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Ultimate Marvel updated and redefined most characters from the Marvel Universe for the new century. Many others, however, are not reinventions of classic ones, but entirely brand new ones.

  • Ultimate Adventures starred a pair of Batman and Robin Expies named Hawk-Owl and Woody, neither of whom exist in the mainline Marvel Universe. Their allies Toliver and Lee, as well as their enemies the Principal and Ms. Willow, are also without Earth-616 counterparts.
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  • Ultimate Fantastic Four: Gary, the father of Reed Richards, is a violent abusive parent who beats his son for not being manly enough and losing time with his inventions. He does not have a single similarity with Nathaniel Richards, the father of 616 Reed Richards (not even the name), and is clearly an unrelated brand new character.
  • The Ultimates
    • Gregory Stark, the evil brother of Tony Stark. While Tony did eventually get a brother named Arno Stark in the mainline continuity, it wasn't until a few years after Gregory was introduced in the Ultimate universe.
    • Tyrone Cash, the first Hulk, before Bruce Banner. He's a completely new character.
    • The Liberators are not based on any previous group from Marvel. The Masters of Evil started as The Psycho Rangers for the Avengers, but that's it, they never had those characters on board or this motivation. The colonel is also a brand new character. Swarm is named after a villain, but In Name Only, as everything else is different (female instead of male, mutant instead of mad Nazi scientist, control insects instead of being made of bees, etc.). And when she returned as Red Wasp, even the name was dropped, severing all ties to Fritz von Meyer.
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    • The Ultimates: Tomorrow Men was a sequel to the first miniseries in literary form, and it introduced the "Tomorrow Men", time-travelers from the future. They were never referenced in the comic books, and the second miniseries resolves the ongoing plotlines in different ways from the book, which thus became a Canon Discontinuity.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man
    • Miles Morales and all his cast were completely new characters when first introduced, both within the Ultimate comics and Marvel at large. The only exception is Aaron Davis, who is also new, but took the existing identity of the Prowler.
    • The Chameleon has a sister/Distaff Counterpart called Camellia.
    • Spidey sometimes faces a pair of mother and daughter villains called the Bombshells. They later made the jump to the mainstream continuity after Secret Wars (2015).
  • Ultimate X-Men
    • The Magician is a mutant with reality-warping powers, who appeared in a single story arc. Although he's not based on any characters, Marvel had an ongoing theme with reality-warping in House of M and its fallout.
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    • Syndicate are two conjoined twins, that Xavier convinced to leave the life of crime and work as spies for him instead. They were killed in Ultimatum.
    • Guardian has wings, but although his powers may seem similar to those of Angel, Ultimate Angel had already been introduced. Derek Morgan has no relation to any 616-character.