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Collared by Fashion

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Neck turning is optional.

When a collar, may it be the dog collar or the one on clothes, is so large that we cannot see their neck. Showing their neck otherwise is Fanservice. The collar might just be a Regal Ruff.

Not to be confused with Ring Around the Collar, which was done in order for the the animation to be cheaper. There is some overlap, however. Should also not be confused with Slave Collar.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Harribel in Bleach. Funny thing is that her outfit doesn't cover much else.
  • BNA: Brand New Animal: Shirou, a wolf Beastman, wears a leather dog collar even in human form. It turns out to cover his scar from being nearly beheaded, and acts as a bit of a Power Limiter for his giant form.
  • Buso Renkin: The coat of Captain Bravo's Silver Skin buso renkin has such a high colour that, when pulled up straight, it almost reaches the brim of his hat. The Warrior Chief uses this as a means to hide his identity, in place of the mask part of the more traditional Coat, Hat, Mask ensemble.
  • Sasuke's first outfit in Naruto.
  • In DearS, the alien "Ren", as well as other aliens in the series, wear very large metallic collars around their necks, as they are slaves.
  • The angelic characters of Heaven's Lost Property have large collars/leashes around their necks.
  • Mamoru Onodera of Deadline Summoner is the master of a Werewolf who wears one, and little besides.
  • In Today's Cerberus, Cerberus wears a dog collar with a chain attached, even in human form. The color of the collar is determined by the personality in control. Kuro's is red, Shirogane's is green, and Roze's is blue.

    Comic Books, Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 
  • Fate of the Clans: Cú Chulainn Alter has a much larger one than before, covering over half his neck.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Turning Red, Sun Yee wears traditional Chinese clothing which includes a high collar.

  • William Shakespeare is often depicted in one of these.
  • The high starched and tight collar stocks of Napoleonic military uniform come in for this too: it is remarked upon a lot in Jane Austen heros.

    Live Action TV 
  • Our Miss Brooks:
    • Walter Denton wears a large frilled collar when he dresses as Romeo for "The Festival".
    • Mr. Boynton wears a Sir Walter Raleigh costume with a frilled collar in "Madison Country Club". Mr. Boynton again affects a frilled collar when he dresses as Prince Charming for the masquerade ball in "Oh Dem Gold Shoes".
  • Blackadder II: There was an episode where Percy Percy wore a gigantic collar because (he said) it was fashionable.
    • He then showed up with a smaller collar because the fashionable trend was toward the tiny. Blackadder retorted that he had the most fashionable brain then.
  • Doctor Who met William Shakespeare in the episode "The Shakespeare Code." When Will complained about having neck pains, the Doctor puts one of the big frilly collars around his neck. Will mentions it stops his neck pain. The Doctor then advises him to stop rubbing his head or he'll go bald. Too bad on that one!
  • The high starched and tight collar stocks of Napoleonic military uniform come in for this too: it is a feature in costume dramas and adaptations of the Jane Austen type. When Mr Darcy loosens his collar it's Fanservice for the Estrogen Brigade.
  • Sharpe: Sean Bean shucking off his uniform is Fanservice to many viewers.

    Video Games 


    Western Animation 
  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode "Runaway Runway," a famous fashion designer's latest dress involves a collar so tall that "only someone with a freakishly long neck could fit into it." None of his models fit the bill, but Candace is a perfect match.
  • Duncan and his spiked dog collar in Total Drama, who also never takes it off. Somewhat justified by the simplistic animation style.

    Real Life 
  • Posture collars, now almost exclusively an element of BDSM.
  • Some Ruff collars.