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Meanwhile, at Valve...

  • Exploitation Now has a brilliant use of this. Underage Villain Jordan had been the number one request for nude fan service for the length of the story arc, but when the artist finally did so, she was being raped by a former class-mate turned pathetic wannabe villain.
  • In this episode of Looking for Group, we get to see under the dress of one of the main characters... It's the rotting undead male warlock.
  • Gnoph:
    • Occasional strips where Abbey appears topless. Since Abbey is horribly malnourished, this is very disservice-y. The worst is definitely the first time, when Abbey is downright skeletal and her chest is rotting from the inside due to a bad case of Phlebotinum Breakdown. On later occasions she looks slightly better, but never enough to qualify for actual fanservice.
    • Not to mention later strips with the hideous growth of insectile wings protruding from her back.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
  • Whenever there is nudity in Flipside, there is about a fifty percent probability it will occur in a not at all erotic context, for example Maytag being stripped and forced into a collar by a magically-enhanced psychopath intending to rape and kill her.
  • Terinu has a lengthy sequence with Gwen dressed in an "Exotic Dancer Barbie" outfit. In the very last panel we're looking behind her and she's standing half-naked in front of two ancient aliens literally twice her size, making her appear twelve years old instead of fifteen (which would be bad enough).
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  • Oglaf is laden with explicit sex of all kinds...including a giant spider giving head, molten hot succubis (literally), etc.
  • Drowtales has several instances of this, and given that there's an entire section of the site dedicated to unironic Fanservice the Fan Disservice stands out.
  • Nudity is frequent in Fairy Dust, but a large part of it is seen in races considered unattractive from human standards, or in disturbing situations.
  • In Misfile, there is a shot of a very attractive, physiologically female character, fully-frontally nude, with only two very, very thin panes breaks hiding said character's nipples and crotch. The catch? He's in the middle of a major Heroic BSoD, because of the exact qualities of that same body that would appeal to people attracted to women.
  • Penny Arcade. September 19, 2007. Tycho gives Gabe an unfortunate mental image in retaliation for Gushing about the then-upcoming Mass Effect (and more specifically, the scene that the hubbub was about). Of course, bothering each other with unfortunate mental images is just one of the things they do. And yes, there is a reference to this later for the sequel.
  • In Brat-Halla, Baldur has difficulty getting rid of his erection after seeing several goddesses naked. Hel cures him by demonstrating what she looks like below the waist. (We only get to see a leg show, but even that's bad enough.)
  • Bloodsuckers Are Not Sexy gives us the glorious visage of Stephanie Meyer in the nude. Gaze upon her AND DESPAIR!!
  • The VG Cats strip "Kinder Surprise" ends with a scene of Gabe Newell swimming in a pile of money, naked. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  • In General Protection Fault, Trudy has a dream of an... intimate encounter with Nick. When all is said and done, she calls out to him as they lie on the bed naked, only for him to suddenly be replaced by Ki, then Fooker, then Nefarious, then Todd, then Chuck, then her future self. Nefarious and her future self are old and quite wrinkled, and Trudy's future self has some horrific expressions on her face.
  • Goblins has Cute Monster Girl Saves leaning into a dome that makes everything within its volume invisible. Dies gets a brief glimpse of heaven as it clips through her shirt... and then he gets a look at her internal anatomy when it clips through her face and torso.
  • In this issue of The Word Weary, John, one of the protagonists is shown nude from the back as he gets changed. While in-universe it's shown that he's not a bad-looking guy, the detail of the hair on his back and buttocks is a bit squicky.
  • Brawl in the Family has the Kirby's Epic Yarn strip where Kirby pulls down a zipper, with the last panel revealing that he's unzipping the dress of the grandma from the previous comic.
  • The Grim Tales from Down Below comic has a disturbing picture of an adult Mandy, and an even more disturbing dialogue, as Nergal mentions that the only way Grim could have an undead skeleton son was by aborting an actual infant.
  • This Questionable Content starts off with a Fanservice-y Dream Sequence involving Faye and Dora, but doesn't remain that way for long: It soon turns into a surrealist nightmare sequence, ending with a double Catapult Nightmare.
    • Or this page lampshades the concept of fan disservice with elderly nudes. It's more in-universe though, since the readers are spared the worst, unlike poor Faye.
  • Spinnerette has quite a few pages with a naked Benjamin Franklin
  • In River Passage, a character goes topless while in shock and bleeding to death.
  • In How To Raise Your Teenage Dragon, Steely Dan's outfits are often kinky or sexual in nature, and very revealing, however due to Steely's pure white skin and her manic facial features, these outfits tend to come off as unsettling instead of sexy.
  • Awful Hospital celebrates its anniversary with a very special striptease.
  • In Saffron And Sage, while the main cast is staying at a hot springs, Coriander ends up having to share the water with naked old man. Fortunately for the audience, in the one panel where we can see his whole body there's a word bubble over his crotch.


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