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Your Family Entertainment (YFE) is a German entertainment distribution company originally founded in 1989 as Ravensburger Film+TV as Ravensburger's (a German toy company) attempt to venture into media. Most of their earlier shows were co-productions with France Animation and Cinar. In 1999, the company rebranded as RTV Family Entertainment and in the following year, acquired CLT-UFA's children catalogue.

In years 2000-2002 RTV partnered with Nelvana to distribute their shows in most of continental Europe (in exchange Nelvana during the same time distributed 6 of RTV series in North and South America). However, the partnership was cancelled due to RTV's arising financial problems. As a result, most of rights reverted back to Nelvana, while RTV retained (as a sort of consolation prize) for a foreseeable future selected distribution rights to a number of older series from the Canadian studio.

In 2005, RTV Family Entertainment spun-off from Ravensburger and consequently in July 2006 rebranded as Your Family Entertainment.

The company also operates two own TV networks (mainly in German-speaking countries) both named after two brands they own - the Pay-TV one called Fix&Foxi and the FTA one called Ric.


Selected programs that YFE produced and distributed:

Co-productions with Cinar
  • Albert the Fifth Musketeer (co-produced with Cinar, France Animation and BBC)
  • The Babaloos (co-produced with Cinar and France Animation)
  • Cat Tales (co-produced with Cinar, France Animation and Caméras Continentales)
  • The Country Mouseand City Mouse Adventures (distribution in German-speaking countries and CEE; co-produced with Cinar and France Animation)
  • Dr. Xargle (co-produced with Cinar)
  • Ivanhoe: The King's Knight (co-produced with Cinar and France Animation)
  • Patrol 03 (co-produced with Cinar, France Animation and Neurones)
  • Robinson Sucroe (co-produced with Cinar, France Animation and BBC)note 

Nelvana series (mainly distributed in German-speaking countries, Dutch-speaking Benelux, Nordic and Eastern Europe, though the rights scope depends on a particular show)


Productions acquired from defunct Berliner Film Companie and Berlin Animation Film

  • Adventurers: Masters of Time
  • Altair in Starland
  • Da Boom Crew
  • Mission Odyssey (co-production with Marathon)
  • M P4orce
  • Shadow of the Elves
  • Sherm

Series acquired from defunct Toons 'n' Tales (German-speaking rights only; all co-produced with Millimages)

  • Jasper the Penguin
  • The Hydronauts
  • Lazy Lucy

Other productions

  • Agi Bagi (distribution outside Poland)
  • Albert Asks: What is Life?
  • Albert says... Nature Knows Best
  • The Brothers Flub (distribution in German-speaking countries, Benelux, Scandinavia and CEE; co-produced with Sunbow Entertainment)
  • Fix & Foxi and Friends (co-produced with D'Ocon Films)
  • Generation O! (distribution in German-speaking countries, Scandinavia and CEE; co-produced with Sunbow Entertainment)
  • Gloria's House (Australian-German co-production)
  • Iznogoud (distribution in German-speaking countries and CEE)note 
  • Papyrus (rights in German-speaking Europe only)note 
  • Phillipp (co-produced with Les Producteurs TV Cine Video)
  • Roboroach (distribution outside North America; co-produced with Portfolio Entertainment)
  • Rotten Ralph (distribution in German-speaking countries and Eastern Europe)
  • Sanbarbe (co-produced with France Animation and Neurones)
  • Sweet Valley High (distribution in German-speaking countries, Benelux and CEE)note 
  • Spirou and Fantasio (1992-1995 series) note 
  • Team SOS (rights in German-speaking Europe only; co-produced with Cine Groupe and Les Films de la Perrine)
  • Urmel (co-produced with France Animation and Hahn Film)


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