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Nightmare Fuel / Land of the Dead

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The opening credits are a bit creepy thanks to the shaky cam, black and white footage and the jittery images.
  • Two zombies each grab two fingers on a wounded soldier's arm and pull. In opposite directions.
  • The preacher zombie. He first shows up as a seemingly headless zombie, which is already horrifying enough since it basically defies established canon. He isn't, his head is barely attached by some strings of muscle and nerve. It then swings its head down on some poor schmuck's arm to bite it.
  • On a non-supernatural note, Slack implies she was forced into sexual slavery (she mentions that she wanted to be a soldier, but "somebody" thought she'd be a better hooker).
    • There's also how she meets the protagonists: Thrown into a fighting ring with two painted zombies, where an audience watches with sadistic glee, and bet on which zombie will get first bite.
  • On another non-supernatural note, Fiddler's Green's almost Nazi-like authoritarian society in of itself. Kaufman and his cronies can basically get away with almost anything thanks to their authority. It doesn't help that most of the security forces in the city are dressed in similar attire to Nazis.
  • Motown's death, as pictured in this page. She gets eaten alive, and we see most of the gory details on-screen.
  • The extended film in the DVD has a few scenes that are far worse than in the theatrical release. These include a zombie reaching into a dead mans throat and tearing out his bloody tongue to feed upon and a zombie grabbing a soldiers top lip and yanking it up and over his head, exposing his bloody skull.