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  • Ace Attorney (manga)
  • Afro Samurai
    • "What about us? What about us? I...treated you as my brother...I will never forgive you." Jinno (first death)
  • Afro Samurai Resurrection
    • "It's been a long time, hasn't it Sio? How have you been, princess?" Jinno/Kuma
  • Air
    • "Mommy, thank you." Misuzu
    • "This is my final order. Live... happily... forever." (she gets shot and cursed, and is about to die) "Ryuuya...dono..." Kanna
  • Akazukin Chacha:
    • "Why? I’ve gathered so much evil power... I... Why am I losing to a pretty little girl?" Daimao
  • AKIRA:
    • " Tetsuo-sama... I knew you'd come for me... But it's too late..." Kaori, in the manga.
  • Amakusa 1637:
    • "Yatsuka-sama... God's guidance is with you..." Masuda Shiro, aka Amakusa Shiro"
    • " Yatsuka... When I picked you up at the beach... was Death coming for me from Paradise?" Terazawa Katataka, as his former Number Two Yatsuka turns on him.
  • Anatolia Story:
    • "(Inner thoughts) I have no regrets! As I close my eyes, I can see Princess Yuri wearing the Queen's Sacred Crest!" (Executioner: "I take that you have nothing to say?") "I'm ready [to die], Sir! (inner thoughts again as she's hanged) I keep dreaming of that beautiful day, though I won't be able to be with you... but as long as we share the same dream, we'll always be together!" Ursula, allowing herself to be executed to clear Yuri off a crime neither had commited. The last thoughts are dedicated to her lover, Kash.
    • "I'm telling you! The one who assassinated Emperor Arnawanda and tried to assassinate Lady Ishtar, IT WAS ME! No one else had anything to do with it!" Urhi Shalma
    • "Please tell Princess Nefert to live a happy life... Princess... Lady Yuri, too bad I couldn't see you become the Tawananna" Rusafa
  • Angel Beats!
    • "This is why I was born. Just as I was saved... I'll save someone else like this. Finally... I finally found it." Masami Iwasawa
    • "Onii-chan... Thank you... Hatsune Otonashi
    • "What a relief." Yui
    • "We'll form a band in the next life, too. See ya." Hisako
    • "Otonashi-san... If I hadn't met you, I... would never would've found peace. I... I won't hesitate anymore.Thank you so much! Thank you so much..." Ayato Naoi
    • "Let's meet again somewhere." Yuri "Yurippe" Nakamura
    • "See ya, buddy!" Hinata Hideki
    • "This gift of life you gave me... Thank you so much." Kanade "Angel" Tachibana
  • A Place Further than the Universe
    • "It's so beautiful..." Takako Kobuchizawa
  • Assassination Classroom

  • Basilisk
    • "Kisaragi Saemon! You will die at my hands!" Yashamaru in the manga, right before Gyoubu snaps his neck
    • "You bitch! You are sucking blood from your skin! Gwoooooo!" Rousai, as Okoi uses her powers on him
    • "Brother... older brother... I have killed their old fool... I've hidden the scroll behind you... Brother, brother..." Okoi
    • "Yashamaru... Is... is that you... Yashamaru...? Hotarubi
    • "You must stay alive, Gennosuke-sama" Hyouma Muroga
    • "Akeginu-dono...?" Koushirou Chikuma
    • "Can you see it, Kouga's Ninpuu? DIE!" Akeginu, before Saemon (as Tenzen) restrains her and Kagerou stabs her to death
    • "You... monster...!" Kisaragi Saemon, to Yakushiji Tenzen.
    • "Gennosuke-sama, come with me... If we must go to Hell... (Oboro's eyes are unsealed and nullify her actions) "My poison has vanished...!" Kagerou
    • Kouga Gennosuke... is behind the stairs! Oboroooooo...!" Tenzen Yakushiji in the manga, as Oboro kills him.
    • "Gennosuke-sama... I love you". Oboro, right before killing herself
    • "It's Iga's victory... Go fly to Sunpu castle!" Gennosuke, before he commits suicide too.
  • Black Lagoon
    • "Fucking BASTARDS!! It's time for you to die!" Verrochio
    • "You're funny, lady. What are you talking about? I've killed too many people... so many... We can live on thanks to so many lives. We can make our lives longer, we will never die! That's it, we're immortals..." Hansel, right after he has his leg and arm blown off and before Balalaika deals him a Breaking Lecture as he bleeds to death
    • "Mister! Let's meet! Let's meet again sometime! Just the two of us, with a picnic basket!" (BANG!) "The sky... so beautiful...!" Gretel. She was telling Rock the first words, then was shot and barely managed to say the last ones before dying.
    • "Please tell Balalaika that I will be expecting her where she will no doubt follow me. Now, I apologize for having troubled you, and I'll bring all of this to an end now." Yukio Washimine, before cutting her throat with Ginji's katana.
    • "I screwed up" Genji AKA Jumbo in the sub.
  • Blood+
    • "Goodbye, my little ones." Diva.
    • "You... will pay for this!" Amshel, attempting a Taking You with Me on Hagi.
    • "We're almost there, Kai... thanks..." Saya Otonashi. She doesn't die, but falls in a deep sleep that will last for decades.
  • Blue Exorcist
    • "That boy... that boy is my son. And I'm taking him back!" Father Shiro Fujimoto

  • Canaan
    • "You love me? Then say it, please. I'm a dead guy anyway. Please, Hakko." (Hakko: "I love you") "Again... and again... Again..." Santana.
    • "She's dead! She's bleeding! She deserves it! Good work, Cummings... I'll reward you, I'll love you... " Liang Qi
    • "The right to decide is in the hands of those who live. Please... Good bye!" Hakko.
  • Candy Candy
    • "Yeah, did that on purpose. Let's go to the Hill... Eh?!" Anthony Brown, who had planned to go to the nearby hills with Candy on horseback and then fell off his horse.
    • "I'm sorry, I don't think I can go back home when it's all over... Goodbye, Patty, Candy!" Alistair "Stear" Cornwell, as his plane is shot down in World War I.
  • Case Closed Detective Conan
    • "Please, listen to my last words. This... this is the real key. The one they took is fake. The locker is at Beika Station. Please go get it before they notice... I'm sorry, Little Derective!" Akemi Miyano, dying in Conan's arms, in the anime. She's referring to a large quantity of money she stole for the Black Organization, which is what got her shot to death in the first place.
    • " Shinichi Kudou... Keep coming after us!" Irish from the Black Organization, in the Non-Serial Movie The Raven Chases.
    • [thoughts] "I'm sorry Hagiwara, it seems I can't fulfill what I promised you" [sends a text message] "I kinda like you..." Jinpei Matsuda, the thoughts being towards his dead partner Hagiwara and the text being a Dying Declaration of Love for his partner Sato.
  • A Certain Magical Index
    • "Target code: Accelerator." MISAKA 10031
    • "You haven't even noticed what's behind you, you monster." Amata Kihara
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun
    • "Misaka feels cold...and this...death? Misaka...asks..." MISAKA 00001
  • Chaos;Head
    • "Suwa, don't make any more mistakes! You should be the one in control of your own mind!" Yasuji Ban
    • "Salvation of the Divine Light." Hazuki Shino
    • "Words are chaotic. You're too honest... But I love you the way you are." Hatano
    • "My rules have been distorted... you switched them around!" Suwa Mamoru
    • "If that's what you wish for... then it's fine to live." Nishijou Takumi (Shogun)
  • Chrono Crusade
    • "Master...Aion. Was I...was Rizelle...any use to you?" Rizelle, manga.
    • "Ah, sheeit. Talk about a letdown. Still, it wasn't all bad. It was actually kind of exciting. I got to "see" some pretty big fireworks in the end. The biggest, most beautiful fireworks. Beautiful...Aren't they, Rizelle? Genai in the manga, who was blind.
    • "No! I don't want to die!" Rosette Christopher, manga. Technically, these are her last known words—she might have said something else to Chrono before she died, since the epilogue ends with him coming to her right before she breathes her last.
    • "Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?" ("My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?", referencing Jesus' last words on the cross) These are Aion's last words in the series, though it's suggested that he lives on.
    • "But I'm a little tired now. May I rest for a while?" Nagisa, dying from childbirth
    • "Papa? I love you." Ushio, dying in Tomoya's arms
    • "Someone! Someone save Ushio! Nagisa!" Tomoya, before he follows Ushio in death
  • Cowboy Bebop
    • "Vicious, look out!" Lin
    • "Checkmate." Chessmaster Hex, before dying of natural causes
    • "It's all a dream." Julia
    • "I was waiting for you to come back and take over..." Shin
    • "Adios, Cowboy..." Catalina
    • "As you wish." Vicious
    • "Bang." Spike... maybe
  • Cyborg 009
    • "I'm happy, dear... We will be free, from now on!" Hilda, dying in the arms of Albert alias the soon-o-be 004 2001 series.
    • "009, I wish we had been best friends..." (009: "Ah, I really wanted that too!") "Can I ask you, what's your real name...?" 0013, 2001 series. He dies right after 009/Joe tells him his human name.]]
    • "We ourselves were humans once, little brother, like all cyborgs. Please don't hurt them.. they're not all bad." Artemis, perishing in the arms of her brother Apollon.
    • "A-Artemis..." Apollon mimself, who after punishing Artemis's killer, lets himself perish inside a collapsing lair.
    • " Joe... don't get any closer!" "We're so sorry." "Goodbye!" Shinichi Ibaraki, Masaru Oyamada and Mary Onodera, 2001 series. Ibaraki starts, Oyamada follows, the last phrase is Mary's.
    • " Albert Heinrich... If only I could go on..." Viina, 2001 series, dying in Albert's arms too.

  • Darker Than Black
    • "I guess there's no need to make remuneration now..." November 11.
    • "No! I can't kill anymore! I can't see their faces again! Don't let me! Please..." Havoc
    • "I don't like that word. It makes me feel lonely. Even so, 'farewell'. I have to say it, right, Amber?" Maki
    • "Sorry. You've just caught an old man." Huang
    • "If someday, a cat that looks just like me comes calling..." Mao. He got Better.
  • Danganronpa 3
    • Side: Future
      • "Kyosuke..." Chisa Yukizome
      • "The stawberry seed only shows its face three times. Can you stop it there?" Daisaku Bandai
      • "We'll just have to pray, won't we?" The Great Gozu
      • "Hope... Where do you suppose you will find the answer...?" Kazuo Tengan
      • "I just wanted to be friends..." Seiko Kimura
      • "I guess... I managed to keep... my promise... Jin..." Koichi Kizakura
      • "Switching mode to elimination." Robo-Miaya Gekkohagara
      • "I understand. It's okay, Ruruka. I love you." Sonosuke Izayoi
      • "That's right... I won't die. I'll never, never die... I can survive all by myself." Ruruka Ando
      • "Hey, Naegi. No matter what happens, don't give up on hope. I shall always be by your side." Kyoko Kirigiri. She gets better
      • "I might have been abandoned... But I still want him to live..." Juzo Sakakura
    • Side: Despair
      • "I will become a version of me that I can be proud of around Nanami." Hajime Hinata, before being turned into Izuru Kamukura
      • "I don't wanna die...! I... I wanted to stay... with my classmates...! I wanted to play again with Hinata... We could've played games again..." Chiaki Nanami
  • Date A Live
    • "Haha, the way you talk is similar to Elliot... unfortunately, I was quite interested in the feeling of death..." Westcott in the third timeline
    • (Last words) "Oh... that’s right. That was a silly question. Even if the methods were different, you are certainly my friend... besides... We’re fellow comrades who were shaken by the same woman." (Last thoughts) What... it was so simple... wasn't it? Fill them with despair... Westcott in the fourth timeline
  • Deadman Wonderland
    • "Ha. So you're my salvation." Genkaku
    • "Aah... this rain... is warm. I'm sure... a beautiful rainbow... will come out..." Nagi
    • "Who are you!?" Daida Hibana
    • "Hey, what the hell... Ice's burning?! It doesn't go out. Why doesn't it go out?! What the heck is this?!" Mikawa Ichi/Hajime
    • "You've made a foolish decision. What a shame!!" Akatsiki Ikaduchi
    • "Kill... him. I must kill... The order... The world's happiness..." Shishito Madoka
    • "I wouldn't hand Ganta over to anyone besides Shiro-chan. You... monster!!" Azami Midou
    • "This is my game!" Tamaki
    • "We know that, of course." Chan and En
  • Death Note
  • DEVILMAN crybaby
  • D.Gray-Man
    • "You would sing for me...? Lala. I love you." Guzol
    • "Thank you. For letting me sing until I break. The promise has been fulfilled."Lala
    • "Arystar, I just wanted to love you..." Eliade
    • (anime only) " demon" [[spoiler Daisya Barry]]
    • "That you would not retreat on the path we made to Edo...That made me very happy." Mahoja
    • "Your hair...Grow it long again. You have very beautiful black hair. You mustn't let the war get the better of you, okay?" Anita
    • "IT'S NOWHERE NEAR THE END!!" Skinn Bolic
    • "Don't get too cocky for killing a weakling like me!We can destroy you at any time! In the end...we will be the victors!" First level 4
    • "I love you, Yuu." Alma Karma

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