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Before Madruk destroyed their home, the inhabitants of Izumo lived on a bow-shaped island near the southeast corner of Legendra. In his rage, Madruk obliterated the island, hoping to destroy all of its inhabitants, but the people fled to the mainland just in time. After the disaster, the people of Izumo rebuilt their island paradise on the mainland. Always shrouded in secrecy, Izumo forgoes dealings with the other nations. They are a unique people whose lives are strictly dictated by ancient traditions.


The forestry and fishing industries, which are controlled by the government, are Izumo's main sources of income. Very few agricultural products are produced locally. Most agricultural and manufactured items are imported from other countries. The social classes are divided evenly among the rich, middle, and poor.

Located at the west side of Legendra, Izumo is surrounded by mountains to the east and the ocean to the west. Bozack poses some danger from the south, but the real threat comes from Goldark and his Fandaria Empire located to the north.

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Class: Samurai
Discontent with life as the king's son, Mikhal left Izumo to wander the land of Legendra in order to perfect his fighting skills. Upon hearing of his father's illness, he returned to Izumo. While on his death bed, Mikhal's father left him all of Izumo as an inheritance. Mikhal has proven himself to be a powerful ruler and also an expert samurai. Trained by the ancient masters in Kusanagi-Style Kendo, he is able to wield deadly force with ease.

She has devoted herself to the study of philosophy and is thus very knowledgeable when it comes to advising Mikhal on domestic affairs.

Class: Samurai
As second-in-command of Izumo's military, Zagat is a highly disciplined man. He has a mind for strategy and a body built for war. Despite having only one eye, he can still wield a sword with deadly accuracy.

Class: Samurai
As a mercenary, Jackal was known throughout Legendra for his violent disposition. Upon entering Izumo, he plundered the local villages and towns until Mikhal defeated him. Now, he is an honoured member of Mikhal's inner circle.

Class: Ninja
Shione is the leader of the top secret ninja force called "Onmitsu". Her secret order deals mainly with espionage and other information gathering activities. Her skill as a ninja puts most men to shame.

Class: Samurai
Despite his rather young age, Mistal has become an expert in fencing. With his graceful, fluid movements and androgynous face, many think that he is a woman, and he uses this to his advantage in battle. He was instructed by Mikhal.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady - His pre-combat quote: "Before we fight, I should tell you. I'm a man!"
  • Flash Step - Cross Flash. Likely learnt from Mikhal.
  • Iaijutsu Practitioner - Par the course for Mikhal's disciple.
  • Tagalong Kid - Though he's quick to disagree with anyone who thinks of him that way. He's more of a disciple/squire to Mikhal.

     Kyoem's army (Kyoem, Kumonn, Sayaka, and Sliver) 
Classes: Ninja (all of them)
A follower of Madruk and former disciple of the legendary ninja Hayate, Kyoem betrayed his mentor and attempted to kill him. However, he only managed to kill Hayate's Love Interest, Madoka. Little is known about his followers, other than being acquitances of Hayate.
  • Action Girl - Sayaka.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy - Sayaka, while under Kyoem.
  • Highly Visible Ninja - Sayaka. She wears pink.
  • Mage Killer - All of them.
  • Me's a Crowd - Kyoem's special, "kagebunshin" (shadow clone), which he only uses in this boss form. Said spell costs only 1MP, and creates many Mook versions of Kyoem himself. For combat purposes, they function as Samurai troops, with the same strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie - Kyoem. Well...Ninja-Zombie, anyway.
  • Permanently Missable Content - In Mikhal's scenario, Kyoem flees with a Brainwashed and Crazy Sayaka after his defeat, and Sayaka cannot be recruited.
  • The Smart Guy - Kumonn. Sometimes, Sliver also gets the >70 Intelligence needed for searching and fortifying.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss - In contrast to the other monarchs, Mikhal's starter villain, Kyoem, is pretty much this. He starts at level 11 (while your highest level character at the beginning will be level 3), and despite having no troops, he has a game-braking ability called "Phantasm" which creates between 60 and 100 clones of himself (said clones behave like samurai gameplay-wise), only costs 1 MP and can be used multiple times. His three generals are at level 6 and have far more troops than your party. Taking down Kyoem from the very beginning is very challenging.

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