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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.


  • There's just something remarkably awesome about Coraline packing up a bunch of everyday items as her Lock and Load montage. The music helps it along — you just know in that moment that this girl is something else.
  • After Coraline has escaped the Other Mother's metal spider web and climbed through the little door into the hallway, the Other Mother pries the door open and hisses — and Coraline kicks her in the face.
  • Wybie gets his own moment in the sun. After the Other Wybie heroically rescues Coraline, knowing how the Other Mother would punish his betrayal, the real Wybie calls Coraline crazy before getting chased away — not particularly auspicious. But then at the end, when Coraline is being dragged by the Other Mother's disembodied hand, he comes riding down out of the dark to grab the hand, fall into the well, then climb back out in time to smash the thing to smithereens. And then he apologizes for insulting her and calls her "Coraline" — the first time anyone in the Pink Palace has gotten her name right.
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  • After being attacked by an entire garden of the most horrible things Neil Gaiman can imagine, Coraline still strides into the theatre isle, watched by all those dead dogs, and shows nothing but determination. Took a Level in Badass, indeed.
  • The movie's mere existence is a huge CMOA to the world of stop-motion, 3D, and animations in general. It utterly annihilates almost every single limitation of stop-motion.
  • As pictured above, the famous "NO! I'M! NOT!" scene.
  • The garden scene is awesome by itself, but for anyone with any kind of experience in making stop-motion...
  • This line, just for the awesome snarkiness and the fact that it can be used in so many conversations:
    Coraline: "Cats can't talk."
    Cat: "Well, you're clearly the expert in these matters."
  • Coraline ultimately locking the Other Mother away, with the latter pleading to be let out stating that she'll die otherwise. The "Demon" was begging the "little kid" for mercy; that is beyond awesome.
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  • When Coraline begins her quest to find the ghost children's marble eyes, she first goes to the garden. There, Other Father has been strapped into his harvester by gloved hands, which force him to attack Coraline as he begs for forgiveness. But rather than simply watch his "daughter" be killed, he fights back against the Other Mother's control and is able to wrench his arm free from the machine. He quickly throws Coraline the marble as he plummets to his death, screaming, "TAKE IT!" The fact that this pumpkin creature which had almost no will of its own outright defies the dangerous Other Mother is a true Dying Moment of Awesome.


  • Coraline cleverly sets up her picnic blanket on top of the garden well and lets the Other Mother's hand fall in. She even brings along dolls for "protective coloration", a concept mentioned briefly in the beginning of the book.


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