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Famous Last Words / YuYu Hakusho

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  • "A street bum! I'M A STREET BUM!!" Gonzou Tarukane
  • "Y-You believe in mercy, don't you?!" Roto; and no, Kurama doesn't.
  • "Oh, help me!" Zeru
  • "And so I die, knowing it is not in vain." Gama
  • "Shut the hell up." Rugby
  • "But I was supposed to kill Yusuke!" Topaz
  • "This was the first time I could use my absolute strength, and you answered. It was...the only could end." Younger Toguro
  • "A tunnel unleashing doom on humanity... I would have liked to have seen it. Oh well, such is life." Sakyo.
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  • "I know I was stupid but I just... I just... Please, I don't wanna die..." Amanuma on his impending death after losing. He gets better.
  • "Urameshi... you truly reveled in our fight. So did I, if only for a moment. Thank you. Next time.... let me be born... a demon..." Shinobu Sensui.
  • "Oh man... I'm hungry..." Raizen.
  • "The choice is yours... but that's divine will... forever... and ever..." A terrorist telling Yusuke he must choose a button that could either destroy the Gates of Judgment, disable the weapon aimed at his hometown, or cause the weapon to fire.

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