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"I think you always learn something in every character you play onstage, either personally or creatively."

Jared Francis Harris (born 24 August 1961 in Hammersmith, London) is a British actor.

A son of the legendary Richard Harris, he's known as a staunchly reliable and versatile character actor.

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Tropes & Trivia in his career:

  • Chronically Killed Actor: Something he gleefully lampshaded in 2019 on his Twitter account by noting:
    "So far I've been shot 6 times, (by a Gatling gun, & by a U-Boat), eaten by sharks, hurled over the Reichenbach Falls, bludgeon with a chair leg, roasted by Mt. Vesuvius, hung twice, & died in my sleep. But my personal favourite — being split in half by the space time continuum."
  • I Am Very British: He has a refined, upper class accent that makes him a natural choice for posh characters.