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  • This movie actually does keep up the series' trademark of having a strong black man as the hero. It just happens that this time, he's a zombie named Big Daddy with several moments of awesome of his own:
    • The moment when he first starts examining the assault rifle that the humans left behind, and leads the other zombies on a march toward Fiddler's Green.
    • Another zombie is ineffectually fighting with a baseball bat. Big Daddy hands her a gun instead, and shows her how to use it.
    • It briefly seems like he's been pacified by a reminder of his former life as a lowly gas station attendant, but quickly turns back to taking out Kaufman.
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  • One of the zombies, the butcher, uses his cleaver to slice off the arm of a soldier preparing a grenade,causing the man to fall atop it and die in the explosion, with not one other zombie killed in the process.
  • Charlie nailing that midget and anything Cholo does with his speargun count.
  • Pilsbury, a giant Samoan and one of the three soldiers sent along with Riley's crew to retrieve Dead Reckoning. After Riley confronts the two surviving soldiers(Pilsbury and Motown)about their mission and how Kaufman will never get Dead Reckoning back, rather than trying anything underhanded, Pilsbury shows utter loyalty to the crew. He suggests that Charlie help Riley in the dealing with Cholo, which makes Motown wink at Pilsbury, as she believes the pair will overpower Slack. Pilsbury winks back and proceeds to deck Motown unconscious with one punch, showing he is not anyones stooge.
    • The mere fact that Cholo can still use his spear-gun and a pistol, as well as actively searches for Kaufman, even when he's zombified still counts because it's awesome that he is still a badass even as a zombie.
  • Slack, after Riley defends her, gets to defend Riley by taking a bullet for him. In a way, she gets to be the soldier she always wanted to be, albeit for that brief moment.
    • Even before Riley steps in, she still manages to put up a decent fight against the zombies. Even though she's trying to get away from them, she is still kicking them while trying to retreat, and best of all, she's fending them off UNARMED.

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