Winberrl arms on him, leading to stun, slow, AND being pulled in.
    • Vanguard Fencer, a RT only bot, does incredible damage even fresh out of the Garapon, and tends to stun anything he gets in range of, leading to a swift death. Fortunately, he has absolutely no defense against ranged attacks.
  • Goddamned Bats: They live on Arcantus. Also come in the form of Pterodactyls with breaker rifles in their heads.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: Let's just say that at times, it feels like Cyberstep doesn't fully test new content before implementing them into the game.
    • Client-crashing bugs caused by the use of certain abilities. Stuff like this usually gets patched out IMMEDIATELY upon discovery.
    • Invincibility bugs: A handful of bots were released and were discovered to have ways of making themselves invincible due to a bug in their abilities. As with the above, they're usually expunged quickly.
    • Trizelion: An L-sized land mech looking like something from the Brave series, with a sword that can be imbued with wind, fire, or electrical powers. The element we're concerned about is the electric sword's attack, which generates a shock sphere that inflicts the shock status on enemies. What's game-breaking about it is that ANYTHING that the shock ball touches has their damage reduction from their TGH stat DISABLED (and since the ball is large enough, this includes the user itself).Explanation . Cue bugged bot or object now taking full damage for each and every single shot that hits them, which is especially crippling for things have been tuned for TGH and rely on said stat's damage reduction from consecutive hits for survival during combat. What's further game-breaking is that the effects of this bug would not only affect just the bots that were initially hit, it would also affect all other bots owned by the Trizelion's player, and the player whose bot got hit with the attack. Even worse, the effects will persist across multiple arena matches and even game modes until the player(s) in question restarts their client. This was not patched out until weeks after Trizelion's introduction and the bug being discovered.
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    • Transformation actions: We've already covered WB-based AURA and C21-style transforms. Now we cover the type of transformation that can actually break and leave you with a useless bot. There are bots introduced starting in 2012 who summon their weapons with a transformation action. Said action also completely removed all handheld weapons and replaces them with the summoned items. Why is this under game-breaking bug? If the bot in question gets stunned, or if lag starts messing with the player, the summoning sequence can be interrupted and 9 times out of 10 leave the player with a bot that was utterly unarmed and useless, as the summoning ability can only be used once.
    • Raphilim. Introduced into the game in early 2018, she had the misfortune/dubious infamy of behaving COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY between game versions. For example, one of her movement abilities doesn't work as advertised in the EN version, and one of her attacks also did not work as advertised in the EN version. But the most damning of all was that her introduction also led to a not-insignificant amount of accounts consistently encountering a Critical Error when attempting to log in, which effectively locked players out of affected accounts. The resolution for that was messy. Some accounts were promptly restored, but a larger portion of the affected accounts were either rolled back many weeks, or were never fixed at all. To hammer the nail in the coffin, accounts that were migrated to the JP version while still affected by this issue would remain affected by this issue, effectively perma-locking the account.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • The origin of Lagkuns (lagging players spamming Jikun's Flash Step, allowing them to outright teleport and phase through objects) and Hoppers (the Short Boost skill replaces the dash with a small jump ; it is known for messing with the targeting system). Opinions are divised on whether they're valable tactics or just annoying; however, the glitch allowing to spawn on top of the BRD area's giant sword is just plain awesome.
    • Stun Regain and Crimson Veil combination: Stun Regain is an ability where a bot that is stunned had a chance to recover a bit of its health. Crimson Veil, as previously mentioned, prevented the bot from being stunned. Combine both of these together, and you could basically heal by sitting on a cactus (all melee attacks proc stuns, and even under the effects of CV the game would still check to see if the attack would stun.)
    • Crimson Veil and Clearance/Hyper Shot revenge tunes: As mentioned above, the game still kept track of when an attack would've stunned your bot even while it can't be stunned. In addition to being to proc stun regain, this could also be abused to proc either one of the 2 statuses provided by those revenge tunes. CV + Clearance was a particularly potent combination on someone like Ivis, who had the ability to cast CV on herself. Combine with Revenge Clearance and you have something that can't be stunned, and can't be de-buffed in any way. This and the above were finally gone for good in a mid-2013 update, which prevented Stun Regain and Revenge Tunes from triggering while under the effects of CV.
    • Shaden: This L-size air mech has been around for since CB's early days, with his key feature being his unique flight pack, which offers unmatched flight speed (sets the FLY stat of the bot to above 40) at the cost of agility (the bot cannot turn as quickly). Normally the pack's fuel tanks provide enough fuel for approx. 50 seconds of boosted flight time, said fuel is finite and un-replenishable, and the tanks themselves have to be jettisoned when they're emptied. However, the introduction of certain bots introduced after Shaden allow the tanks to be refilled when the flight pack is put on said bots. Every time this has occurred, this behavior is swiftly patched out in the next weekly update.
    • The Stun Rod in Cosmic Break 2 is a taser intended to stun the enemies, but thanks to Good Bad Bugs, it ends up stunning the user instead. On the flip side, if you put them onto the robot girls, it turns them into Cry Cute.
  • Les Yay:
    • Ivis and Crim, who are more than heavily implied to be the official couple.
    • This loading screen from the Japanese version, involving a happy looking Crim, Lily Rain on top of said Crim, a turned on Jikun Hu, an... interested Jikun Long and... Lily's ass.
    • A lot of the pairs of moebots have some subtext... Eventually they just decided to give up on being subtle and add a character who was canonically a lesbian.
  • Memetic Badass: Herr Victor, Mighty Byne, and Dracken.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The game occasionally references memes. Over 9000, MY BODY IS READY, etc.
    • "For Lazflamme's underboob!" is becoming a popular battlecry as well. Also, "<insert Cosmic Break character/GM> is mai waifu".
    • The word "Manly" has recently become a meme as well, especially on the fan forums.
    • Boytitan, a notoriously bad player who always has a ridiculously high cost.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • Any radio command played over and over again, especially if someone's using CS-chan or New Heroine as their radio voice.
    • One clan in the English beta took this to the extreme by naming themselves after one of Zero Saber Girl's radio quotes. ("SUGOI SUGOI")
    • *bee-beep* IMA WA MURI NANO
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The sound when you land a hit on your opponent, or if you're being repaired under a support bot's healing field.
  • That One Attack: All the Quest Bosses have at least one.
    • Berzelius slams into you, often killing you instantly unless you have something like 600 HP, where you will usually get half of that taken off instead. Annoyingly, he tends to pull this attack out whenever he wants.
    • Fractulus fires a giant green laser that kills everyone who touches it. At first it only fires out of one end of the boss, but as its HP decreases, it eventually fires out of his back and rotates along the floating platforms faster.
    • Demonfox Haku is just made of this trope. All of his attacks either shave off about half your HP, break off some of your parts, inflict a debuff or just plain kill you.
    • Action Bomb C.S-chan who blows herself up and instantly kills everyone in range at low health, and you're likely to be a low health before killing her, because her earlier attacks are hard to avoid.
    • A non-boss example, instead one you can perform yourself if you get a Seraph Crimrose FC (and immediately earn the ire of every player on the enemy team if you do): she comes with a subweapon that locks onto six separate targets and fires a blue homing blast at each of them, sucking them in and doing well over 100 damage to each. The best part is that it's not even an Rt bot, it's obtained through pure UC (and a lot of luck in fishing a Seraph FC Promo from the UC Gara DX). Falls under Necessary Evil in the event of you not having anything else that can compete in the metagame, which is likely if you don't shell out cash for Rt.
  • That One Level: Any map that featured instant-kill pits, notable Temple Site. The map itself will kill more players than anything else. Don't be surprised if the participant number goes down when it comes up in the cue.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Many.
    • In the betas, Ivis was this. Her quick-striking, well-tracking, hard-hitting rapier "Sacrifice" was bar-none the best melee attack in the game, and she was also the progenitor of the Crimson Veil ability which made it nigh-impossible to stun her. Worse yet, unlike the Revenge tune version later introduced in official service, her Crimson Veil increased her attack range.
    • Out of beta, while still generally regarded as the Queen of Melee, Ivis' Tier-Induced Scrappy status has been significantly reduced... mainly because Aquila Girl is much, much worse. Simply locking onto an enemy with her Homing Blaster guaranteed around 40 damage with each shot, and she introduced the Full Boost ability which lets her recharge her Boost Gauge and maxes out her FLY stat. With Propeller Bits, she can stay in the air and rain green death for a very long time.
    • Rounding out the basic Rock–Paper–Scissors Tier-Induced Scrappy trio as an ART is Lily Rain EVE due to her shield ability, insane damage output, and good mobility (high FLY stat, as well as the Float Dash cartridge). She's not as bad as the other two though, as being earthbound without a melee alternative (usually) she has to make every shot count, which is a difficult task while having to avoid the swarms of LNDs usually scurrying about, especially Ivis. Because of this notable amount of effort required to accomplish this nowadays, people who can play Lily Rain EVE well are usually applauded rather than scorned.
    • Then came the FC (Full-Color) version of Seraph Crimrose... she has the same abilities as the original (namely Seraph Wing, similar to Full Boost but it also increases her flight time by a lot and gives her the Anti-Homing buff), but with one more added feature: Seraph Nova, a subweapon that targets up to six enemies at once and launches an energy blast that sucks them in and damages them pretty badly. It was so deadly that CyberStep had to decrease the sucking and force of the attack within a week of her introduction. Fortunately, at least Seraph Crimrose FC was: and still is: available by pure UC so players not willing to shell out money on the game can get something that can compete in the current meta.
    • And these previous examples say nothing of what came out before Seraph Crimrose FC: the first ZERO-type robots, Resha and Eris.
      • Eris was a top contender for taking away Ivis' Queen of Melee title. She wielded two large swords with deadly efficiency and, depending on the cartridge path used, could either user her wings to negate all damage or turn almost completely invisible. However, she was manageable due to all the regular anti-melee techniques still working on her.
      • Resha, on the other hand, was far and away the most powerful "robot" in the game for a number of reasons. She could launch a myriad of homing lasers, create very sturdy barriers for herself (and depending on the cartridge path used, her allies as well), swing her staff with considerable force and, most notably, launch a Fantastic not-quite Nuke that hurt like hell, had an absurd AOE and tracking and jammed the guns of everyone hit. She was so overpowered that pretty much the entire Cosmic Break playerbase demanded that she be nerfed, even the players who used her with wild abandon. The Japanese server even protested with in-game signs! Eventually the players got their wish, and Resha and a handful of other recently-introduced and complained about robots were toned down.
    • Ivis and Crimrose got another pair of revamps that pushed them in this direction.
      • Seraph Crimrose SIGMA, in addition to now looking like an admittedly badass mecha-musume, now has access to a pair of Beam Spears that provide a Homing Blaster and Sword Beams; she can also spin and throw the spears to simulate a single-target Seraph Nova, but obviously not as powerful. Add on her trademark Seraph Wing, and she's arguably the best AIR-melee in the game with a significant amount of ranged punishment on the side.
      • Ivis Reine looks like she took a stroll through the Monster Hunter universe, now armed with beastly-looking shoulder pads and a BFS. Due to the weight of the weapon her offensive swordplay is now limited to a single cleave and a single lunge, however with Crimson- sorry, Sapphire Veil active she gets the biggest melee AOE in the game, and the standalone lunge attack gains more distance and takes a page from Crimrose's book and spawns a gravity well in front of her to pull enemies into the strike; not even AIRs are safe from this as the lunge can track them if she takes flight. The eye in her armor now fires railgun shots to slow down fleeing enemies, and her Chain Guard temporarily reduces all damage taken to ONE. Fortunately her melee has a cooldown after every attack due to, again, the weight of the weapon... unless she gets Hyper Shot.

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