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YMMV / Kepler Ronpa

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: If the few comments are anything to base off on, it's Arfel. The main reason might be because his title is SHSL Otaku, but by this point that'd be just WMG.
  • Ho Yay: Having Nahangel and Bonn in the same chapter in the same room together is bound to lead to scenes that heavily imply this trope.
    • An excerpt from Chapter 10:
    Marc (narrating): Bonn rolled up his sleeves, growling, before backing up and ramming into the door... or at least, he was supposed to ram into the door. Justine had opened the door at just the right moment, and Bonn ended up crashing into the bed farthest away from the door, groaning. Ana giggled nervously as Nahangel rushed to Bonnís aid, helping him sit up properly while lecturing him on what I assumed was his recklessness. He looked like Bonnís wife; all he needed was an apron.
    • Arah drops this gem during a conversation with Marc in Chapter 24:
    Arah: I observe everyone equally. However, seeing as that the roommate of the Rulebreaker is one of my former employers, or at least, one of the former employers of my family, I tend to get more information than what I deem necessary.
    Arah: Nahangel is very talkative about people he cares about deeply.
    Marc (thinking): Oh.
    • Chapter 26 has Bonn basically losing it when it's implied that Nahangel looked downcast. His exact words sum his reaction up rather well:
    Bonn: God damn it to hell, Angel, donít do that! Yíknow I canít- auuuugh, damn it!
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Marc. Being the protagonist has its benefits, seeing as that he gets to bond with everyone until they die.
  • Toy Ship: Any ship that involves Ina counts as a Toy Ship, seeing as that she's stated to be a year or so younger than the other Kepler students.