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There's more to Cable than meets the eye
Many examples from the Ultimate Marvel universe are composite version of two or more characters from the Marvel Universe:
  • Ultimate Spider-Man:
    • The Hobgoblin is Harry Osborn, killing two birds of the Green Goblin's legacy (Harry following in his father's footsteps and the Hobgoblin) with one stone.
    • Likewise, the Demogoblin is Mary Jane Watson.
    • Ultimate Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman is an Opposite-Sex Clone of Peter Parker, introduced in the Ultimate Clone Saga as the only Spider-Clone not to die or go completely mad, and who then sets off to forge her own identity. So she's a combination of the 616 Jessica and Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider. After Cataclysm, Jessica also becomes the newest Black Widow. Her costume also evokes the second Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter, and she even used Julia's name as an alias.
    • The Spider-Clones in general are all composites, since they're clones of Peter Parker that were altered and given identities that belong to other characters on Earth-616, such as Scorpion and Tarantula. The clone who kidnaps Mary Jane is a combination of Kaine and Ben Reilly, having the former's facial disfigurement and mental illness, and a makeshift version of the latter's Spider-Man costume.
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    • Ultimate Doctor Octopus was the Mad Scientist behind The Clone Saga, taking the role of 616's Jackal.
    • Liz Allan, who was mutant-phobic for a long time, discovers she's herself a mutant - this universe's Firestar. In a great twist of irony from the writer, she is helped to accept her newly activated powers by Spidey and Bobby "Iceman" Drake, in a story arc titled Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.
    • Ultimate Moon Knight has the characters Paladin and Ronin as Split Personalities.
    • Carnage is Gwen Stacy.
    • The Vulture is Blackie Drago, but is bald like Adrian Toomes.
    • Nova is Rick Jones.
  • Ultimate X-Men:
    • Proteus is a composite of the original Marvel Universe Proteus (Kevin McTaggart, son of Moira and Joseph McTaggart) and Legion (David Haller, son of Professor X and Gabrielle Haller). Ultimate Proteus is David Xavier, son of Moira and Professor X.
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    • Cable is actually Wolverine from the future rather than Nathan Summers, the future son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor. This version of Cable received a mechanical arm not from a technorganic virus but rather due to Apocalypse ripping Wolverine's arm off and absorbing his healing factor, forcing him to get a replacement.
    • Bishop shares Cable's mission and is depicted as a white-haired African-American member of the Six Pack, like G.W. Bridge.
    • Lady Deathstrike is a Japanese thief who had some history with Storm, apparently borrowed from Earth-616's Yukio, who is close friends with Storm and has a past history as a thief alongside Gambit.
    • The Ultimate version of Alpha Flight has two examples. Sasquatch has Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane in the mainstream continuity) as its human form, rather than Walter Langkowski, while Vindicator is John Wraith (a member of Weapon X) rather than James Hudson. The latter is also a case of Decomposite Character and Red Herring as James later did appear and when Vindicator first appeared, Wolverine suspected it was James.
  • While a Decomposite Character as his father was based on the general of the X-Men Film Series while he himself was based on the Sinister Minister of God Loves, Man Kills, William Stryker, Jr. mixed in elements of Mastermold.
  • The Ultimates:
    • In the original comics, Valkyrie was the result of the mind and essence of an Asgardian warrior named Brunnhilde being placed inside the body of a young human woman named Barbara Norris. Ultimate Valkyrie is Barbara Norris, who was simply given superhuman abilities and an enchanted blade by Loki.
    • Pluskommander Geheneris Hala´son Mahr Vehl serves the role of Captain Mar-Vell, but his name includes a variant of "Genis", Mar-Vell's son's name.
    • The Leader from Ultimate Human combined elements of the Classic Leader with Peter Wisdom. The latter should not be surprising, considering the creator of the original Wisdom wrote it. The Leader is also a case of Decomposite Character as Samuel Sterns, the Leader of Earth-616, appears as part of the Roxxon Brain Trust, in the Ultimate Doom Trilogy.
    • Ultimate Baron Zemo is actually Loki.
    • The Ultimate-exclusive character Tyrone Cash is basically The Incredible Hulk's Mr. Fixit persona combined with Luke Cage.
    • Ultimate Nick Fury was an African-American soldier who was unjustly injected with a dose of the Super Serum that created Captain America during World War II, making him the Ultimate counterpart of Isiah Bradley, the black Captain America.
    • Also, in the original comics, Scorpio is Nick Fury's brother Jake. Here, Scorpio is a cover identity Fury uses to infiltrate HYDRA.
    • Iron Patriot is Tony Stark.
    • Betty Ross is both a Composite and Decomposite Character in Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. She took the Hulk serum and became Ultimate She-Hulk, replacing Jennifer Walters (who is thus a different and unrelated character, with no super powers).
    • Henry Pym created a robot and named him Ultron, but the robot named himself Yellowjacket instead. In the mainstream comics, Yellowjacket is another superhero identity of Henry Pym. Pym ends up taking on the Yellowjacket identity after Ultron is destroyed.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four:
    • The Maker shares many elements with Doctor Doom. He's also likened to be the counterpart of Avengers foe, Kang the Conqueror, until an actual, Gender Flipped Kang shows up. She herself is an example of this, since she's a Future Badass version of Sue Storm instead of Iron Lad of the Young Avengers.
    • Likewise, Ben Grimm turns out have the powers of Wonder Man. (Simon Williams also exists in the Ultimate Universe and calls himself Wonder Man, but he doesn't have his classic powers, basically being another Hulk).
    • Machine Man is Danny Ketch, infected by the Gah Lak Tus nanites, not a robot as in 616 continuity. And Danny Ketch is supposed to be Ghost Rider II, so this makes him a stand-in for Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane, the cyborg Ghost Rider 2099, as well.
  • Ultimate Thor:
    • The Warriors Three of this universe are the Odinson trio of Thor, Loki, and Balder; but Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun are still present in this world.
    • Thor has most of the usual traits of the Marvel universe character, but he also has traits of the Norse myth version of his brother, Vidar: he is a survivor of Ragnarok and he is a son of Odin who killed the wolf that murdered his father.
    • Loki has a mix of traits from the Marvel version of Loki and the Norse myth version of Hoder. Like Loki, he is the son of Farbauti and was raised in Asgard by Odin alongside Thor and Balder, but he has reality-warping in place of more normal magic. Like Hoder, this Loki is a son of Odin, his primary weapon, at least when he was younger, was a bow and arrow, and he murdered his brother, Balder.
    • Odin is largely the usual Marvel version of the character, but with the added traits of Marvel's Laufey because he is the father of Loki.
    • Ulik shares nothing more than the name and muscular body of the usual character. He has taken the traits of the dwarf-king Eitri: he is loyal to Odin and Asgard, was the creator of Mjolnir, and is a Dwarf rather than a Rock-Troll.
    • Balder shares almost all of the usual traits ascribed to his Marvel equivalent, but with traits of others added in. Like the Norse myth version of Balder, his death precedes the events of Ragnarok, and he is the one who becomes Donald Blake in his human guise rather than his brother, Thor.
    • Loki has a maternal half-brother in this universe named Mammoth who is a character unique to the Ultimate Universe. Mammoth takes an array of traits from figures of Norse myth and Marvel. Like Marvel's Loki, he is a full-blooded Jotunn and his father is Laufey and his mother is Farbauti. From Fenris, he murders Odin during Ragnarok in the form of a giant wolf and is in turn killed by an Odinson. From Surtur, he is an elemental giant who leads an army of his brethren against Asgard with Loki at his side.

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