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  • Early on, Riley gets a clean shot on a zombie while with Charlie, and we get this exchange.
    Charlie: Whoa. I didn't see em... Nice shooting, Riley.
    Riley: Nah, that's good shooting, Charlie. No such thing as nice shooting.
  • As Kaufman tries to flee with a suitcase full of cash on of the other board member of Fiddler's Green stops him and asks "what's in the bag?" Kaufman's reply is to quickly point behind the man and shout "Watch out! Get Down! Quick!" while pushing the guy to the ground and then quickly shooting him in the head. Even funnier after about a half hour on repeat.
    • What's even better is that Dennis Hopper adlibbed that line, according to the commentary.

  • Immediately following the above incident Kaufman gets a call from Riley saying that he's found Dead Reckoning. Kaufman's response: "I just did something I might not have done otherwise."

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  • "Zombies man, they creep me out." said while Kaufman picks his nose.

  • While Riley's group is getting a car, Pillsbury gives us this nice little bit.
    Pillsbury: Yellow to red.
    Motown: What the fuck does a Samoan know about hot wiring a fucking car!
    Pillsbury: 50,000 cars stolen in Samoa every year.
    Motown: Yeah. Well 1,000,000 in Detroit.
    Pillsbury: Detroit have 50,000,000 cars. Samoa: 50,000 cars. Every one stolen.

  • The zombies figuring out how to walk across the lakebed to get to Fiddler's Green. The fact that one of the zombies, a blonde female one, pulls a face that essentially screams "Fuck that!"
  • The zombies engage in a Lock-and-Load Montage at a construction site before storming the tower. One of them, a former tambourine-player, part of the music band seen in the intro who have been playing for god-knows how long, goes one step further and actually tries out his new weapon by angrily smashing his tambourine to pieces. Much to his relief and satisfaction.
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  • As the zombies storm Fiddler's Green, one of them walks right into a table and proceeds to get trapped by its umbrella.
  • Kaufman's (so far)loyal servant and driver yelling "Goodbye Mr.Kaufman!"and jogging out of the underground parking garage when Big Daddy shows up by Kaufman's car, with Kaufman yelling "Come back you son of a bitch, you've got the fucking keys!"
  • Charlie taking a shot passed Slack's head, freaking her out like he's going to shoot her, killing a stench behind her. Later she does the same, but nicks Charlie's ear in the process.
    Slack: We're even.
    Charlie: Not! That hurt! I didn't hurt you!

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