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Land of the Dead is a Highschool of the Dead Self-Insert Fan Fic by Brian Boru.

Tom Brody, an American, finds himself in Japan thanks to a Random Omniscient Bastard. He's given some medieval weaponry and told he has exactly one year before the Zombie Apocalypse starts.

What follows is a year of forging weapons, training students, training himself, forging connections, and dating the school nurse.

Land of the Dead contains examples of:


  • Asshole Victim: Even after death, Shido managed to kill off a lot of people just by acting as he is. Fortunately, he isn't going to cause more problems and kill off even more good and competent people like what he did in canon now that he's dead.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Mentioned, but averted. When the gangs under the control of the Huscarls call off the violence against allied gangs, they decide to take out their rage issues on other gangs that don't play by the new rules. Tom just hopes that they don't attack Yakuza in their new "Honor based combat," as they would all be dead if that happened. Thankfully, this doesn't come to pass before the apocalypse.
    • This happens with both the Track and Field team as well as the various gangs around town. Both tried to beat up members of the Reenactment Club, who have taken up lifting weights and practicing a style of warfare used by crazy barbarians.
  • The Cameo: One of the Thegns is Oga Tatsumi.
    • Ascended Extra: Oga and along with Hilda, a "vicious-looking green-haired baby", Furuichi Takayuki and the rest of Ishyama High School later found refuge with Tom and help him saving the rest of the remaining students at Fujimi High School.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Tom put himself into debt just to buy everything that will be needed for the incoming zombie apocalypse, turned one of the maintenance rooms into an armory and trained a bunch of nerds and delinquents into an effective fighting force against the zombies.
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  • Crossover: Played with. After hearing Zombies referred to as "Walking Dead," he wonders if High School Of The Dead is in the same universe as TheWalkingDead, and the events that happened in Georgia happened in the same world as this one.
  • Culture Clash: In a literal sense, the duel between Tom and Saeko (and their respective clubs) on many levels. Tom and the Reenactment Club are trained in a style used for war, while the Kendo Club uses a style for tournaments. The Kendo club is about poise and control, while the Reenactment Club are all about brute savagery. More importantly, the fight between Tom and Saeko breaks down what Tom calls the basic tenants of Western-style warfare and Eastern-style warfare: Eastern-style is based on that of a Glass Cannon, where you use your superior mobility and maneuverability to get into the right place and end the battle in a single stroke. Western-style warfare, according to Tom, means slamming two nations together in a massive grinding slog, with the last nation to collapse being the winner.
    • The group Tom gathers after the dead start rising are an... eclectic bunch, to say the least. You have kids and families from an upper-class high school, survivors of a high school (and their families) from the poorer end of town, groups of Japanese street gangs that are also wannabe vikings and germanic barbarians, the remains of a Christian Parish and school, and members of the Ultra-Nationalist movement. Tom, more than once, has to go in and verbally (and sometimes literally) beat it into people's heads that the time for disagreements can wait until after everyone is safe and sound.
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  • Curb-Stomp Battle: When "Eric the Red," an obnoxious Thegan, starts acting up and questioning Tom's authority in front of Takagi the Elder, Tom challenges Eric to a Holmgang (honor duel). It lasts about five seconds, Eric scoring zero hits and getting one-shotted by Tom.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: The members of the "reenactment club" got into some trouble with the local street gangs and managed to beat them. Although this seemingly earned the combined wrath of those gangs to confront the club and Tom for an epic showdown, but in reality they are humbled by their beatings and have come to pledging their loyalty to Tom and making him as their boss much to his surprise. This adds the unintentional benefit of incorporating them into Tom's personal private army.
  • Deus ex Machina: Lampshaded with the storage park that serves as the first leg on the trip to the mountains, with Tom and others wondering how they got so lucky as to find a storage compartment full to the brim with camping supplies, not to mention a separate one with solar panels.
  • Foreshadowing: When Tom is first describing the shift in gang violence to a more viking-based style, he mentions that one of the gang members has styled himself as "Eric the Red." He finally meets "Eric," at the Takagi compound.
  • Genre Savvy: Tom knows enough about the genre of HSOTD to know that the best way to survive is not to play along with the "rules" of the world, but to forge his own new direction- get the hell out of the city, get as many survivors together, and start making plans to set up a new civilization elsewhere.
    • Genre Shift: In order to do that, he deliberately forces people around him to act less like an action horror story- which HSOTD is- and more like a survival horror story (such as "The Walking Dead").
  • Good People Have Good Sex: Neither Tom nor Shizuka can't stop smiling after they sleep together for the first time.
  • He Knows Too Much: Part of the reason why Tom disposes of Shido before "Z-day", other than constantly butting heads with him and his favored clubs, was due to a failed blackmail attempt by the former (after all, he knows exactly what Shido did to Rei on orders of his father), when the latter blackmails him back by mentioning that nobody remembered processing Tom's "perfect" paperwork, and if Tom tried anything on Shido again, the latter would have the former disposed of in a heartbeat. As Tom was in no position to challenge the connections that Shido would use to achieve that, and to prevent seemingly the only person that had these suspicions of his origins from following through on said threat, Tom silences Shido... permanently.
  • Hero of Another Story: Some of the omakes reveal what's happening in the rest of the world while Tom is doing Viking things to Zombies. Before everything goes nuts, Tom manages to get access to news on the rest of the world- lots of people are going nuts, but some areas are doing well (specifically mentioning coalition-controlled areas in Iraq, who are just blasting anyone stupid enough to look in their direction).
  • Naughty Nuns: Mari of the Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church. Hilda bluntly Lamp Shades the trope and leading to this exchange:
    Hilda: Which fetish video did you trip and fall out of?
    Mari: Excuse you?
    Hilda: The whole sexy nun thing. Thought that only happened in pornos.
  • Official Couple: Tom and Shizuka.
  • Properly Paranoid: If Tom didn't act like one, the school would have been overrun by the time the zombies took out one of his co-workers and killed off the rest of the faculty. Better yet, the future would have looked bleak and exactly like the canon if Tom didn't make any plans at all that will involve hunkering down in a well supplied mountainside lodge.
  • The Protagonist: Played with. The readers 'were' initially made to believe that Hisashi was going to be the protagonist of the original manga. Here now that he's still alive, he has a gut feeling like he's had his status as the main character taken away from him.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: Takagi (the elder) has this view of Tom. While it is a good thing in his mind that Tom has awoken the martial spirit of the nation's youth, he was hoping that if there was an awakening of the martial spirit, said spirit would be that of 1930s-1940s Japan, and not that of medieval vikings.
  • Sex Is Violence: Like in canon, Saeko's duel with Tom makes her hot and bothered, much to Tom's displeasure.
  • Spanner in the Works: Tom is on the other side of the school when the zombie reaches the school gates, and he can't prevent the first teacher from getting bit. He manages to save the other three, only for one of them to panic and drive his car through the gates, busting them open (and running over another teacher in the process). Then the moron drives back to the school, accomplishing nothing but breaking down the hastily reassembled barrier, drawing a horde of zombies to the building, and getting himself eaten.
  • The Needs of the Many: Tom attacks and disposes of Shido the night before "Z-day" in an attempt to prevent the many deaths (among other things) the man would later cause.
    • Rage Breaking Point: Tom had butted heads with Shido before (least of which is because many of the Huscarls were the victims of Shido's Track Club members). The final straw came when Shido blocked his idea for a festival between his "reenactment club" and the various martial arts clubs (that would have coincidentally put their family, friends, and others safely inside the school grounds on Z-Day).
    • His reason for including members of the Track and Field club (known to be bullies) on the first bus out of the school. Yes, they're jerks and yes, they bullied the Martial Reenactment Club members, but they know how to run and Tsunoda knows parkour, skills that will be invaluable in a post-apocalyptic setting. A much lesser degree than the above examples.
  • Reality Ensues: Tom takes special care to stock up on multiple species of potatoes for his future farms, since his mother's side of the family were refugees from the Irish Famine, and the need for genetically diverse crops has been "Burned into his DNA."
    • Shido is an absolute bastard. Tom knows exactly how more of a bastard the man would have become in the zombie apocalypse and how many would have died because of him. So killing him to prevent all of that should be easy right? Wrong. Despite knowing he did what was absolutely necessary for everybodies survival Tom can't just casually shake off the fact he intentionally murdered another human being. He even confesses as much to Shizuka who has to help him deal with the resulting negative emotions.
    • One problem with the makeshift refugee camp at the Self-Storage park is getting new vehicles. Not, it is clear, that there are trucks and mass transit vehicles that cannot be taken, for this is the Zombie Apocalypse, and the abandoned vehicles are many. Not that there aren't people who can steal the cars and hotwire the engines, for a large chunk of the population of the camp is made of delinquents and gangsters. The simple fact is: there aren't enough people there who know how to drive stick shift.
    • In the apocalypse, what's the difference in a self-storage park between your garage and anyone else's garage? Answer: Bolt Cutters.
    • As much as Tom might want to teach everyone who comes to him, he knows that having every gang in the area descend on his school is not only infeasable, but would draw attention. Therefore he lays down three rules about attending the practice: you can't skip school to come, only the leaders can attend (and can pass it on to their gangs if they wish), and it has to be on the half-day on Saturday.
  • Self-Insert: The Author as Tom Brody.
  • Spared By Adaptation: Too many to list or count. Most of the starting high school survives thanks to Tom, not to mention a Christian School, lots of youth gangs, and more.
  • Taught by Television: Tom notes, with some distress, that the "Shrines to the Gods," that the gangs start putting up have a distressing amount of stuff from the Thor comic, instead of real-life versions of said gods.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Tom starts by giving Kouta weight training, which draws in several other nerds. Then he starts the weapons training.
  • Training the Peaceful Villagers: Tom establish the "reenactment club" to train some of the high school students to wielding viking-era weapons and armor to prepare to fighting zombies.
    • What's more amazing about this is that he took in a bunch of otakus and nerds with low self esteem issues and a track record of getting bullied and turned them all into an effective force against the zombies and saved their school from becoming an all-you-can-eat buffet for zombies.
    • And then when said otakus and nerds started beating the hell out of the local juvenile gangs, they joined in the practices as well... meaning that instead of around two dozen or so nerds with axes defending the school, Tom now has an army backing him up.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: In Tom's little camp, there are plenty of factions- the Ultra-Nationalists, the Christians, the different clubs, different schools, the Huscarls, the Thegns... there's even a difference between the gangs from one side of the river and the other. Tom has his work cut out for him wrangling all these people into something that will survive the Apocalypse.
  • World of Buxom: women in this universe are apparently have far bigger chest sizes than our earth's women on average.


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