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The Members of the Terika-Belladonna Company

The Leadership

    Yanim Terika 
Sometimes referred to as "the Boss" due to her rejection of an official title, Yanim is the chief executive of the company and a borderline-sociopath, having been scarred mentally and physically by the events of the Archius mission (on which she served as chief engineer), the war on Zeruel, and several years of dirty work as a saboteur, smuggler, mercenary, and assassin. A kanad hailing from the Collective, she combined her previous knowledge of military technology with improvised battlefield experiences, she has emerged as a formidable jack-of-all-trades, driven by an anarchic vision of the galaxy's future. Viewing the galaxy's dysfunctional sociopolitical structure as a product of an elitist conspiracy which transcends national and ideological boundaries, Yanim sees her company's hell-raising actions as warfare against the system itself, destined to one day liberate the galaxy from exploitation. On a personal level, however, Yanim can only be described as a wreck- she is socially detached, drug-addled, and reliant on the use of a cybernetic implant to suppress the effects of severe neurological damage suffered during an earlier mission. By 2385, she has come to realize that she must lead her company from behind, or else she will not survive to see her vision come to fruition. Thus, the Muramasa gained a crew. For Yanim's tropes from when she was part of the Archius Crew, look for her folder on the Journey Across the Galaxy page.
  • Cold Sniper: Became one of these by the end of Journey. Carries a large scoped rifle for this reason.
  • Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor: After displaying almost no sense of humor, Yanim finally allowed herself to revel in amusement to Amelia. The object? A massacre of unarmed Mafia with a fair number of civilians caught in the crossfire.
  • Functional Addict: Gets wasted at every opportunity, except when business calls.
  • Loners Are Freaks: Has no friends, only "kaderen," or comrades.
  • Noble Demon: While stopping the kanad-planned food shortage was technically good for business, Yanim was more interested in protecting the freedom of independent planets.
  • Sociopathic Hero: While technically working for the betterment of commoners, Yanim is far from a healthy person.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Believes that the only way to save the galaxy is to burn it down.

    Rask Vor'Pangn 
The First Lieutenant of the company, Rask's background lies in the Kanad Collective's State Security Bureau III, aka the GKVR. Sarcastic and swashbuckling, Rask's cocksure attitude was highly unfitting of his rank in the organization, which was explained when, on his final mission with the organization, it was revealed that he and many of his comrades had been selected specifically to take part in a future suicide mission, and that his commanding officer (or rather, a clone of said officer) had decided to dispose of the unit in a fireball meant to destroy the Archius. After being taken prisoner and narrowly escaping a torturous death, Rask pledged loyalty to the younger, yet more competent Yanim, who he first crossed paths with during the mission. Honing his existing skills to elite levels, Rask has been an indispensable asset to the company throughout its existence, but like his employer, he has become weary of fighting battles personally. While he supports the goal of expanding the company to large-scale operations, his vision is quite different than Yanim's. Focused mainly on sustainability, Rask wishes not for galactic liberation and an end to oppression, but rather a continuation of the status-quo. For Rask's tropes from when he appeared in the last part, look for the Terika-Belladonna Company folder on the Journey Across the Galaxy page.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Employs ambushes, explosives, and smokescreens whenever possible to keep the advantage over opponents.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: To Yanim and Neasha.
  • Jerkass: With few exceptions, Rask shows very little respect to anyone.
  • Lawman Gone Bad: His origin story, although he was never all that good to begin with.
  • Two-Faced: As a result of torture. Wears a partial mask to cover it.
  • Verbal Tic: "Keh."

    Neasha Kyral 
The Second Lieutenant of the company, Neasha is a serek, and was raised as an orphan in one of that race's numerous vagrant refugee colonies. Having gained an education in piloting space-faring vessels, Neasha inherited a freight ship, the Belladonna, after a harrowing experience on her first job, and, sensing a need to protect her financial future and independence, turned to smuggling. After refusing to transport Yanim and Rask in a chance encounter on Rigel's moon Kuromo, she found herself the victim of a hijacking. Later convinced to join the newly-founded company, Neasha took part in the war on Zeruel and continued to serve as its pilot after losing the Belladonna during the battle. Retained mainly for her scattered talents, Neasha's influence over the future of the company is difficult to ascertain. Cool-headed and amicable, it is possible that she is kept aboard so that she can continue to temper the frequent disagreements between her two superiors. For Neasha's tropes from when she appeared in the last part, look for the Terika-Belladonna Company folder on the Journey Across the Galaxy page.

The Crew of the Muramasa/Cataract

    Alexander Korunov 
Cook, as well as a former Pit fighter. Alexander is a Human. The son of a zealot, he moved away from his home at the age of 16, not wanting to be anywhere near his dogmatic parents. He did odd jobs around ships and ports in order to survive until a few years later when he settled on Duroma, where he became a pit fighter. After several long years, he became the champion of The Pit and used his fortune to finance his way out of that life. After trial, error and much "consultation" from professionals, he learned how to cook. He has worked for the Terika-Belladonna Company for a couple of years now. Although he hasn't spoken much to the person in charge, he has developed a love-hate relationship with one of her underlings, Rask. Now, he spends time cooking up a storm in the kitchen and wondering what sort of trouble the crew will end up in. His Special Skills/Attributes include being a hand to hand expert, meaning that he can land a crippling blow to an humanoid opponent once per battle, and the ability to cook really well.

    János Celofán 
Warden. János is an Android. His past is shrouded in mystery, mostly for the guy himself. The process which brought his "mind" into his android body was imperfect, causing him to forget most of his past. He doesn't know his original name, causing him to opt for a new one, based on his recollection that he was Hungarian from his mother's side.... or so he thinks at least. Unaware of his birth date, he opts for his activation date instead. The one thing he does remember is his profession; working as an interrogator. Opposed to physically abusing prisoners to obtain information, his technique consisted mostly of making himself seem as if he was his prisoner's greatest advocate while in captivity. From what he remembers, he was damn good at his job, having a high success rate at wherever he was employed. From this period, he learned tons of languages, going into the double digits, which allows him to act as a impromptu translator if need be. His android body is outdated by at least 5 years, further pointing to the low quality circumstances of his transferal to it. However, there are signs pointing to his body being custom made. The body has several features that indicate that it is better used in defense, and the face seems to be made in mind for intimidation usages. Since his activation, János has been working odd jobs, trying to use his abilities as best as he could before landing a job as a warden at the Terika-Belladonna Company. Most just call him John. His Special Skills/Attributes include being multilingual and intimidation.
  • Brain Uploading: Though, the poor quality procedure meant he....
  • Came Back Wrong
  • Handguns: Has his "Tripistolia pacem", or the three pistols of peace; a laser Mauser C269, a plasma Quandt P80, and a kinetic Walther P888, which he considers his "Parapacem".

    Taylor Madison Caine 
Mercenary. Taylor is a Human. She was born to a pair of poor miners, deep in the heart of Pyri II's main mining colony, Pyrus-1. In cramped and filthy conditions she grew up, dealing with daily life beneath Pyri II's toxic and hellish surface. Temperatures stayed around 90 degrees in the colonies themselves, but on the surface, temperatures reached in excess of 800 degrees. Environment suits were required for any surface travel, and breathing masks for the mining tunnels in case any toxic air seeped in from the surface. It was a hell of a life, but she made the most of it and remained optimistic. You had to if you wanted to live. When she turned 18, she opted to join the military instead of following in her parents' footsteps. She joined the Sol Defense Forces, a branch of the Sol Systems Government. Twelve years she spent with the SDF, defending Pyri II and performing general duties in the name of the SSG. By the time her 12th year of service rolled to an end, she was a decorated officer in the SDF Infantry division. She decided against reenlisting, and opted for more lucrative endeavors. She became a mercenary, leaving Pyri II and its inhabitants behind. After traveling a bit, and doing minor jobs, she got word that the Terika-Belladonna Company was hiring. She signed up without a second thought, in hopes of striking it rich. Her Special Skills/Attributes include being a short/medium range combat specialist, a extreme/hostile environment specialist, a survivalist and an alcoholic.

    Owen Jackson 
Pilot. Owen is a Human. Raised in the American South, his dream had always been to be a race car driver. After landing a spot with one of the most successful racing teams in the known galaxy by the age of 26, Owen thought that his career as a racer was destined for greatness. He could not imagine, however, that two years later he would be replaced. His racing style and character are both highly aggressive. Many a race had been won by a last corner punt to the wall, which lead to a few post race brawls. His Special Skills/Attributes include fighting dirty with electrified brass knuckles.

    Silvia Angelo 
Security, as well as ex-Special Forces. Silvia is an En'jyrl. An orphan who was abandoned in front of a church, the earliest memory she could remember was escaping the church when she was 10 and street racing when she won it from a pink-slip. Her customized pink and white T-Rotor X8 was instantly recognizable in the underground racing scene and street racers either back out to save their pride from potentially losing to a female or trying their luck in defeating one of the fastest street racers. When war broke out between the En'jyrl and the Dar'vil species, she was drafted into the 32nd Archer Division where she found her second talent: archery. Her excellent combat reports of putting plasma bolts into anything that moves without missing made her a suitable candidate for the En'jyrl special forces, the Tod'sengel. However, she resigned less than 2 years later as she felt that the job was boring and she had better things to do than storming into the hideouts of religious extremist and nutjobs. Her Special Skills/Attributes include archery, agility, charming skills and flight.

    Jag Perditus 
Mercenary, a freelance pirate to be exact, formerly a Military Officer. Jag is a shock-guard form Sanghvi. Not much is currently known about its early history besides its long service record within the Sanghvi's Mantle military. Its sentience proving that it was held quite highly among the military, as most Sanghvi warriors are simple drones lacking basic consciousness besides that of warfare and survival. And that Jag deserted, like much of its kin within the Mantle's military, leaving and disengaging all together rather than fighting a losing war or bringing arms against fellow Sanghvi. But what is most definitely known is that its reputation within the criminal underworld is very, very bloody. Starting from the early guerrilla warfare campaigns during the later phases of the Mantle-Collective War to the Oracle War, and even the grand raid in the northwest quadrant, while working and organizing with whatever pirates it could find, acting as anything from a bounty hunter to a bodyguard to even a leader if need be. Jag has done whatever it takes to achieve its goals, most of them being attacks or raids focused on Collective or UGC space. Now that its last contact ended in shambles with the destruction of both parties through various, unsavory circumstances, the venerated space pirate took the offer of the Terika-Belladonna Company with a low key job to let the heat die down before resuming its goals again. Its Special Skills/Attributes include being a veteran officer, a tactician and a close combat expert, as well as the ability to lightly glide for an limited time through deploying its cloths in low to medium gravity environments.

    Amelia Weinheart 
Biologist. Amelia is a Human. Born on Terra, she was raised from a rich family, known to be humble and generous. Amelia went to the best medical school to learn about human and xeno biology. She graduated at the top of her class, at age 28. Finding no job after three months, she grew restless. That is, until she heard about an opening in the Terika-Belladonna Company, looking for anyone with experience in her field. She hastily packed her bags and joined the crew out of the spirit of adventure, and to finally put her knowledge to use. Her Special Skills/Attributes include extensive knowledge of human and xeno biology and knowing where to hit for maximum damage in case of combat.

    Derrick "Sledge" Hammer 
Security. Sledge is a Human. On Terra, he was a formidable champion of a street thug, making most of his living through bloodsport. His nickname coming from his preferred weapon of choice, Sledge paved his way to notoriety with shattered bones and bruised organs. After unknowingly striking down a member of his city's organized crime syndicate, Sledge had fled from planet to planet to throw the mafiosos off his trail, eventually arriving at Rigel. Growing anxious, Sledge was looking for any reason to put more distance between himself and his pursuers... which is why he joined the crew of the Archius XI! Although, the Mafia didn't really come up after that except for the one time it was bizarrely foreshadowed by some random jerk on that one space station, then it was never mentioned or discussed again, despite the Mafia knowing "exactly where Sledge is." In fact, Sledge didn't do much of anything after he was given a metal skull and some other mysterious operation we forgot to talk about. He seemed perfectly content to just sit around and do whatever other people told him to do for a while until people mysteriously stopped mentioning him. Now, fully recovered from his operations, he seeks fame, fortune, and sanctuary from those damned mafiosos that just won't leave our lovable hero alone, gosh darn them! His Special Skills/Attributes include swinging hammers really REALLY hard, having a metal skull, the Omega Protocol and being the El Frito Bandito regional Mexican food eating contest champion from 2358 to 2364. For Sledge's tropes from when he was part of the Archius Crew, look for his folder on the Journey Across the Galaxy page.
  • Drop the Hammer: Has three hammers; the Workmaster T-8200, the LWA Crusher and the Workmaster TX-9800 Platinum Wyvern Edition.
  • Weapon of Choice: A Sledgehammer.

Ship Mascot. Hercules is a Dracobin. Gifted to Sledge by Harken Saw, he is a Dracobin, a semi-intelligent dinosaur-like creature from the desert planet Ophion. Sporting a large and powerful jaw, Dracobins are capable of eating and instantly digesting literally any type of matter. Their body also tends to take on the properties of anything they eat in any significant quantity. There does not seem to be an upper bound on the amount that a Dracobin can or will eat, a truly puzzling phenomenon when combined with the facts that Dracobins do not gain mass or defecate no matter how much they eat despite obviously processing the food. It is speculated that the Dracobin may be born with a biological spatial distortion that allows them to store consumed matter in a pocket universe for digestion. However, this theory has yet to be proved in any capacity, so it remains a mystery for the time being. Hercules cannot speak, and communicates only through a series of clicks, whines, and yelps understood only by other semi-intelligent creatures like Sledge. Despite his somewhat intimidating 7-foot-tall stature, Hercules is generally friendly towards other members of the crew, and is more than happy to give Dracobin back rides. During the adventure on the Archius XI, Hercules received a set of armored barding, complete with plasma cannons, from fellow crew member Lion. His Special Skills/Attributes include the ability to eat anything, being an epic mount, having crazy cool armor, vestigial wings, the inability to poop and being good with kids. For Hercules's tropes from when he was part of the Archius Crew, look for his folder on the Journey Across the Galaxy page.

    Bucky Fermi 
Engineer, as well as HR. Bucky is an Android. She started out as a dedicated gynoid, and worked in the strip clubs and brothels of a seedy spaceport in Alpha Centauri. After a while, she finally made her owner enough money to pay off her Voluntary Societal Integration requirements and became a free entity of her own. She acquired the skillsofts required for an android to enter a career as a ship engineer. She's a fast thinker as all androids are, and operates with speed and grace. Her original function as a gynoid predisposes her toward human relations, and she finds satisfaction in making friends and helping her fleshy fellows. She enjoys talking and will always give anybody she meets her best. This can make her a bit gullible at times, and she mostly relies on the kindness of others to keep her out of being lured into tricky situations. Her Special Skills/Attributes include durability and Fast Hands, Faster Brains.

Bartender. Ahaz is a Human. He joined the Terika-Belladonna Company, so he can tend the bar on the Muramasa. His documents don't mention much else besides that. His Special Skills/Attributes include being an exceptionally good bartender.

Pilot, the scout kind, as well as an ace. Frosty's race is unknown, but it is suspected that he's either an Android or Alien Hybrid. An ace starfighter pilot that the Muramasa crew found drifting through space in the cockpit of a frozen starfighter. Due to the circumstances he was found in, the crew have given him the name 'Frosty'. However, while he may look human (albeit a bit off) from a distance, he looks rather... creepy if seen up close. He looks humanoid, but is rather... off in several aspects. His eyes are a glowing gold, his skin is as pale as snow and looks too smooth to belong to a human, he bleeds yellow, he lacks several organs, his fingers are thin and long, he has a raccoon-like skin coloration around his eyes, the inside of his mouth is black with malformed teeth, and he only has two big toes on his feet. Still, despite his unsettling looks, he's a nice and affable person who is pleasant to be around. Unfortunately, he's suffering from a bout of amnesia due to being kept in a cold stasis, and cannot recall anything about his past. He does remember one thing, though, he remembers how to fly. And not just fly, but fly really well. His specialty comes in the form of his ace flying skills, which let him perform all sorts of dangerous maneuvers if the situation calls for it. His starfighter, although a bit damaged and in need of repair, can act as a scout vessel for the Muramasa if they need recon work done, aerial support, or if they just want a simple escort. Just don't let him get doinked on the head too hard, bad things happen. His Special Skills/Attributes include being an ace pilot and consecration. Whenever he personally takes damage, he gains a chance to go apeshit which increases with further damage. So if he takes too many hits, there's a chance he just loses his fucking mind and goes berserk on the enemy. The downside of this is that if a friendly is closer, he may accidentally strike them instead due to being blind with rage. Don't stand too close to him when he loses his shit, kids.

    Valencia "Valkyrie" Blackwell 
Engineer, as well as a Technician. Valencia is a Human. She was born in space. Well, not LITERALLY in space. She was born on an old freighter, controlled by a small band of pirates that had broken away from one of the larger groups outside human space. She was raised as a pirate, till both of her parents were killed by SDF soldiers. That'd put a big kink in her life of piracy. She was taken and put into an orphanage on Terra, where she lived miserably till she was old enough to escape and venture out into the universe. She returned to the life of piracy, joining up with a small roving gang that just happened to love targeting the mining colonies on Pyri II. Every so often brawling with the SDF, including one particular soldier whom she grew to despise. As she grew older, she started to see that the pirate life didn't exactly pay well, especially here in human space, so she decided to offer her services as a merc on occasion. Two years have passed since Valkyrie began doing mercenary work, and now she's found another job; working for the the Terika-Belladonna Company. Her Special Skills/Attributes include being a natural engineer, having spent most of her childhood working on the freighter with her mother and father. Bearing a photographic memory and extensive mechanical/electrical knowledge, she's able to repair virtually anything and everything, even under fire. Most of her time, though, is spent on combat mechs and the like. She loves building robots to do her bidding. Need a walking/rolling/flying death machine? She's your gal.

    Markus Henrik "Kov" Koval 
Mercenary. Markus is a Human. He was born in a logging colony on the forest moon of Folter orbiting Germania. Markus finished the obligatory education with poor grades, due to him have a violent nature which often got him into trouble. After graduating he enlisted in the Ranger Corps, a military organization that scouted potential logging locations and kept native wildlife at bay. This was a job Markus became very good at, his temperament and personality well suited for it. While a ranger, Markus learned tracking, survival techniques, ambushing as well as becoming skilled with his firearm, the KA-300 semi-automatic rifle. After a criminal incident that left a squad of SDF recruits dead, Markus and a few other rangers were sent to Vorago, a corporately owned prison planet. In 2380 a prison riot occurred and the convicts took over the prison as well as the planet. With the Planet outside of SDF area of interest and under their control, the outlaws set up a spaceport that didn't adhere to any galactic government. Markus was a part of the Dagger Marauders and worked as a gameskeeper and a huntsman, often taking wealthy crimelords out to big game hunts in the Vorago wilds. Need a guy with a simple mindset and a weird mix of rifling finesse and primal savagery? Markus has got you covered. His Special Skills/Attributes include being an ambusher.

Security, as well as a Bodyguard. Porter is a Human, albeit one with lots of cybernetic enhancements. He was in the military for a long time, the Sol System Marines (SSMC) to be specific. After fighting for 11 years, helping to unify the Solar System, his body became badly damaged from a VTOL crash. He was the only one to survive the crash. After he was brought back to medical, a man greeted him, telling him that all his injuries can be fixed, and more. He agreed, and was subject to experiments made by scientists of the Sol System Office of Intelligence and Defense (SSOID). After 3 months, the experiment was a full success, and he became known as X-246c. He was also known as Porter, his last name. He grew from 5'11"ft to 7ft tall, increased muscle mass, enhanced senses of sight, hearing, and awareness. His suit keeps him from getting any unknown substances into his system. Although there is a trade off: his mobility. He can't fit in tight spaces, and his running speed is only 8mph. He does, however, have the ability for short bursts from retractable jetpack on his back. It's flight time is only a minute, due to small amount of fuel. He kept peace in the marine corps, and later as a high ranking officer within the Sol Interior Guard (SIG), which work as a planetary police force for Terra, Luna and Mars, for 10 years. After protecting everyone from themselves, he received a message from an old friend, Amelia Weinheart. She told him of an awesome crew that needs a good bodyguard, and he still owes her a long awaited debt. Immediately, he asked to be dismissed from his duties till a later date. The backstory on that will be explained later on. He joins the crew for a new experience, as well as a reason to travel with Amelia again. He currently resides at a docking station, ready for his new crew to pick him up. His Special Skills/Attributes include being able to take a lot of hits, being highly experienced in hand-to-hand combat and lots of upper body strength.

    Hariim M'baal 
Combat Technician. Hariim is a Human. He grew up in, around, and with computers in the asteroid belts his family mined. He was programming by the age of 8, and had a job as a bugfixer by the time he was 10. He spent his childhood and adolescence working and playing on the ships his parents worked on. When he turned 18, he chose to enlist in the navy, and was quickly assigned to the marines division as a Combat Technician. For two years he followed his squad through combat, gaining experience and carrying out his orders. But on one crucial mission, he took a shot to the head. He woke up two weeks later with a cybernetics package replacing the eye and grey matter he lost, and a datajack cleanly concealed in the side of his head. He got better. Every few years he'd pick up a new cybernetic modification, or a replacement for an older model. On and on he continued modifying himself till he got his honorable discharge. Now he serves as a mercenary. A hacker that can break mainframes, or slice his way into encrypted communications to spy on enemy plans and movements. He's a meticulous and clinical fighter. And He's just gotten a call from an android that could use somebody with his skills. His Special Skills/Attributes include Polycomputational, being capable of integrating with and operating computer systems seamlessly.

    Dio Bradley 
Mercenary. Dio is a Human. A performer for knife throwing acts in stage shows on many different planet well known for his skills in throwing multiple knifes at once and striking the target every single time. This was actually a front for his actual occupation: a freelance hitman for an interstellar mafia. Wherever he was to perform, it is certain that after he left, a body will be found with multiple stab wounds inflicted upon every part of the body. He showed great results, and as such was feared in the criminal world as ruthless assassin with a sadist personality. Eventually, Dio had to stop for two reasons. The authorities were starting to catch on to him and, well, let's just say that his last contract was to convince the Don of the mafia to take a permanent retirement. Though it wasn't the fear of getting a hit by the mafia, it was more of the matter that he felt no need to constantly stain his knifes on weaklings. He was last sighted on Prospera, this information has reached the mafia and they're already sending their best men to take him down. His Special Skills/Attributes include being unparalled in throwing skills.

    Amy "Amnesia" Korunov 
Mercenary. Amy is a Human. She managed to escape the Creed some time after Alex with some help from her brother and others. Once they were in safety, she was to remain on Earth and to lead a normal life thanks to the money Alex send her after every match. While his intentions were well meaning, they couldn't stop Amy's adventurous spirit. The long distance between them allowed her to "bend the truth". She used the money for education. Just education in the fields of self protection, weaponry and others. Eventually, her skills caught the attention of an Alpha sister talent scout. She spend a few years with them until a falling out two years ago. While both parties agreed to brake off contact, Amy had become close to some key people in the Sister's organization. She managed to leave with a parting gift in the form of a stealth suit. After freelancing for a while and dodging questions from Alex, she was forced into making contact with the Muramasa thanks to the Creed's activities. Her Special Skills/Attributes include being an expert with long range weaponry, being trained in stealth operative, and being a Specter, dealing more damage on her first attack and having better roll chances for hiding.

    Hestia Zeta- 9 
Physician. Hestia is a Nymph class Gynoid. Halting from the current generation's cloning cycle of the original Hestia intelligence, Hestia or Hestia Alpha, was one of the first sapient digital intelligences built by humanity in 2228 on Europa within the Sol system. The intelligence was solely responsible for the massive leap medical technology in the Sol system. Likewise, as with Hestia Alpha and other Hestias, Zeta-9 is an highly capable professional in all known fields of medicine, and like most Hestias, Zeta-9 has a burning curiosity to explore beyond Elysium and venture into the stars in the eternal quest of knowledge. Her Special Skills/Attributes include being an expert surgeon, having excessive medical knowledge, and being a fast adapter.

    Jason Bradley 
Gunner, as well as a former Mercenary. Jason is a Human. Born on Terra, he was born in a failing marriage between his mother and father. They soon divorced, with his mother taking custody of him. He was enrolled in collage and graduated in Scientific Phenomena. He then enlisted in the military, but was discharged from insubordination after saving 2 civilians from gunfire even though his commanding officer said to stay in his position. He then went into Mercenary work, where he protected major contacts and participated in civil wars, which earned him a lot of money. However, he soon quit being a Mercenary after he learned that the operations he worked on were costing a lot of innocent lives, which led him to be diagnosed with PTSD afterwards. After being unemployed for months, Jason heard news about the Terika-Belladonna company taking in jobs. Jason signed up to be a Gunner to earn some cash, shoot stuff, and for the love of adventure while trying escape his past life. His Special Skills/Attributes include being an assault specialist, as well as his knowledge of gun fighting tactics, making him good on the offensive.

    Mercy Fontanne 
Combat Medic. Mercy is a Human. Born on Terra to a middle-class family in France, all her life, she always dreamed of being a doctor, so she worked hard in school and got her grades up to go to medical college... And then failed horribly, getting kicked out with little more than crippling debt. So she did the next best thing, hopped on the first shuttle out of there and joined up with a mercenary crew! Naturally... she hasn't actually paid the debts back, either. Maybe one day... She's as green as they come, unfortunately, but still generally tries to be peppy and friendly, even in the worst of situations. Her Special Skills/Attributes include Triage, so when she is giving medical aid, someone who is critically wounded will receive more HP than someone who is not.

    Amir "Moloch" Nasrallah 
Physician, specifically a Surgeon and Therapist, as well as an Imam. Moloch is an Artisynth, a sorcerer to be exact. A high ranking member of the Children of God cult (effectively its very unofficial current leader), as well as its surgeon general, he is an odd man, cultured and sophisticated, yet truly believing in the barbaric cause of his people and a very firm believer in their heretical faith. Being a sorcerer, he is imbued with psychic abilities. Before he became a sorcerer, he also functioned as a support gunner and field medic whenever he was sent to the front lines to fight for Co G in their various jihads and wars. With his medical expertise and psychic abilities, he currently holds the rank of grand wizard and head doctor of his people. He wants only what is best for Co G and the Artisynth, and cares very little about much else. His Special Skills/Attributes include Malediction, which applies a non-stacking, 3-turn status effect which deals 5 DMG per turn, starting with 0.5 ATK instead of 1.0.

    Aaron Schenk 
Engineer. Aaron is a Human. Born on the Jewish colony of Kahmerash in the city of New Bethlehem, he served in the army as a mechanic at a motor pool repairing mechs and vehicles. After his mandatory 3 year conscription period, he moved off world and wanted more job experience and money. His Special Skills/Attributes include being a mechanic, having a higher roll chance to fix mechanical objects.

Biologist. Squish is an exceptionally frail Feeblian born on the planet Meek. He hunches down and throws slaps randomly in the air at the mere sight of danger. Like all Feeblians, they study life, but at a distance. They have exceptional allergies and cannot stand being among plant life too long. It is the Feeblian dream to one day overcome their severe allergies and walk among nature. Their race might one day become strong after several generations that create habitats and thrive in nature. Squish aspires to one day find a way to relieve the Feeblian race of this curse, so he set out to study the many different life forms of other planets. During his adventures aboard the Archius, he fought a giant mutated tomato. With the untimely giant tomato's end, Squish gathered its remains to be studied and analyzed. After a few days, Squish was able to extract the mutagen. With no other test subjects, he tested the serum on himself. There was catastrophic consequences. He had grown massive in proportions. The mutated Squish retreated into the artificial jungle in the ship. He was shortly captured by a mean robot. The crew decided to throw him into the holding cells until he reverted back to normal. Without Squish's equipment, no change would come. His Special Skills/Attributes include being able to hulk out in combat, which has its own unique name; Squash. For Squish's tropes from when he was part of the Archius Crew, look for his folder on the Journey Across the Galaxy page.

Mercenary. Iron's race is unknown. He has over five hundred bounties turned in, is wanted by several crime syndicates, and has traveled across the galaxy. Iron is the name of a infamous bountyhunter known for being ruthless, effective and for making a large assortment of mob bosses and other high-profile criminals cry themselves to sleep at night. But even though he is famous, little is known about Iron. Some speculate whether Iron is an actual living being and not some rogue murderbot. Is it even a 'he'? One thing is for sure; if Iron shows up it means that there's a bounty to catch. The question is, what if that bounty is on your head? His Special Skills/Attributes include being able to knockout, having an increased chance to incapacitate enemies during melee.

    Mahjis'Tomon "Sting" 
Navigator, as well as a smuggler. Sting is an Aracaan, a breed from Duroma. Not much is known about Sting's origins and youth other than the fact that she was born an offspring to Tomon, the broodmother of Duroma, in the arid region of Doullanhota. If she is herself to be believed, she acquired an interest in western aesthetics and lifestyles while serving under Nicholas Flint, a notorious smuggler. After serving on Flint's ship for an unknown span of time, she set off on her own some time in the year 2378. For the next seven years, she made a name for herself as a rowdy outlaw and a proficient smuggler. She specializes in smuggling small, but extremely valuable objects across borders to elusive buyers. Due to her stubborn nature and skill in navigation, she has managed to avoid captured for the entirety of her career, further cementing her reputation as a trusted professional. A Kanad officer from the State Security Bureau once said that he couldn't understand how "someone so dry could be so slippery." Her Special Skills/Attributes include being a quickdraw, allowing her to fire all her revolvers at once, rolling 4 dice in one turn, the lowest number then being multiplied by 4 to give the final damage, though this only works on a single target and she needs to pass on the next turn to reload her guns.

    Karl "Falk" Falksköld 
Mercenary. Karl is a Human. He is a infamous hunter from Valhalla. He made a name for himself after he was the host for the Big Game Hunt: Extreme XL Edition holovid series where he was filmed tracking and hunting thousands of different animals (often dangerous ones) through near-suicidal climates. After earning enough credits to keep him stocked for life Karl left showbiz behind to see more of the galaxy while tracing back to his roots as the lonewolf hunter he had used to be. His Special Skills/Attributes include Hunter's Mark, being able to fire a powerful sluground which deals triple damage once per battle.

Former Crew Members

Physician. Abraxas is a Malmarian. He is the Apothecary of the Malmar Caste, born in the lowest castes of the Monarchy herself, forced to undergo a war to protect his majesty. Long ago, Abraxas was a small child in the Orphanage of Victoria, living in poor conditions and forced to work in order to stay. The owner of said Orphanage was a man named Dr. Pozel, a professor of medicine who favored "tough love". While Abraxas worked, he went under Dr. Pozel's care and ultimately learned the basics of medicine. Once Abraxas was old enough was he then drafted to the Malmarian Heer, being a sort of combat medic for others in battle. Once Malmar's wars were ultimately over did he retire at the age of 83, proving his own that he was a valuable asset to the Heer. He grew discontent with the idea of death and seeing comrades die from the harsh experiences he endured. After retiring, Abraxas realized that death is an inevitable curse and the only thing he can do is delay it. Since then has he provided medical services to the people of Malmar, using his knowledge and Dr. Pozel's techniques to help out the old and sick. Realizing the financial troubles and the request for new knowledge did Abraxas sought out new solutions; a company. His Special Skills/Attributes include being an exceptional craftsman, as well as possessing advanced biomedical and scientific training.
  • The Alcoholic: Played to a depressing degree once the Malmarian War ended.
  • Combat Medic: Was one during his time with the Malmarian Heer and still is with the Muramasa.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Pretty evident considering his quotes:
    Vakarus: Yanim'atvan will want a full scan of our new guest, Healing-one.
    Abraxas: I'll keep that in mind obnoxious-one.
  • Dr. Jerk: Has no problem telling people to go away or perhaps in Vakarus's case even mock them for their personality. Nevertheless as a Physician he still does his job of healing the injured.
  • Fantastic Racism: He seems to dislike Humans when Amelia comes at his table on the first day.
  • Gas Mask, Longcoat: Wears a gas mask and a trench coat out of necessity there might be a spread of disease and other hazardous dangers. It's revealed this part of apparel is standard issued across the Malmarian Heer where they would dig trenches and avoid chemical barrages.
  • Good Is Not Nice: He'll often act rude to patients and other allies but in the end, he's just as willing to save those people as well.
  • Good Old Ways: Unlike the others who use advanced technology, Abraxas would rather use old fashioned items such as potions instead of nanogel, not to mention the fact he uses musket like guns to fight.
  • Hyper-Awareness: As a Malmarian, his perception is usually higher than the average person. As demonstrated he regularly eavesdrops on conversations.
  • I Call Her "Vera": He calls his musket like gun Annabelle during his preparation to rescue Yanim.
  • Jerkass
  • The Lost Lenore: Anna is long dead by the time the game begins and is heavily implied Abraxas chooses not to kill after doing a mercy kill on her.
  • Mercy Kill: Performed this on his wife in order to stop the overwhelming pain from the injuries she sustained.
  • Non-Lethal Warfare: Instead of using lethal guns like other crew members he opts to use non lethal guns such as Annabelle and stun weapons. Oddly, he's the only character in the universe shown so far to only use non lethal force.
  • Noodle Incident: We never find out what was depicted in the wars Abraxas experiences during his time in the Heer. However, judging by his state after the war, it's implied it wasn't pretty.
  • Opt Out: Abraxas decides to leave the Company in order to deal with his personal problems.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Even the days in the Malmarian War is still preventing him from moving on.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Rather than kill people and as a doctor he promises himself never to kill again after his time at the Malmarian Heer. Using non lethal weapons as an alternative to killing.

    Vakarus Va'un 
Gunner. Vakarus is a Vak'r. Two years ago, he was a champion of the Vak'r. Being a part of House Va'un, the oldest of families within the Vak'r society, gave him many benefits, one of which was the ability to rally most of the Vak'r and instigate a ethnic cleansing directed at the neighboring people, the smaller Gad'r. After having massacred a good portion of the Gad'r forces and with their capital in sight, the invasion was put to a halt as a ship from the Ayr Empire, a vast civilization who had taken it upon themselves to protect worlds within their territory, appeared. Having broken a key rule of the Ayr guidelines in place to enforce stability and security, the Vak'r forces were disarmed and Vakarus was sentenced to exile. After being randomly warped, per exile standard, Vakarus met the crew of the Terika-Belladonna Company and was allowed to join them. A lot of time has passed since then and now Vakarus has abandoned his old ideas of reclaiming his former title, as his time in exile have given him a lot of perspective on things. These days, he's busy exploring the galaxy with his newfound friends, as every new day holds another promise of adventure. His Special Skills/Attributes include the ability to supercharge energy-based weapons once per battle, and mastery of a ancient Vak'r martial art dedicated to polearms and staffs.

    Yuga Shuur 
Navigator, as well as a former Merchant Captain. Yuga is a Ayr. Born into the low house of Shuur, she learned to take what she wanted and not leaving anything to chance. After graduating at the top of her class from the Aviation Guild's navigator program, she applied to the Imperial Trade Consortium. As a navigator on a merchant ship over the next few years, her natural talent for trade and commerce started to appear and soon, she was the highly regarded captain of her very own ship. Yet, this was not enough, for "Kapu Djizaibo" had her goals set higher. Yuga recently resigned from the ITC and went freelancing in order to accumulate wealth and influence without being bound by the ITC's rules and guidelines and to elevate her house within the Ayr hierarchy. Her Special Skills/Attributes include always having 1 successful roll when rolling for persuasion chance.

    Johannes van der Meijde 
Mercenary. Johannes is a genetically modified Human. Born on Terra in the Netherlands, near to the border with Germany, he was raised by his birth parents, Arwen and Elisabeth, who encouraged him to pick up extracurricular activities in his local school. Growing up, he played football and rugby for his school's team, and learned to play the Cello. At the age of 18, he enlisted in the Koninklijke Marine Korps Mariniers and, after completing basic training and specialized training, ended up in the 23rd Airborne Raiding Squadron. He saw a good deal of combat both on and off Terra, and his competency eventually caught the eye of a larger PMC, Vermaak 88, whom contracted him as soon as his enlistment was up. After a series of more intense training than most national armed forces would see, Johannes made a name for himself within the Vermaak as being especially efficient to a point of almost robotic ruthlessness. It was sometime around the year 2230 that he signed a waiver to be a test subject for a new "Augmented Soldier" program initiated by Vermaak 88. The project, which would eventually come to be known as "Operation Permafrost", radically changed Johannes physiology. His homeostasis was arrested, and his body augmented to thrive at a much lower body temperature (in the range of 5 - 8 celsius) and made to produce a new, highly experimental Biochemical super-refrigerant, which until this point had been highly difficult to synthesize in a laboratory setting as it needed certain biological catalysts. New organs were grown from Johannes' stem cells and implanted within his body, along with biosynthetic teflon arteries to channel the produced compounds to his palms and feet. His nervous system was implanted with electrostimulants to improve reaction time, and the majority of his thinner bones were reinforced with a tungsten alloy to improve strength. In addition to the augmentations, a new form of combat armor was designed for him (pictured above) which enabled him to further weaponize and project the new biochemicals he produced. In addition to standard HUD displays and targeting computers within the helmet, the suit's back unit houses a high-efficiency condenser unit which draws ambient moisture from the air and keeps it in a super cooled liquid state, as well as a large reserve of liquid Galinstan metal. At will, Johannes can direct the suit a combination of both through ducting in his gloves or boots, which mix with the biochemical refrigerant to create superhardened ice/metal alloy, usable as shielding, weaponry, or even spread along the floor under his boots to enable 'skating'. Shortly after humanity began exploring the galaxy in 2232, Johannes was put into cryosleep for an undisclosed reason, presumably to preserve him to recreate the procedure. He was not woken until 2382, 150 years later, when a ship transporting his cryopod was attacked by pirate raiders and taken over. The raiders ended up waking him up, and in his confused post-stasis state, managed to convince him he was part of their crew. His Special Skills/Attributes include Proto-Cryokinesis.

    Maddox "Mad" Graves 
Enginner, specifically an armorer, as well as weapon smith. Maddox is a Human. A former combat-engineer within the SDF auxiliaries, he grew up on a neighboring colony called Novithus, prized for its high-quality metal construction. By the age of eight, he knew how to use over a hundred different tools, something which played a key role later on in his life when Novithus was the victim of a organized raiding campaign conducted by a large group of pirates. Being twenty at the time, he volunteered to the SDF auxiliaries alongside most novithians to defend their homes. During the defense Maddox was tasked with the maintenance and reparations of weapons, armor and even vehicles due to his already extensive knowledge. Skip ahead a few years and Maddox had traveled a good portion of the galaxy, exchanging his knowledge with others of his trade to learn even more. Looking for his next big gig he replied to a offer given by the Terika-Belladonna Company. His Special Skills/Attributes include extended knowledge on how to create, manufacture and maintain weapons and armor of varying types and sizes, meaning characters who use a weapon manufactured by Maddox get bonus damage.

The Crew of the Aurikha

    Mattheus Badaloni 
Engineer on the Muramasa, training on the Aurikha. Mattheus is a Human. He was born on an offworld called Germania, grew up in what you could call the "lower middle class" back on Terra. As a kid, he would often take appliances apart and put them back together for fun. Was always top of his class in science, math, and engineering classes, at least of the little available classes on Germania. At the age of 18, he set out on a freighter, looking for greater schools to continue his studies. He traveled from planet to planet, taking in as much knowledge as he possibly could with what little money he had on him. He quickly developed a great skill at propulsion and running ship engines and repairing on the fly. Life wasn't always easy. Growing up to a drunk father, an absent mother, and being bullied during school left its mark on him. He learned how to fend for himself, as well as make money any way he could, usually through the means of odd jobs on his travels. He currently finds himself on Virtue, a little shithole in the middle of nowhere. He just finished a freighter job and is currently trying to put together some of his studies. He began noticing similarities in engine designs and theory. He feels like he is on to something big and is ready to head out into the galaxy to uncover the next big scientific advancement. His Special Skills/Attributes include being a master repairer, as he can fix any engine and get the most out of it, as well as being good at adapting on the go, with a keen eye for self preservation.
  • Put on a Bus: Being too inexperienced with this sort of business to be of any help, he, along with Waldo, were brought along to the Aurikha carrier for additional training.

    Waldo Bernstein 
Navigator on the Muramasa, training on the Aurikha. Waldo is a Human. He lived an average life, being the son of two successful bankers on Terra. When he graduated, he moved on to law school to get a stable job. Here, he gained a strong gambling addiction. After flunking out of law school due to heavy focus on his gambling addiction, Bernstein began working at a restaurant in Toronto. While he was in Toronto, he took night classes about space navigation, picking up the knowledge with ease. After a few years of working at the restaurant at a bit above minimum wage, his parents died in a terrible plane crash. He was surprised to find they had spent all their money on useless bullshit, leaving him barely enough to get a flight to Luna. He went to Luna in an attempt to get rich at a nice casino there his friend told him about, but obviously that did not work. With little money and needing cash to buy more cigarettes, he did what any man would do and decided to put his navigation skills to use and join a ship crew. His Special Skills/Attributes include being a good liar, as he has developed a skill for telling lies after years of dodging bookies and hanging out in casinos.
  • Put on a Bus: Being too inexperienced with this sort of business to be of any help, he, along with Mattheus, were brought along to the Aurikha carrier for additional training.

Non-Player Members

Constantine is a Human.
    Arkadam Sidikan 
Mercenary on the Cataract. Arkadam is a Kanad. For Arkadam's tropes from when he appeared in the last part, look for the State Security folder on the Journey Across the Galaxy page.

The Former Crew of the Cataract

    Istasha Kel'Sselik 
Combat Engineer on the Cataract. Istasha is a Ivtashk Sselik, from the family of Kel. Born on her people's homeworld, Iyrcarro, on the continent of Ivta, home of the Ivtashk sub-species of Sselik. This particular sub-species of Sselik is known as being the most intelligent of all Sselik groups, generally taller than all others except the Kovher, but more agile and dextrous with less physical strength. She was born to in the 43rd Clutch of the Family of Kel, one of the shorter Ivtashk bloodlines but also one of the most successful considering their shorter generational length. At the age of 15, when her species reaches maturity, she left home with two of her cousins (both Ivtashk) and three other Sselik (two Kovher and a Barhtak) on a ship won in a gambling match. A small Corvette, they used it to establish themselves as dependable contractors, mostly handling courier and salvage jobs. After a few years, they upgraded to a Heavy Cruiser and hired on a larger crew of Sselik. Dissatisfied with the decreasing number of courier jobs, the crew began to work more salvage jobs and began making unsavory contacts to get more work, most of which was "under the table". It wasn't long until they had turned to outright piracy and forced salvage, ambushing freighters and civilian ships, looting all they could, and often tearing everything of value off the ship that wouldn't render it inoperable before leaving. They, however, prided themselves in never killing anyone unless absolutely necessary. It was about this time that they were salvaging an ancient derelict Terran ship, found 'dead in the water', adrift for over a hundred years, where they found a Cryopod with a very strange human inside. Johannes Van Der Meijde. This was three years ago. Roughly 6 months ago, Istasha transferred to the Cataract as one of the ship's combat engineers, up until the ship was bought by Yanim. Her Special Skills/Attributes include Sapper, which means she has a double chance roll to all explosive rolls, and Ivtashk Ingenuity, which means triple contribution to all non-combat collaborative rolls.

Non-Player Members

    Pharrell Sharpe 
Captain on the Cataract. Pharrell is a Human.
    Gaokah Prima 
Navigator and Pilot on the Cataract. Gaokah is a Serek. She is the First Officer.
    Reece Conroy 
Mercenary on the Cataract. Reece is a Human.
    Ravis Myvaz 
Mercenary on the Cataract. Ravis is a Lirya.
    Melody Sycamore 
Physician on the Cataract.
    Wilson Reilly 
Mercenary on the Cataract. Wilson is a Human.
    Rey Pryor 
Engineer on the Cataract.

Non-TBC Characters

The current, and missing, leader of the Children of God cult after he led a coup to depose of the previous leader. Chemosh is an artisynth, a synthetic species designed to be nothing more than glorified lab rats. As one of the elite members of Co G, he constantly preached to his people how they were above humans and they ought to slaughter them as their god demanded them to.

The single-named leader of the Selovehan United Labor Party.



A melora and quartermaster general for the Selovehan United Labor Party.

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