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  • Coraline writes a story on her father's computer:
  • The name of the man upstairs who claims to train mice is never named until the end, when Coraline learns from Spink and Forcible that it's Mr. Bobo. She then realizes that she missed out on a great opportunity, as how often can you call someone "Mr. Bobo"?
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  • A twist of funny-creepy Gaiman wit exerts itself in the conversation after Coraline comes out of the mirror, telling her other mother that she's seen the dead children.
    Other Mother: Now, I think you're being silly, dear...nobody believes in ghosts anyway—that's because they're all such liars.


  • Wybie telling Coraline to wear gloves next time because the stick she's been using to dowse for the past 10 minutes was poison oak, which led to the page picture.
  • When Wybie gets distracted mid-petting the Cat, the Cat rigidly tips over, four legs in the air as he is interrupted.
  • After Coraline finds the hot water tank, right before she marks down the hot water tank, we see "12 disgusting bugs!" written down. Then when she presses a button, it causes a power surge and causes some problems on Dad's computer, making him yell "NOOOOOO!" and Coraline gets an "Oh, Crap!" expression on her face, before she runs back to the closet, puts a label "DON'T PUSH" back on and then presses the button, causing everything to go back to normal and then she walks out, trying to act like she didn't do anything.
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  • At the end of the Food Gorn dinner scene, Coraline asks her doll doppelgänger "Do you think they're trying to poison me?" and then makes her nod.
  • Mrs Jones tries to keep Coraline occupied by suggesting she visits the downstairs neighbours Miss Spink and Forcible. Coraline immediately points out that Mrs Jones herself has called them dingbats, to which she responds with a blunt "Mm-hm."
  • When the Other Mother Suggests that she and Coraline later play hide and seek in the rain:
    Coraline: What rain? (Cue thunderclap and torrential rainfall.)
  • Coraline's Father asking her if she has any "magic mud" because he has a terrible case of writer's rash on his -
  • While reading tea leaves, Miss Spink and Miss Forcible argue whether Coraline is in danger or about to meet "a tall, handsome beast".
    Miss Spink: "I see a very peculiar hand!"
    Miss Forcible: [takes the cup and turns it clockwise] "I see a giraffe."
    Miss Spink: Giraffes don't just fall from the sky, Miriam! (Cue the stuck-on-ceiling bowl of sweets falling and shattering on the ground.)
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  • "You're just like them!". Might also be a Shout-Out to Silent Hill.
  • Fridge-Funny: Ever notice the Other Mother (and everyone in the Other World) never refers to Other Wybie by his name? They normally call him "[Coraline's] Friend". This gives the impression that even the Other Mother thought his name was too silly to say out loud.
  • Coraline chasing Wybie and throwing her shoes at him.
    • Wybie goofing around with a banana slug.
  • Other Wybie getting cotton candy stuck all over his body and Coraline pulling it off him and eating it during the mouse circus. She leaves one stuck to his head that the Other Father pulls off when Coraline goes to sleep.
  • The Other Forcible and Spink's "Sirens of the Sea" song. It has to be seen to be believed. Coraline's reaction to the Other Miss Forcible emerging nearly nude in a seashell pretty much mirrors that of the audience.
    Coraline: Oh my God...
    • The theatre scene is even funnier when you think of Coraline's reaction to it, and how every kid in the audience probably felt the same!
    • If you look closely at Other Spink's performance, you will see one of the background sailors glairing with eye holes at her like he can't take his attention off of her!
  • It occurs in a Nightmare Fuel moment, but when the Other Parents try to get Coraline to sew buttons on her eyes so she can stay there forever, the Other Father is about to say that the needle is "so sharp you won't feel a thing" when the Other Mother angrily kicks him under the table as if to say "quit telling her things!"
  • The Other Father and Bobinsky real nightmarish form is Both Nightmare Fuel and Played for Laughs.
  • After she defeats the Other Mother, Coraline is visited by the Cat again in her own world, and she asks if he's mad about being thrown at the Other Mother as a last-ditch effort. The Cat's expression is priceless. Probably because you know he can't say how he feels because he's not in the Other World where he can talk.

Urge to kill... rising...
  • The Running Gag of characters deliberately breaking the fourth wall to casually explain game controls to Coraline. She just goes along with it without question. Even Other Mother gets in on the act.
  • As you go through the game, interacting with certain objects will get you a sideshow of photos to look at. Interacting with the banana slugs on the dumpster near the barn will get photos of Wybie goofing around with the banana slugs. Coraline quips:
    Coraline: There's seriously something wrong with that boy.
  • Interacting with the cage in Bobinsky's flat will get you a series of photos of Coraline looking confident in circus clothes, with the last one showing her being startled by the circus mice.
  • The entire "minigame" where you have to survive Wybie's machine at the tennis court:
    • Wybie losing control of the machine right when Coraline arrives, resulting in it firing beets at her constantly.
    • After clearing the minigame, Wybie runs over to apologize to Coraline, she him gives an expression that is priceless.
    • Coraline berates Wybie for being so careless and vows to never speak to him again. Of course, you can go ahead and play a game of tic-tac-toe with Wybie...then never speak to him again and go back to the house.
  • When Coraline returns to the Other World in Chapter 4, she finds Other Mother has made her a fantastic dinner party waiting for her:
    Coraline: Wow, this looks delic-yummy.


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