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Usually, when an alternate universe is closed, one or two characters are rescued from it, and become a Canon Immigrant. But, because of the First Law of Resurrection, there are loads and loads of survivors of the Ultimate Marvel universe that showed up on the prime universe after the destruction of their own one during Secret Wars (2015)
  • Miles Morales, introduced as a Legacy Character of Peter Parker as Spider-Man, was a huge success. He was one of the main characters of the Secret Wars crossover, and gave a sandwich to the Molecule Man, who had not eaten in years. As a token of gratitude, he resurrected his family (including his mother, who had been killed by stray police gunfire during a fight with Venom) and his friend Ganke in the recreated universe. Miles Morales starred the Spider-Man comic book, joined the Champions (2016), and also had important roles in Civil War II, Secret Empire and Spider-Geddon.
  • Lana Baumgartner, a.k.a Bombshell, also moved to the main reality, probably resurrected by the Molecule Man as well. However, her evil mother Lori Baumgartner also did, and joined the Sinister Six.
  • As of the Battle Scars mini-series, 616 Nick Fury has a son named Marcus Johnson, who bears a suspicious resemblance to the Samuel L. Jackson-inspired Ultimate / film-verse Fury. His birth name was actually later revealed to be Nick Fury, Jr. The 616 version of Coulson is his partner, reflecting the film version's role as Fury's right-hand man.
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  • The Ultimate X-Men also reappeared in the prime universe, somehow. Miss Sinister captured them and experimented on them. Jimmy Hudson managed to escape from her and joined the X-Men: Blue team. Archangel (Derek Morgan), Armor, Quicksilver, Guardian and Mach II stayed with her and became the new Marauders.
  • Aaron Davis, Miles' evil uncle, also appeared alive and well in the prime universe. He got the Iron Spider suit for himself, and led the Sinister Six in a heist to steal a helicarrier.
  • The Maker, Mr. Fantastic's counterpart from the Ultimate Universe, was also a main character of Secret Wars, and was killed by the Molecule Man. Still, he appeared again in the prime universe and it was later revealed that the method in which he was killed effectively spread him throughout the multiverse, so there are multiple versions of him now.
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  • Although The Ultimates (2015) share just the name with the original team, they have a version of the Triskelion. And the original incarnation of The Ultimates (consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, Giant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Spider-Woman, and Human Torch, with a cameo appearance in Spider-Men adding Hulk and an Ultimate incarnation of Ironheart to the roster) finally show up in The Ultimates 2 #100.
  • Ultimate Thor's hammer is found in the comic Unworthy Thor after Ultimate Thor's death in Secret Wars. Volstagg briefly used Ultimate Mjolnir to become War Thor, but the hammer was destroyed by Mangog after Jane Foster used it in her last outing as Thor. Then, during War of the Realms, Jane used the broken pieces of Ultimate Mjolnir to form a vambrace that transformed her into the new Valkyrie.
  • Monica Chang was introduced in the Ultimate universe as the second Black Widow. She made the jump to the mainstream Marvel Universe in the Avengers A.I. series, albeit without the Black Widow moniker.
  • Geldoff was introduced in Ultimate Spider-Man and gained a counterpart with the codename "Proton" in the mainstream universe in Avengers: The Initiative. He didn't last long.
    • Shockingly, a second version of Geldoff has now been introduced in Inhumanity.
  • The Chitauri are complicated. When first introduced in The Ultimates (2002), things were simple: they were the Ultimate version of the Skrulls, and that's it (there were Skrulls in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, but that issue is not canon). Aliens that could shapeshift into humans, but more ruthless than the original version. We never got to see their real form, but the Ultimate Avengers film filled that void showing them as abominations. But later on, the Ultimate Fantastic Four met... the Skrulls. With that name, and with an alien aspect that resemble the original Skrulls. Things got more complicated by the film The Avengers (2012). The Chitauri were in it, but In Name Only: Always Chaotic Evil, no shapeshifting power, not even spoken lines, and their aspect was nowhere near the one shown in Ultimate Avengers. But with its worldwide success, the Chitauri as seen in the MCU were soon incorporated into the Marvel Universe, starting in Jeph Loeb's Nova... and even in the Ultimate comics themselves, in the Hunger miniseries... No, the headache you're feeling is normal.
  • An In Name Only version of Gail Richards the secretary from the old Captain America serials appears in Ultimate Marvel as Captain America's former fiance who married Bucky after he was frozen in ice.
  • Phil Coulson, a SHIELD agent and then director of the Ultimate FF, is taken from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • The Ultimate Marvel version of the Beetle originated in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game, before making the jump to the comics a few years later.
  • In an inverted case, an adult Miles Morales from the Prime universe moved to the Ultimate Marvel universe (that came back to existence at some point), because he had lost his girlfriend, and her doppleganger from another universe was the Closest Thing We Got.
  • Norman Osborn appears in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10, under the control of Ultimatum (a new identity taken by the adult Miles Morales). Morales took that name from the Ultimatum event.
  • The Maker retrieved the Venom symbiote of the Ultimate Universe in Donny Cates' Venom #20.

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