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Screw fitting in. We're freaks and we're proud.

The flagship series of Mister Eighty Six, which he swears will be on TV one day.

Stardust Celestial is a former adventurer, whose enormous family have been solving people's problems (at a nominal fee) for centuries. After spending his formative years traveling the world and battling villains, Stardust is forced to settle down when his policeman father gets a steady job in Sylville, the so-called "City on the Coast". Not only that, he has to attend high school as well. Having been exposed to (and in many ways experienced) more media than is generally healthy, he goes into it expecting to be picked on by teachers and classmates alike. Then he beats the ever-loving snot out of the school bully on the first day, and it all snowballs from there.


Stardust's acquired Genre Savvy results in just about every high school trope being subverted, averted, lampshaded or outright defied. Sylville Academy's social systems quickly begin to crumble when faced with his vehement refusal to be labeled. Along the way, he encounters the vast array of personalities at Sylville Academy, from the aforementioned bully (who happens to wield a chainsaw), to a Wholesome Crossdresser ninja, to the very nosy (and very French) who runs a school tabloid. Through it all, Stardust somehow manages to turn a punk, a pervert, an outcast and an ice queen into a circle of friends with a style all their own.

Prepare to have every one of your preconceptions about high school dramedy, anthropomorphic animals, and media in general thrown out the window and set on fire. Because at Sylville Academy, we don't DO "normal".


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