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In ancient times, a spell was placed upon the walls and moat of Moon Palace to prevent intruders from conquering Palemoon's capital. However, Madruk was able to break this spell and attack the Elves. After the sealing of Madruk, the Elf tribe has worked hard to rebuild their clan. They do so by hiding themselves deep within the great forest. In these ideal surroundings, the Elf tribe is once again beginning to prosper. Under Teiris' direction, they may once again become one of Legendra's dominant kingdoms.


The forest provides the most important products that Palemoon has to offer other nations. These are the kingdom's main sources of income. However, both exports and imports to and from other nations are kept to a minimum. The kingdom's economy tends to be self-sufficient.

Palemoon is located at the far east of Legendra, with access primarily from the west. Its capital, Moon Palace, was built by taking advantage of the natural terrain. By constructing Moon Palace within the area's mountains and lakes, the Elves have turned it into a natural fortress.

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Class: Spirit User
This charming offspring of the Elves possesses an unusually strong magic. Even though she was recently chosen to be Palemoon's queen, she is still unsure of herself. Though her face is that of an angel, it masks the steely resolve to keep Palemoon safe from the surrounding jackals. Do not underestimate the power of her friendship.

This wise old Elf offers support and guidance to Teiris. His advice to Teiris has always proven to be very beneficial.

Class: Knight
This mercenary owes his very life to Teiris. Upon wandering into Palemoon, wounded and barely alive, Teiris took pity on Gulen and healed him. Due to this, he has vowed to serve her until his death.

Class: Priest
Manoa is a devoted priestess who loyally serves the queen. Her strong fighting ability, which is extremely useful against the Undead, makes up for her poor leadership qualities. Cinna of Tristan is her sister.

Class: Fighter
As a high-minded and noble individual, Duran came to Palemoon in the hopes of saving the diminishing Elf tribe. He is a very courageous fighter who has earned the respect of all the Elves, including Teiris herself.

Class: Magician
Despite trying to be a peaceful individual, Reiner was forced to fight in the war. He tends to promote himself as a pacifist, but his magic power and strange dress has proven otherwise.

     Laine's army (Laine, Varshyl, Piper, and Nykvall) 
Class: Spirit User (Laine and Piper), Knight (Varshyl), Fighter (Nykvall)
Laine was a runner up for the title of Queen of Palemoon, and didn't take her loss to Teiris gracefully. Now, she and her group of followers (her fiancee among them) seek to take over Palemoon by force.


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