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Note: Be wary of unmarked spoilers!

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    Male Characters 


Super High School Level Good Luck

A normal boy whose name gets drawn in a lottery for the title of Super High School Level Good Luck in the prestigious school of Axiom Science, only to be stuck in the school of mutual killing with his 36 classmates. Absolutely average in every way, except his levels of optimism are terribly over the top at times. A kindhearted soul, he tends to exaggerate things when he thinks about them, and sometimes questions if Despair Science High School is really happening.

He is the only one without a roommate.

  • Born Lucky: Well, he is Super High School Level Good Luck.
    • Also probably the only one who doesn't jump to conclusions immediately and attempts to stab someone because they think that said person murdered a person.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Oftentimes has to have Shadow Marc point it out to him through yelling at him before he declares it out loud in a trial. Other times, however, has him being one of the more perceptive people of the group.
  • Idiot Hair: Strangely enough, his is tilted and juts out at an angle without need for styling. He can't explain it either.
  • Ordinary High-School Student: Besides his 'extraordinary' optimism, anyway, Marc is quite possibly the most ordinary student there, despite his tendencies to ramble about his classmates internally.
  • Ridiculously Average Guy: What's to be expected from a SHSL Good Luck student?
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Comments that his extraordinary optimism is probably one of the few noteworthy things about himself.


Super High School Level Secret Agent

Dave is small but terrible, both in attitude and flirting towards girls. He's one of the few students with next to zero entries about him on the Internet, and as such, his existence is a myth to everyone except the administration of Axiom Science (and his fellow students, of course). He is the final victim in the third murder, having been crucified on the map in the library with his roommate.

His roommate is Nazarina.


Super High School Level Attorney

Justine's skill in locating various loopholes in mostly everything is what brought him into Axiom Science in the first place, but quite frankly he doesn't care; if nobody bothers him, it's completely fine with him. His temper is as hot as lava, however: mess with him (and anybody he cares about dearly) and he will go completely psycho.

His roommate is Mikaela.

  • Big Brother Instinct: Towards Rosemary, of all people. Pretty much the main reason why he hates Reymon so much.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Possesses white bordering silver hair and silver eyes, most of the time.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: His silver eyes turn red and glow when he's mad.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Illustrated in his student card, one of few currently illustrated.
  • Shirtless Scene: No, he didnít have an attractive torso, to get that out of the way. It's still unexplained as to why he took it off, but it most likely involves him performing whatever process he did on Mika during an earlier chapter to Ina.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: While not blood-related, is very much this to Rosemary. His quiet and generally unfriendly personality is the opposite of Rosemary's generally friendly and outgoing personality.


Super High School Level Gamer

Wilson's short temper is mainly due to his internalized rage at one particular game that he simply cannot do as well at: the notorious Flappy Bird. He, however, overexcels at every other game, so it's a fair tradeoff. Mostly. He isn't particularly fond of smug people.

His roommate is Bismarck.

  • Luminescent Blush: Chapter 25, while trying to apologize to Marc for punching him in the face the first time they met.


Super High School Level Gourmet

A boy who looks very similar to a walking talking teddy bear with an (allegedly) adorable grin. Nathan enjoys food to the point that he knows if someone tried copying a recipe or made their own touches to it. He doesn't like fighting either. He is the third victim in the third murder, having been poisoned and his guts spilled out while being crucified to a map in a History classroom in the Bordner building.

His roommate is Arah.

  • Big Eater: Well, he isn't the SHSL Gourmet for nothing, really. He's still rather picky, however.


Super High School Level Basketball Star

A boy whose face is almost always hidden inside a conical collar thing, you can never be sure if he's smiling or not. He has his own signature move in basketball, and he doesn't speak much. Marc doesn't know him that well.

His roommate is Ellianna.

  • Collared by Fashion: Mentioned many times, despite not being illustrated as of yet. Seems to double as an incognito drink container when lined with plastic.


Super High School Level President

Eugene is a tall hulk of a student, and as such, his authority is uncontested next to Dara's. His leadership mainly revolves around making decisions with the SHSL Leader, or with his Secretary.

His roommate is Dara.


Super High School Level DJ

Terribly loud and friendly, but sometimes subdued. Joshua's skills on the turntables are unmatched all over the world, and not many people can match up to his rapping skills. He is the culprit in the first murder, having murdered Aiel with a chair leg, Arfel with a scalpel, and Hunny with mirror shards.

His roommate is Paula.

  • Accidental Murder: In truth, he didn't mean to kill Aiel. He was supposed to stop her from killing him, but ended up getting her stabbed instead.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: His execution has him bound to a large record on a large turntable, turning around until the needle hits a spot below his ribs. Once it hits, the record continues to spin, effectively but crudely cutting him in half and spilling out his internal organs onto the record.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: After his execution.
  • Hidden Eyes: Is drawn with such, and is one of the traits mainly associated with him to the point that in-universe, it is mentioned that he 'opens his eyes for the first and last time' at the end of his execution.


Super High School Level Swimmer

A boy who tends to jump to conclusions as fast as he jumps off a diving board. His gold medal winning skills in swimming are contested only by the SHSL Swimmer in Japan.

  • Youthful Freckles: Though never discussed, official drawings from the author reveal that he has these.

His roommate is Andrea.


Super High School Level Singer

A boy who attracted a very large fanbase of both genders and all ages. James worries a lot about people who he deems close to him, and is known to be capable of lifting up a person easily.

His roommate is Shanayah.

  • Even the Guys Want Him: If Marc's description of him is anything to base off of, his status as SHSL Singer has garnered him a multitude of fans, boys and girls alike.


Super High School Level Translator

Generally presented as a stuck-up prick, Charles has mastered all the languages in the world and is currently working on translating many of the most loved books in the world in all the languages with the SHSL Writer.

His roommate is Bea.

  • Character Tic: Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Marc would really like to rip them off his face.
  • I'm Not Here to Make Friends: His first appearance makes this very clear enough. He ends up befriending Bea and Mika, surprisingly.
  • Stoic Spectacles: He pushes them up almost every other minute when making a point.

    Female Characters 


Super High School Level Princess

The princess of the obscure country of Palekaiko, Daenna's English is good, but a tad bit old-fashioned. As the next in line to the throne, she tries to put all her lessons on peacemaking to use by using her position as princess to establish peace and order... though she doesn't really like doing so, because she feels that it's abusing her power.

Her roommate is Reymon.


Super High School Level Photographer

Ellianna shares her title with the SHSL Photographer in Japan, and because of this she wants to be recognized for something else. However, since she entered the school with this title, she cannot. She continues to be enthusiastic about photography and drumming, however. She is the culprit in the second murder, having mutilated Andrea's face and slit her throat, gouging out Joan's eyes with drumsticks, and hitting Dara on the back of the head with a saxophone.

Her roommate is Arvin.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Trapped inside a drum and made to bounce inside while the drum is being played, most likely damaging her hearing. Once the drum falls apart, she is only given moments to comprehend it before a pair of cymbals smash her into bits, and pictures and articles about her death fall from the sky.
  • Improbable Weapon User: She used a saxophone to smash the back of Dara's head in. Granted, that was one of the few weapons she could use to bludgeon someone in the area, but still.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Arah expresses her suspicions to Marc regarding Ellianna's odd behavior in a chapter prior to a murder. She ends up being revealed as the killer.


Super High School Level Dark Magician

One of the world's most reknowned 'psychics' and 'mediums', whose ability to move things with her mind seems pretty unrealistic. Mika is rash, oftentimes quick to lose her temper, but values close relationships, and sees the appeal in having friendships.

Her roommate is Justine.

  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Her whole wardrobe consists of the same black poofy dresses (they have petticoats, most likely) with Giant Poofy Sleeves.
    • Makes sense, since Monocat stocked all of the students with copies of their main outfit.
  • Goth: As seen in her introduction card.
    • Also called out by her reflection in the second trial.
  • Hime Cut: Never seen with her hair down, but it can be inferred from what you can pick up from Justine's descriptions.
  • Kill It with Fire: Gets set on fire by Monocat before the investigation for the first murder because 'harming the principal is against the rules'. She gets better, though.
  • Purple Is Powerful: The faint glow that indicates whenever she is using at least a little of her 'dark magic' is purple.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Mentioned in passing to be lasagna.
  • Tsundere: Is more or less this to James. Lampshaded by Justine during the blackout when he mocks what may or may not be a little lovestruck spiel from her.


Super High School Level Secretary

Elegant and refined, Arah's tone is always light, but her words are (most of the time) serious. She dislikes fighting as much as the next person, and is quite willing to pass on the talent of peacemaking to anyone who asks. Her diligence in keeping facts up to date is what landed her the title.

Her roommate is Nathan.

  • Sexy Secretary: Formerly to Daenna and Nahangel, and currently this to Eugene.


Super High School Level Artist

Andrea was nominated for three different titles before she was given the title of Artist, and quite frankly she admits that she would've done better as a Baker. However, her art skills are to die for, and her name is recognized around many art appreciation circles. She is the first victim in the second murder, with her throat slit and her face marred almost beyond recognition.

Her roommate is Kyle.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: You know, they only needed to slit her throat to kill her, but her face was mutilated further until it was barely recognizable.


Super High School Level Baker

Timid and unable to say a harsh word about anybody, Ana is described to be better off as a Cake Decorator than a Baker, but she is great in the kitchen as well, so nobody complains. She doesn't like conflict, and will wail whenever something bad happens.

Her roommate is Aiel.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: During the second trial. Who can blame her, really? A classmate almost stabbed her in the gut, she had evidence pointing to her as a murderer found in her pocket, had one of her classmates talk shit about her and formulating an entire 'how did she do it' spiel based off said evidence and others, only to find out that the actual murderer had attempted to frame her for the gruesome murders. As an aftereffect, she manages to slap Kyle after the trial for all of that. She gets better, though.


Super High School Level Leader

Headstrong, pretty, but a little short, Dara is the greatest Leader around, and would've made for a great Motivational Speaker too. She wants everyone to stay alive, and believes that if they bond, they can forge stronger relationships and that will prevent killings from happening. She is the third victim in the second murder, having had a saxophone smack into the back of her head.

Her roommate is Eugene.


Super High School Level Therapist

A fiery-haired girl with an obsession with blue, it's actually a given that Rosemary loves the sky. And Reymon. But that's not the important part here. She knows how to probe the human mind into saying all she needs to know, and sometimes it's so unexpected that people only realize it when she's already long gone.

Her roommate is Jenita.—-

  • Genki Girl: While not as much as her roommate, Rosemary's frequent exhaustion of her peers with her neverending energy makes her fall under this.
  • Shipper on Deck: Definitely. As revealed in her Free Time Event, she keeps a list of ships on her clipboard.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: While not blood-related, is very much this to Justine. His quiet and generally unfriendly personality is the opposite of Rosemary's generally friendly and outgoing personality.


Super High School Level Friend

Friendly, bubbly, and considered cute, Aiel knows how to bring a smile to everyone's face, and was once mentioned to be one of the few things preventing another World War from breaking out all over the planet. Her eyes are unsettling if you stare into them for too long. She is the first victim in the first murder, having had a rusty chair leg stabbed through her chest.

Her roommate is Ana.

  • Curtains Match the Window: Has carnation pink hair and pink eyes.
  • Couldn't Find a Pen: She writes JOSH on the wall behind her with her own blood, but ends up only writing JO before permanently dying.
  • Freak Out: Happens after seeing Monocat's first motive: a video showing a straight out massacre of the Pardilla family.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Actually a given, seeing as that it's her title. It doesn't stop her from attempting murder, however.
  • The Lost Lenore: Marc thinks about her a lot. And we do mean a LOT.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: It's fairly obvious that Aiel was meant as a set up love interest to Marc before getting offed in the first murder.


Super High School Level Ornithologist

Aisley never wanted to be an Ornithologist, but once she discovered her secret talent for it, she was taken in under said title, and couldn't fight it anymore, so she learned to live with it. Because of this she has adapted many odd habits, such as ingesting barbecue sauce and perching on things. She is the first victim in the third murder, having been speared and then crucified in a History room in the Maceda building.

Her roommate is Joan.

  • Boyish Short Hair: Only seen so far on the creator's blog doodles.
  • Shout-Out: Only seen on the creator's blog so far, but otherwise Aisley herself is a direct shoutout to Homestuck, with her Libra shirt.


Super High School Level Fangirl

A girl who's transcended the levels of 'abnormally normal' to become the Super High School Level Fangirl, her life is literally a huge mashup of references, at least, in her opinion. Nobody except for her roommate has seen her face - they can only see two mismatched eyes and a wide smile. She is the murderer in the third trial, having killed Nathan, Juneth, Dave and Aisley.

Her roommate is Rosemary.

  • Cat Girl: Not literally - her cloak's hood has two points that resemble cat ears, and there is a blue furred mechanical tail attached to her rear. She also wears 'clawntlets' - claw gauntlets.
    • Purely for cosplay, of course.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: Literally one of the only things anybody can see when her hood is up.
  • FaceĖHeel Turn: States it herself, though Paula insists otherwise.
  • Genki Girl: Absolutely. She and her roommate Rosemary both fall under this category, which may be the reason they get along so well.
  • Nothing Up My Sleeve: The presence of her long sleeves hide the fact that she carries around dangerous blades as a cosplay item.
  • Technicolor Eyes: One green and one blue one.
  • Wolverine Claws: On her gauntlets. She wears them purely for cosplay purposes.


Super High School Level Mathematician

The smallest in the class, but also one of the few with a mean punching hand, Ina's intellect has been compared to a supercomputer. Given a few hours, and she can solve about fifty algebraic equations of impossible length. She is a bit hotheaded when it comes to her roommate.

Her roommate is Dave.

  • Child Prodigy: Is technically not a teen yet, compared to the rest of the class. She's got a few weeks until she turns thirteen.



The dual-colored robot cat who declared herself the 'principal' of Despair Science High School. Cat puns are her favorite to use, although she claims she isn't copying Jenita.

    Other People 

Shadow/Reflection Marc

Super High School Level Good Luck

A reflection borne from one of Monocat's motives, he first appeared in the second trial as both a helper and a hindrance. After the second trial he remained in Marc's mind, offering him advice whenever he could.

  • Meta Guy: Probably the most meta one in the whole story. Either that, or it's him wildly guessing.