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A list of characters that appear within Graduation Hall.

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Future Foundation

    Max Endoso 
The Ultimate Dollmaker
The Fallen Ultimate Karma
Played by EnderEmerald46
The leader of the regiment of the Future Foundation. He's...not entirely there mentally.

  • Adventures in Comaland: The first part of the Second Peace Arc has him returning to his mental dollhouse (mentioned in the Flip Arc) from a mental breakdown.
  • All There in the Manual: Downplayed. Max's last name, Endoso, is only mentioned very early on in the RP. You'd more likely find it here than in the actual roleplay.
  • Butt-Monkey: Ooh boy, where to begin?
    • In the Boat Arc, he suffers brain damage, jumbling his sentences, and gets shot in the leg.
    • And in the Flip Arc, he has his personality flipped, swapped with Kibara, he suffers a skull fracture, and he temporarily loses his perception of reality.
    • And in the Lost Arc, he's nearly killed by Chara, puppeteered by Dels, and is forced into unconsciousness for the entire arc.
    • And in the Revenge Arc, his mind fractures to a point where he goes feral.
    • And in the Despair Arc, Max believes that Kibara's about to die even though they just made up and he can't stop it. Sure, Kibara had a plan and survived, but it had one more low-key effect- it also negated Max killing Dels, one of his only moments of awesome in the entire story.
    • AND IN THE MEMORY ARC, Dels's ghost possesses Max, puppeteering him, causing him to suffer a panic attack. Then he finally loses his mind, and is unable to be the one to get rid of Dels, which somehow breaks him even more. Once Dels is gone, Max collapses and is implied to be near death.
    • AND THEN IN THE SECOND PEACE ARC... just read the Self-Harm entry below. And the The Mentally Disturbed entry.
    • His backstory reveals that he was a loner who lost his mind and was bullied by Kibara. And that isn't even STARTING on what's revealed in the kArmIc Arc.
  • The Chew Toy: In almost every arc something bad happens to him.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: a bit strange. Having schizophrenia can do that to someone.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Implied, until the kArmIc Arc reveals the details of it. He was mocked as a kid for his schizophrenia and pressured by his parents to over-achieve, which is what led to his original mental breakdown and the start of his "dollhouse". Then he is accepted into Hope's Peak, and was stuck in a terrible accident involving a sewing machine that left him bedridden. By the time he got out, he had delusions of a "God of Karma" (Word of God states their name is Xyzotl) and leaves Hope's Peak to make the Church of Karma. Everything is actually great...until the despairs killed every member but him. Then he was turned into a People Puppets despair for an unknown amount of time before escaping. Then he was found by the Future Foundation and the rest is history.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Death Seeker: He's revealed to be one in the Memory Arc, wanting to sacrifice himself to stop Dels. It's also implied that his past mistakes are involved.
  • The Faceless: He's one of the only characters without sprites.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Fuyuhiko.
  • Idiot Hero: Even though he is the leader of the Future Foundation, he tends to do some idiotic things. Like cause Kibara to go insane. Which lead to the Revenge Arc, where Chiaki dies.
  • Ironic Nursery Tune: He has one in the Second Peace Arc:
    he's stuck in the dollhouse
    no doors and no way out
    he's running out of air
    he's gonna die in there...

  • Large Ham
  • Leitmotif: Of all things, the Gamecube startup jingle appears partway into Retribution. It appears at 0:25.
  • Living Doll Collector: While not in the actual roleplay, Word of God said that Max would be one of these if he was a despair instead of a Future Foundation member. When it's revealed that Max was one, it's implied this is his method of killing.
  • Lonely Doll Guy: He is revealed to be one in his backstory. To the extent where he almost turned himself into a doll so he could be with them.
  • The Mentally Disturbed: He's been through three Sanity Slippages within the RP. And the Second Peace Arc reveals that he has schizophrenia.
  • People Puppets: He is one of these until the Peace Arc.
  • The Reveal: In the Second Peace Arc, Hajime diagnoses him as being schizophrenic.
    • The Church of Karma in the kArmIc Arc.
  • Sanity Slippage: Due to everything he's been through, he's been engaging in one. His backstory reveals he's been engaging in one for a while, and he's had three within the roleplay: near the end of the Flip Arc, in the Revenge Arc, and in the Second Peace Arc. This could relate to him having schizophrenia.
  • Self-Harm: He engages in some rather harsh one in the Second Peace Arc- sewing a button to his eye, shaving his hair and sewing yarn onto it, and sewing clothes onto his body.note 
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Push him over the edge and he becomes one of these.
  • Theme Song: Retribution.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: The Peace Arc has absolutely nothing bad happening to him. He's even cured of his People Puppets status!
    • The Doppelganger Arc also contains nothing bad happening to him, Word of God being to make up for what happened in the Second Peace Arc. However...
  • Yank the Dog's Chain:
    • The Peace Arc ends with Kibara, who Max just reconciled with, getting shot, causing him to undergo Sanity Slippage.
    • He still is the ONE person to not get to enjoy the Second Peace Arc because of what happened in the Self-Harm and The Mentally Disturbed entries above.

     Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu 
The Ultimate Yakuza
Played by Days
The Ultimate Yakuza and currently second in command under Max Endoso.

    Toko Fukawa 
The Ultimate Writing Prodigy (Toko)
The Ultimate Serial Killer (Syo)
Played by TruthMan
A socially awkward bookworm who is a stalker and part of the Future Foundation. Toko is the Ultimate Writing Prodigy and she is also the notorious Serial Killer, Genocider Syo.
  • Ax-Crazy: Genocider Syo is this, but not to Kibara's scale.
  • Berserk Button: Saying "Gentle" to Kotoko as Toko tazed herself to turn into Genocider Syo to attack Kazuichi for saying it. Also, harming Togami in any way will result in a nice slice to the balls, just ask Teruteru.
  • Cool Big Sis: Toko and Syo are this to Kotoko.
  • Large Ham: Genocider Syo is this
  • Too Kinky to Torture:
    Syo(after being chained to a wall): Oh Master I didn't know you shared the same fantasies as me~
  • Yandere: Toko/Syo are this to Byakuya

     Kazuichi Soda 
The Ultimate Mechanic
Played by Mrawesomez
  • Out of Focus: After his hand was burned from the acidic material Kibara used to lace the diplomas., The Roleplayer, Mrawesomez, has stopped participating in a while because it is taking him a long time to edit his sprites to give Soda a robot hand.

     Kotoko Utsugi 

     Juzo Sakakura 
The Former Ultimate Boxer
Played by Shiranui
  • Dumb Muscle: He is this from the amount of times he tried to help. But only to make things worse. And from the amount of times he misunderstood things. Not to mention, he is this because he is the Former Ultimate Boxer.

     Chiaki Nanami 
The Ultimate Gamer
Played by Nutkun7993
  • Back from the Dead: After she was killed in the Revenge Arc, Kibara loops time back after making a deal with Dels to save Chiaki.
  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil: During the Memory Arc, Chiaki was tortured by Dels by having her memories be filled with absolute Despair. This in turn made Nanami snap and become more and more blunt and in Despair.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: She does this from time to time, like when she told Dels' spirit to move out of her head (private chat) to talk to everyone (Public Channel)
  • Corrupt the Cutie: During The Memory Arc, Dels corrupted Chiaki's mind. Making her more blunt, aggressive, and Despairful.
  • The Cutie: She is this because she tries to cares about her classmates, especially Hinata-kun.
  • Gamer Chick: She is this, as The Ultimate Gamer.
  • Killed Off for Real: Happened during the Revenge Arc, where Nanami was shot by Dels at point blank range. Until the time loop.
  • The Mentally Disturbed: After her mind was broken from Dels giving her despair and Kibara slapping her for 4 times. She became someone who doesn't care and is clearly mentally disturbed in some way.
  • Turncoat: Switches to the Future Foundation in the Second Peace Arc.

Remnants of Despair

    Dels Kibara 
The Ultimate Psychiatrist
Played by 『Dels|Kibara - 究極の絶望 』(十神 白夜 )
The leader of the Remnants, Ultimate Despair, and the antagonist of the roleplay. Until the end of The Peace Arc.

  • Adventures in Comaland: Happened during the Memory Arc, where Kibara is commentating on everything Dels is doing. Except he forgets about it after he woke up.
  • The Atoner: He is this after the end of the Peace Arc. Where his mind is restored to the Pre-Tragedy state.
  • The Antagonist: Before the end of The Lost Arc, Kibara is the most antagonistic character, with his insane plans, the way he acts and with what he believes.
  • An Arm and a Leg: After his knee was stabbed by Chiaki, he couldn't move his feet anymore. After Chiaki was cured, Kibara asks Hajime to amputate his leg.
  • The Protagonist: After the end of The Lost Arc, Kibara reverted back to his pre-tragedy state. Before he believed in Despair.
  • Ax-Crazy: He is this before the end of the Peace Arc.
  • Big Bad: Because he is the Ultimate Psychiatrist and Ultimate Despair, not to mention, the only despair that is more despairful than anyone. However, after the Peace Arc. He no longer fits this description.
    • Big Good: After Dels was supposedly killed however, he had a change of heart and decided to try to atone for his sins.
  • Driven to Suicide: Happened on several occasions.
  • The Faceless: He, along with Max and another Character. Doesn't use a sprite.
  • Insane No More: At the end of The Lost Arc, Kibara was cured from his insanity and wishes to atone for his sins.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: with possibly Max.
  • Theme Song: Currently doesn't have anything original, so... C-R-O-W-N-E-D
  • Puppetmaster: Is this with Max. Until the end of The Lost Arc, where he cures Max of his puppetry.

     Makoto Naegi 
The Ultimate Lucky Student
Played by Roxas9
  • Born Lucky: Although not as lucky as Nagito, he is this because he is The Ultimate Lucky Student.
  • Out of Focus: Due to the roleplayer, Roxas9, having timezone issues. Makoto is usually out of focus in most of the arcs.
  • The Quiet One: Roxas9, The Roleplayer, is this.

     Kyoko Kirigiri 
The Ultimate Detective
Played by Runa Xandrill
  • Born Detective: She is this, as The Ultimate Detective.
  • Badass Family: The Kirigiri family was a family from a long line of Detectives.
  • The Quiet One: She's usually quiet, but when she speaks her words carry weight.


     Kenshin Yukimura 
The Ultimate Doctor
Played by Days
Drawn by Days
The Ultimate Doctor, he appeared suddenly in the graduation hall and is looking for a friend of his. He is also probably the only good guy to not be apart of either side.
  • Adorkable: He's just so damn polite to everyone.
  • Labcoat of Science and Medicine: He wears one of these
  • Last-Name Basis: He refers to everyone as Miss/Mister [insert last name here] the only person he doesn't refer to as Mister/Miss is Dels because they're an asshole.
  • Meaningful Name: His first name "Kenshin" has characters for humble/modest and trust/believe in reference to his polite and trusting personality.
  • Nice Guy: He's very polite towards pretty much everyone.
    Kenshin (right after Juzo threatens to kill him): Um sorry Mister Sakakura I haven't seen him.
  • Non-Action Guy: He knows nothing about fighting.
  • Only Sane Man: Could qualify, he's the one who questions the insanity the most. Particularly noticeable when Max states he literally doesn't have a brain.
    Max: I lost my mind nothing up there anymore.
    Kenshin: ........ what?

  • The Medic: He's the ultimate doctor making him this by default

Due to a mix-up of pills, 16 peoplenote  are transformed into the opposite gender.


The Ultimate Psychopath
Played by 『Dels|Kibara - 究極の絶望 』(十神 白夜 )
Dels, an unknown Psychopath hellbent on murdering Dels Kibara. Travels with his Partner, Chara.The current antagonist of The Roleplay.

  • Ax-Crazy: Considering his title as "The Ultimate Psychopath", I think this is pretty obvious.
  • Back from the Dead: Happened twice. Once, when a Dels Robot came to kill Kibara. Second, when a Dels Spirit came to possess and mess with everybody.
  • Psycho for Hire: It is implied that Dels and his partner, Chara. Was hired by someone to kill of Kibara.
  • Mask of Sanity: At first, Dels seems to be someone who cares about others and his own mistakes. Except this was revealed to be an act Dels put up after his true intentions was revealed at the end of The Lost Arc.
  • Loon with a Heart of Gold: Subverted. Dels acted as someone who can help, but was instead revealed to be an insane maniac.
  • Puppetmaster: Is this with Max for a while during the Lost Arc.
  • Walking Spoiler: Dels is a walking spoiler. Everything he says or do is and was a spoiler.

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