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Famous Last Words / Zekkyou Gakkyuu

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  • "Nooooooo!" Mio, The Devil's Game
  • "I'll come out later! I promise! I'll get out! I'll definitely get out!" Nakatani, The Ocean Is Calling. He doesn't.
  • "Aoyama-kun... I... I am..." Yumiko, The Family of 5
  • "I'm home!" Anna, The Kind Mama's House
  • "You're the one who should be felt sorry for." Reiko Kakinuma, Graduate 108
  • "Reiko, as your gift for graduation, I'll give you this album." Rina, Graduate 108, before Reiko kills her.
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  • "Megu!" Ayumi, Supplements For The Brain
  • "The umbrella!" Youko, Kasako-San Is Coming
  • "Makoto, goodbye." Yumi, The Truth About Yomi, before blowing herself and the bullies who'd been bullying her up and becoming Yomi
  • "Someone, please save me! Get me out of here!" Chika, An Endless Game Of Tag, who is forced to play an endless game of tag with the person she bullied.
  • "Even though you're just hair, you sure attract a lot of things!" Rumika, Cursed Hair
  • "No... that wasn't my fault! Everyone else was caught up in it too! It wasn't just my fault! Shunsuke-kun, please believe me!" Ayuko, The Sacrifice Club, before her Humiliation Conga and Karmic Death.
  • "Don't come near me!" Tomoe, Shii-Chan's Diary
  • "Then... that is..." Araya, From The Land of Mirrors
  • "Hey! Let's go now, Miyuki!" Nako, From The Land of Mirrors
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  • "The land of mirrors really does exist. But our world is the land of mirrors." Miyuki, From The Land of Mirrors
  • "An?" Miyuu, Execution Classroom
  • "Ok!" Yukina, The Girl Under The Bed
  • "N-no! Someone... Mom... Dad!! Someone!" Ayako, Black Cat Saya, before being run over by a car and replaced by Saya.
  • "Next is my turn? Don't tell me that those other people who wrote bad things about others on forums got...!" Misa, Black Forum
  • "Nothing! See you tomorrow!" Miri, Miracle Ball
    • "God... I'll do anything, please let our team win." Miri's last thoughts, Miracle Ball
  • "Here, you can use this like you used to..." Akane's mom, '"The Money Tree''
  • "Somebody!" Akane, The Money Tree
  • "S-someone!" Miho, Best Friend, as the rock kills her and makes her its friend for good.
  • "Shimamoto is strangely enthusiastic, huh? She really is such a bother!" Aoyagi, The House of Dolls
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  • "It's fine! It's so close to my house. See you!" Takako, The House of Dolls
  • "Help me! By Granny! Gyahh!" Kana, The House of Dolls
  • "All right." Asako's teacher, The House of Dolls
  • "Hm? What's that?" Asako, The House of Dolls
  • "Um! I got that from a Granny just now!" Asako's daughter, The House of Dolls
  • "Let's have a friendship makeup handshake!" Akamiya Natsuko, The Slit-Mouthed Woman, before becoming the new Slit-Mouthed Woman and losing her mind.
  • "Whoa, looks like it's about to rain!" Miya, The Slit-Mouthed Woman, before becoming the new Slit-Mouthed Woman's first victim. She deserved it.

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