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  • During Mia's Failure Montage of auditions, one role seems to be that of an angry inner-city teacher, which leads to:
    Casting Director: (reading from a script, completely flat) Why you be tripping, dawg?
    Mia: (overacting) No, Jamal. You be tripping.
    • Earlier on in the movie, Mia walks into the lift after her failed audition only to find two doppelgangers with exactly the same barrista outfit and hairstyle coming the other way, a simple and effective reminder how many people just like her are following the exact same dream.
  • A few months after they bump into each other at the restaurant, Mia finds Sebastian working as the keyboardist in a 1980's rock cover band. She playfully requests them to perform "I Ran (So Far Away)" (a song infamous for, shall we say, a lack of involvement for piano players) much to Sebastian's annoyance. Mia mockingly dancing and singing along to the song clinches it.
    Sebastian: Requesting "I Ran" from a serious musician is just— it’s too far!
    Mia: My lord, did you just say a "serious musician"?
    • And Mia's response to this is to mock his 1980's outfit:
      Mia: Can I borrow what you're wearing?
      Sebastian: Why?
      Mia: Because I have an audition next week — I'm playing a "serious" firefighter.
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    • Sebastian's half-assed attempts at rocking out during those two numbers. They basically amount to nodding at the lead singer, who is giving it his all.
  • Carlo, one of the guys Mia meets at the party, who can be easily described as the embodiment of every young blowhard hotshot writer in Hollywood.
    Carlo: I had this idea for a reboot of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but from the perspective of the bears. Yeah, I think it's got franchise potential.
  • Mia asks Sebastian to get her car keys.
    Sebastian: What kind?
    Mia: It's a Prius.
    (Sebastian looks in the key holder and sees that all of the keys are for Priuses)
    Sebastian: That...that doesn't help me.
  • Mia's terrible announcement:
    Mia: I should probably tell you now, to get it out the way: I hate jazz.
    (Sebastian stops dead, staring at the floor)
    Mia: (With genuine concern) Are you okay?
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  • The gluten-free woman or, more appropriately, Mia's downright murderous smile when she goes to ask if she can give her a refund.
  • During the first "City of Stars," Sebastian sings to and dances with a woman he meets on the boardwalk... only for her husband to give him a pissed-off look, waving his hands as if to say, "Hey, that's MY wife! Scram!"
  • While visiting parents back to her hometown Mia suddenly hears the loud honking of Sebastian's car horn announcing his presence. Already a Brick Joke, this is sold further when she looks out the window and sees a neighbour having a go at Sebastian for the racket he's making.
  • One moment during Sebastian and Mia getting to know each other is watching a camera crew film a scene for a new movie. When the pair decide to move on, the director ends the take, and the two leading stars in the scene drop their characters' romantic embrace and start to bicker violently at each other with some of the camera crew members trying to intervene.
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  • When Sebastian picks Mia up for a date in his car, he drives off-screen... then Mia screams "IT'S ONE WAY". Their car is seen slowly reversing, nose-to-nose with a truck.
  • "A Lovely Night" has some amusing bickering.
    Mia: And though you looked so cute/In your polyester suit
    Sebastian: It's wool.
  • In contrast to Whiplash, where he was a terrifying mean guy, here J.K. Simmons is a hilarious one. Even in the ending montage, where he just silently slides away with an uncharacteristic smile on his face.
    Sebastian: I hear what you're saying, but I don't think you're saying what you mean.
    Bill: I don't think you hear what I'm saying, you're fired.
    Sebastian: ...That's what you're saying, but what you mean is—
    Bill: You're fired.
    Sebastian: —play the setlist...
    Bill: No, I'm saying it's too late.
    Sebastian: It's a warning.
    Bill: What planet are you from? You're done. I'm sorry, Seb.
    Sebastian: It's Christmas...
    Bill: Yeah, I see the decorations. Good luck in the New Year.


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