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Topaz is a religious nation located toward the centre of the continent. It was founded by monks who wanted to devote their time to serving their gods, and purifying their bodies with the martial arts. Its monarch is chosen through an annual martial arts tournament, and all capable men are allowed to compete. The winner is then allowed to rule the kingdom. Understandably, the men of Topaz spend much of their time training their well-defined bodies; still, they only fight when forced to.


The monks of Topaz spend most of their time making fine hand-crafted trinkets, which are then exported. The flat lands are used primarily for growing agricultural products. Imports from other nations are kept to a minimum. The social classes are divided into the rich and poor; there is no middle class.

Located at the centre of the continent, Topaz is easily accessible from all directions. This also presents a tactical nightmare when it comes to organizing a good defence, as invaders can attack from any direction.

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Class: Monk
Solemn and deeply religious, Leon rules his kingdom quietly. It is here that Leon chose to become a monk and pursue the martial arts in order to train both his body and his mind. However, his tacit manner of governing should not be mistaken for weakness. He is a very capable warrior who likes to fight bare-handed when provoked.

Taifon's primary duty is to give Leon battle and strategic updates, as well as any other tactical information deemed necessary.

Class: Fighter
Unable to handle the strict discipline of being a monk, Garyus left Topaz in search of something better. Failing to find anything that made him happy, he returned to Topaz to fight with Leon.

Class: Priest
Despite her rather studious look, Shaia is an outstanding priest. Unlike most priests, who tend only to master healing magic, she has also learned to viciously attack her enemies with magic.

Class: Monk
Due to her natural ability as a martial artist, Yanna was selected to train with the imperial guard. At the tender age of 18, she was selected to instruct others in the martial arts. She is shallow, however, and infatuated with Leon.

Class: Monk
When Raizak enters the battlefield, his very presence strikes fear into his opponents. Gifted with enormous size, he is lacking only in the cranial department. Fortunately, his fighting instincts make up for his deficiencies.

     Liberation Army (Dayn, Kodiak, Myria, and Wriph) 
Class: Monk (Dayn), Samurai (Kodiak), Magician (Myria), Spirit User (Wriph)
A mercenary group that seeks to overthrow Leon as the King of Topaz.

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