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Fix und Foxi is a longrunning German comic series about two anthropomorphic foxes and their adventures created by Rolf Kauka. Originally created as side characters in another magazine (Till Eulenspiegel) they soon went on to become fan favorites. Their magazine was published without interruption from 1953 to 1994 (when some Executive Meddling caused Kauka to withdraw the rights to the characters) and was subsequently relaunched multiple times in the 2000s (although none of these tries seemed to stick...).


The adventures center mostly on adolescent foxes Fix and Foxi who live with their uncle in a small town of unspecific location called Fuxholzen. Other characters of note are the chronically lazy Lupo (a fan favorite and breakout character with his own comic book), old maid Eusebia with her niece Lupinchen, and mad scientist Professor Knox.

While written quite nicely the influences from Disney's comics (which were the main contenders on the German market), especially Carl Barks and his imitators, are clearly visible. Many of the earliest stories written for the characters could easily be written for those other characters as well; in later issues this got resolved with more characterization (and some necessary Flanderization of the main characters. In other words: oh my god, it's full of tropes!


In 2000 a TV series was broadcast featuring the characters; it was planned by the late Rolf Kauka and found it's way even into other European countries.

The Fix und Foxi series provides examples of:


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