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Matt, better known under the alias Thought Slime and Scaredy Matt, is a Canadian non-binary Leftist YouTube personality.

Thought Slime openly identifies as an Anarcho-Communist, a left-wing anarchist philosophy that believes in abolishing corporate-capitalism in-favor of a socialized economy that does away with unjust hierarchies that cause poverty and prejudice based on class, race, gender and sexuality.

He is best known for his three YouTube Channels:


Thought Slime provides examples of:

  • Bad Santa: In "WE MUST DESTROY SANTA CLAUS", Thought Slime describes Santa Claus in a manner that an Anarcho-Communist would (for comedy, anyway); as a union-busting, animal-abusing slave-driver that shackle his elf-workers in a system that exploits them, encourages entitlement in privileged children, violates the right-to-privacy of every person on Earth and promotes the crony-capitalist system that relies on it all.
  • Casual Kink: A Running Gag with him is how he mentions women sitting on birthday cakes as a sexual thought, itself a memetic joke-fetish.
  • Content Warnings: The description of Scaredy Cats states: "We'll warn you if an animal dies in the movie."
  • Fictional Video Game: In "Capitalism, my official review", Thought Slime describes capitalism as though it were a video game.
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  • Grey Goo: In "Infinite Growth (it is bad)", Thought Slime compares crony-capitalism to the hypothetical Gray goo scenario proposed by K. Eric Drexler, big business being this thing that autonomously consumes and takes as much as it can from the world around it with no end-goal in sight.
  • Homage:
    • The background he uses in Thought Slime content was directly inspired by the ooze from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987), the original art done in pixel-art because he grew up on the Super Nintendo.
    • His "Eyeball Zone" segments in his Thought Slime videos were inspired by The Zone, a YTV Canadian children's show that he watched when he was younger.
  • Literal Metaphor: In "My third job in a retail heck-scape", Matt briefly mentions that, on top of figuratively "dealing with shit" from customers, he occasionally found himself having to deal with literal feces from people crapping in returned products and on the floor of the store.
  • Quirky Ukulele: In his Scaredy Matt review "Phantasm 3 Ukulele Jam!", Matt is introduced practicing a Ukelele. At the end of the video, he goes back to pretending he knows how to play it, strumming it in various absurd and incorrect ways.
  • A Rare Sentence: In "Fake Economies in Minecraft" Matt takes a brief pause after uttering the phrase "viewing capitalism through the lens of Minecraft" to reflect on the fact that that's a statement he decided to say, and how incredibly silly the whole episode is to need it.
  • Running Gag:
    • In his review series of the Phantasm series, he starts and ends every video trying to justify his tropical backdrop by insisting that the Phantasm films are all "summer movies", fumbling over his own words in doing so.
    • Most of his videos will at some point reference eyeballs, which will then segue into his "eyeball zone" segment where he promotes a smaller left-wing youtuber's video. The most consistent exceptions are his videos which directly target Fascists/Neo-Nazis, so as to not subject them to an Internet Counterattack.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • In the description of Thought Slime, he refers to himself as a "smug anarchist poseur".
    • In "I was wrong about Landlords", a response to a different Youtuber also named Matt, he distinguishes the two by referring to the other one as just "Matt" and himself as "Stink-Matt".
  • Superman Substitute: At the beginning of "Who are THE SUPER STRAIGHTS?", Matt mocks the Super Straight Movement by opening the video like an old Superman cartoon.
    Matt: The planet Straight-Krypton was dying. The only survivors, sent to space as infants in space-ships to Earth and adopted by kindly, albeit transphobic farmers in the American midwest. The heterosexual sun of Earth gave them extraordinary powers; the ability to affirm a binary understanding of sex and gender with the strength of a locomotive, faster than a speeding bigot, able to leap to conclusions in a single bound. Look! Down in the comments section, it's a Troll, it's a CHUD, no! It's the Super-Straights! [Poorly a capellas the John Williams Superman theme]
  • Straw Vegetarian: He is a vegan and has repeatedly joked about him being every killjoy stereotype people apply to veganism.
  • What Were They Selling Again?: In "GarfieldEats, a normal website in normal capitalism", Matt points out that the ad that led him to discover GarfieldEats doesn't actually say anything about the product — it's just Garfield and the creator of the app having a conversation about pizza.


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At the end of "Phantasm 3 Ukulele Jam!", he goes back to pretending he knows how to play it, strumming it in various absurd and incorrect ways.

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