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Didnt Think This Through / Ultimate Marvel

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You know you are not doing it well when even a stock cliche of a thief has to give classes on how to do superhero work
The Ultimate Marvel universe has many geniuses, superspies, military forces and strategic leaders, but it's not without some gross mistakes and miscalculations from time to time.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man
    • When Norman thought that Parker was dying because of the spider bite, he sent a hitman to kill him. He failed, but it wouldn't be a good idea if he actually did it. There would be an autopsy that would reveal his condition, and all the school were witnesses of the spider incident. It wouldn't be hard for them to put two and two toguether and blame Oscorp for the murder. Norman realized it himself when they discussed about sending Shawn to finish the job.
    • When the school is blown, Peter sneaks into the bathroom, prepares to take out his clothes and jump to the action as Spider-Man... but wait! How can he explain Spider-Man just getting out of the school bathroom? And all his class saw the Spider incident, how hard can it be for them to figure things out? So he gets out of the school, and suits up in some nearby bushes.
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    • To sell photos of himself, Peter puts the camera on automatic and poses for a number of photos. But wait, did he put some film in the camera?
    • Discussed by Big Guy. Which was Spider-Man's plan in that warehouse, exactly? Have the enforcers betray the Kingpin? Have them take him to him? Find the Kingpin in such a lowly location? Not a great plan.
    • And then he gets into Kingpin's big office... to do what? He forgot to think of a plan before sneaking in.
  • Ultimate X-Men: The US government sends an army of Sentinels, mutant-killer Humongous Mecha, against the base of the terrorist leader Magneto. His power is magnetism.
    Magneto: Chromium machines to kill a master of magnetism? No wonder we call ourselves Homo Superior.
  • Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra
    • Subverted. Elektra and Matt had the perfect date: coffee, dinner, movie... wait a moment, Matt is blind, he can't see the movie! Oh, but it was his idea. Elektra spent all the time whispering in his ear what was happening.
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    • Elektra sneaks into Trey's room, threatens to kill him, and leaves. Without a mask or anything else to conceal her identity. Unsurprisingly, by the time she's back Trey had denounced her.
  • All-New Ultimates: Those beepers to stay in contact were such a good idea, until Miles was sneaking on a drug dealing and it started to sound. His cover was blown, and all lights and guns aimed at him.
  • Ultimate Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man saves Wolverine from Sabretooth, but for all he knew, Wolverine may have been the bad guy back there. Wolverine himself had to point it.

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