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Awesome / Land of the Lost

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2009 Film Version

  • Rick and the dinosaur "Grumpy" become buddies, awesome!
  • Rick, Holly and Will stopping a rampaging dinosaur with a medieval catapult and a canister of liquid nitrogen.
  • After his disastrous interview with Matt Lauer and subsequent vindication of his theories thanks to his adventure, Rick writes a new book, goes on Today again, gives Lauer a signed copy and makes him plug it. How is this awesome? The name of his new book is ''Matt Lauer Can Suck It!'' Rick's got some brass balls on that one, but for bonus awesome points, he was able to clear it with Lauer's lawyers, the revelation leading Lauer to attack Rick and get the same treatment Rick did when he attacked Lauer in the beginning of the film, fire extinguisher and all.
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  • Near the end of the film, Rick Marshall gets eaten by the T. rex. It would not be surprising if there were spontaneous cheers in theatres during this scene. Alternatively, when Doctor Marshal pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment by riding in on said T. rex probably made the other half of the audience cheer.

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