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There are Unmarked spoilers below, you have been warned.

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Quarries make up the bulk of the hunts within Kingdom Death, being the monsters that survivors actively seek out and hunt for resources. All quarries have three different levels of power that determine not only their statistics and special traits, but the quality of the rewards they provide upon defeat.

White Lion

The first quarry that survivors encounter in the base game, the White Lion serves both as an introductory fight and the source of materials for many early game items. The White Lion appears at first to be in stark contrast with the bizarre horror of the other monsters in the game, but further encounters and closer inspection will reveal the strange human-like hands it has for front-paws, and the apparent sapience it possesses, as well as hints at a lost civilization of White Lions.

Screaming Antelope

The second quarry survivors encounter in the base game. The Screaming Antelope acts similarly to a startled herbivore in combat to contrast the White Lion's predatory nature. The Screaming Antelope is notable not only for its size, but for the massive, toothy maw that runs along the length of its underbelly, and the small grabbing hands that line it, seeking to draw in anything or anyone that gets too close.


The third and final quarry survivors encounter in the base game. It is significantly more powerful than the earlier quarries. The phoenix is a massive beast possessed of reasoning and apparent control over time, able to see into the future, selectively age, or de-age its opponents and teleport around the combat arena at will.


An expansion monster that can be fought from the first year onwards, replacing the White Lion. An enormous fusion of a pachyderm, angler fish and human infant, the Gorm provides an encounter as horrific as its grotesque appearance.


An enormous forest dwelling spider-like creature that uses a human corpse as a lure for its prey, the Spidicules is an expansion monster that replaces the Screaming Antelope.

Flower Knight

The first of Kingdom Death's many Knight expansions, the graceful Flower Knights patrol and protect the abyssal woods from threats to its ecosystem. The Flower Knight fights from within a mystical fairy ring that can increase its martial power.


Bizarre and unsettling in appearance, the light-producing sunstalkers usually live high in the clouds of the Kingdom Death world. They serve as a powerful quarry that can manipulate light and create living shadows, as well as provide exceptionally strong weapons and armour. In the "People of the Sun" campaign a special Sunstalker serves as the final encounter.

Dragon King

An enormous wyvern hosting a radioactive core within its exposed rib cage, the Dragon King is currently the largest monster model in Kingdom Death. In the "People of the Stars" campaign, a unique Dragon King serves as the final encounter.



Nemesis monsters are brutal beings that attack settlements directly.

The Butcher

The first Nemesis in the base game. The Butcher is a survivor from outside the settlement who lost their mind, first forsaking their own people, and then becoming consumed with fear and insanity until only a pure white-hot rage was left. Decked in heavy armor and wielding massive, axe-like cleavers, the Butcher is reminiscent of slasher villains, appearing suddenly to brutally mutilate the defenders of the settlement, or else raid and empty their resources for his own use. The Butcher is covered in stolen lanterns, which have in turn, the faces of their former owners draped over them like shawls.
  • Battle Trophy: He keeps the lanterns of every survivor he kills, each bearing the skinned face of its previous owner.
  • Was Once a Man: Originally just another human survivor, until he went insane and somehow became a huge bestial humanoid.

The Kingsman

Encountered soon after the Butcher, a troop of armored soldiers arrive in the settlement, seemingly taking census and brutally punishing the settlement if there are too many survivors, rounding up the strongest and the bravest for culling. Or potentially aiding the settlement instead, providing resources to encourage their brutal lifestyle. Regardless, a lone Kingsman will arrive some years after to engage the strongest survivors in combat. Although outwardly human in appearance, the Kingsman slowly reveals itself during the battle to be otherworldly, the finishing blow revealing that the armor was empty the entire time.

The Hand

Presumably, the Hand of the King. The Hand is one of the most powerful and unusual combatants in the game. The Hand sees through the eyes of all the Kingsmen, and it is for this reason that he arrives at the settlement, first to visit it personally. He then proceeds to pass judgement on it, killing survivors or destroying resources as he wills, unless the settlement cleaves towards a particularly brutal lifestyle, where he may instead provide various benefits before leaving. On his return, despite being fully willing to kill, the Hand sees the battle that ensues as more of a test, or tempering of the settlement, applauding the survivors as they do well, and feigning weakness and injury at times to give them advantages.

The Man Hunter

The Lion Knight

The Slender Man

Yes, THAT one.

The Tyrant

A special Nemesis monster found in the Dragon King expansion, to be used in the "People of the Stars" alternate campaign.

    Final Bosses 

The final bosses of each campaign function similarly to nemesis fights, though you will only ever fight them once on the final lantern year.

The Watcher

The Gold Smoke Knight


Twilight Order

White Speakers

Bone Witches

Great Game Hunters

The Gambler

The Scribe

The Ethereal Dreamer


The Goblin

The Golden Entity


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