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Western Animation / Bob's Beach

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Bob is on the beach!

"He come from far away
He come from Brooklyn town
Never meant to stay
But he like the island sound
You know his name is Bob
A dog who's lost his heat
He come straight from New York
Now Bob is on the beach... come on!"

Bob, a city dog from Downtown New Yorknote , accidently gets shipwrecked on a deserted island. In his attempt to go back, he realizes the island isn't exactly as deserted as he thought. Along with his new island friends; Nel, Montego, Zaza, Magada and Loubabi, Bob courageously digs into the marvels of this new tropical world, and learns to love it.

Bob's Beach is a German/Luxembourgish animated children's TV series created and produced by Sophia Kolokouri. The series was originally produced in 2005, but here's the catch; it was never officially released anywhere until Oznoz hosted the series in 2012. Seriously. The series also finally premiered in Germany on Fix und Foxi on June 21, 2014 (see the trailer here).

The series was then made available on Amazon Prime in 2019, and is also available for free on Tubi.

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Bob's Beach Theme

The opening theme to Bob's Beach.

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