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Death Is Cheap / Ultimate Marvel

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Ultimate Marvel was originally intended to avoid resurrections, being a more realistic universe where consequences always stick. However, that didn’t last forever.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man
    • The Green Goblin tried to commit Suicide by Cop when he realized that he killed his son. Carol Danvers obliged, but the shot did not kill him. They studied him for months after that, and couldn't find a way to actually kill him. It seems that the Oz formula grants immortality.
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    • Peter Parker himself. He died fighting the Sinister Six, while still having a gunshot. But he got better. Like Norman Osbourne, he got his powers from the Oz, so he's also immortal.
    • Gwen Stacy is a special case. She was killed by the Carnage symbiote, period. And some months later, she shows up at Parker's, ignoring what had happened. It turns out that the Carnage symbiote turned into a exact clone version of Gwen Stacy, even down to personal memories. So yes, Gwen Stacy has died, and her death was final. But with the clone around, for practical purposes it's as if she had returned. Or, at least, the Closest Thing We Got.
  • The Ultimates
    • Thor dies in Ultimatum, sacrificing himself to revive Valkyrie. In New Ultimates, he makes a deal with Hela to come back to life: he had sex with her, so she can have a son. Of course, Loki was scheming all this, and showed this action to Valkyrie.
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    • Valkyrie herself dies in that story. She returns, but as a real valkyrie.
    • The Maker casually killed Tony Stark while toying with his brain. He managed to build a new body for himself and restore his mind into it with the Infinity Stones.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four
    • When Reed Richards tried to make a Heroic Sacrifice to keep a dimension of zombies at bay, Dr. Doom took his place and got lost in the zombie dimension instead. Somehow he returned and was the villain in Ultimate Power, Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum, where he was killed by Ben Grimm... or was he? Brace yourselves: Nope. That was a replacement, ruling in his stead. The real Dr. Doom returned in Ultimate FF.
    • Mr. Fantastic turned evil in Ultimate Enemy, and got lost in the negative zone after his defeat. He returned some months later, as The Maker.
  • Ultimate X-Men
    • Magneto was killed by Xavier at the end of his first arc, when his powers got out of control and he attracted all metals like a black hole. But it was all an illusion: Xavier actually wiped his mind and tried to rehabilitate him. Of course, once word gets out the Brotherhood gets him and restores his mind. Lots of What the Hell, Hero? ensued, and considering what eventually happened, they were all right.
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    • Angel died during a battle, but Phoenix resurrected him with her power. But, by the time of the Ultimatum wave, those powers do not work anymore.
    • Beast seems to die during the first arc, but he was saved with surgery and experimental medicines. He also seemed to die during a Sentinel attack, and also got better. He finally kicked the bucket during Ultimatum.
  • Ultimate Vision: Vision was shot and destroyed by Tarleton, once he got the power of Gah Lak Tus. But she's really hard to kill, she just need help to boost her self-repair systems.