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2009 Film Version

  • Rick on the Today Show talking about his new scientific discovery.
    Dr. Rick Marshall: It boils down to two simple words.
    Matt Lauer: Renewable biofuels.
    Dr. Rick Marshall: Close. Time warps.
  • Rick, after realizing he was right all along.
    Rick: Matt Lauer can suck it!
  • Rick covering himself in dinosaur urine to cover his scent, swallowing some to coat his insides for some reason, trying to rinse his eyes out with more because it stings, only to make it worse...all before attracting a Tyrannosaurus and an Allosaurus through scent alone.
    Will: Looks like this is one of those situations where covering yourself in piss is a bad idea!
  • Rick insulting Grumpy the T-Rex by comparing his brain to a walnut. Grumpy overhears and leaves Rick a walnut even larger than a human brain, before smirking at him and retreating into the jungle.
    • The actual scene itself where Rick first insults Grumpy's intelligence is hilarious. The dinosaur is content to give up the chase when it has trouble crossing a bridge, right up until Rick says his brain is the "size of a walnut" where Grumpy suddenly stops and slowly turns around, as if saying "the fuck did you just say?" Cue Grumpy proving just how intelligent he is by leaping over the gap.
  • When Will discovers a giant crystal that sends a pulse through him that makes his voice come out falsetto. He starts singing Believe by Cher. Holly tells Will to step back so that Rick can study the crystal, only for Rick to join in.
  • What does Rick name his book about his experiences during the movie? "Matt Lauer Can Suck It." And he got it okayed by Lauer's lawyers. Then Lauer attacks him and gets dragged away just like Rick in the movie's beginning.

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