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  • One of the more over the top mecha series out there. This can be seen as a prototype for the later Reconstruction of the Super Robot genre. Domon taking on a couple of street punks and kicking their ass sets the stage for the whole series.
    • He also asked Michelo Chariot if he had seen the man in his photograph in the middle of his finishing move.
  • Chibodee Crockett getting so pissed that his own country would try to cheat, that he actually kills one of his corrupt handlers.
    "Get out of my country."
  • Domon revealing that he stashed the Shining Gundam in the half-destroyed Statue of Liberty, fully destroying it. One of the most awesome entrances in the history of anime!
  • Just when Domon thinks he defeated Sai Saici, the monks point out that Sai Saici had his queue dagger wrapped around Domon's head and it would have ended with both being losing their heads, and being disqualified for the Gundam Fight forcing Domon to a draw.
  • George De Sand tells Maria that in a fight the only thing he thinks about is defeating his opponents, then when the Eiffel Tower is destroyed and is about to crush Maria and Rain, George uses the Rose Gundam to save them both during the fight. While Domon stupidly tries to attack the Rose Gundam, but thankfully stops before he kills his own mechanic.
  • Argo Gulskii crushing a pipe with his bare hands, escaping prison, and doing both just so he can fight Domon since fighting is the only thing he can do.
    • And his head remains intact upon being hit with the Shining Finger.
  • The Japanese government forcing Domon to see what happened to his family pisses him off so much he activates the Super Mode for the first time. It doesn't help that Rain tried to stop them, only to be injured.
  • The Devil Gundam passes through Egypt, and brings back the Egyptian mobile fighter that fought Sai Saici's grandfather. The CMoA? He was mummified, leading to a mummy fighting in a Gundam! The fact that he also wants to continue fighting Sai Saici because it reminded him of his Grandfather was also badass.
  • Master Asia showing up and then demolishing the Death Army with Domon's bandana. It should be pointed out that the Death Army are Humongous Mecha-Mooks, and Master Asia is on foot. Master Asia takes them out in ways such as wrapping Domon's unusually long bandana around various parts and ripping them off, and catching the oversized cannonballs they shoot at him with his bare hands, then throwing them back at the shooters.
  • Rain entering the Shining Gundam and suiting up, in a sequence that makes her look like she's having an orgasm, then getting up and showing an insanely hot pose. And holding her own despite not being a trained pilot, until Domon gets in.
    • Of course, Rain gets her chance later on in the series by piloting the Rising Gundam and kicking the Brainwashed and Crazy Allenby's butt with it.
  • Master Asia revealing he was evil, and defeating Domon with the Darkness Finger. He becomes the first person to defeat Domon, and does it so effortlessly, showing Domon that he really is a weakling compared to Master Asia.
  • The original Shuffle Alliance first appearing, and then giving a hilarious cheesy entrance.
  • Domon having to fight off the Brainwashed and Crazy Chibodee, George, Argo, and Sai Saici on foot. Then finally escaping Master Asia by jumping off the Tokyo Tower.
  • The Shuffle Alliance attacking Sai Saici, Argo, Chibodee, and George De Sand and proving ineffective, as they are the next members of the Shuffle Alliace, the original Alliance then sacrifice themselves so that the others would be cured of the DG Cells, and become the new Alliance.
  • After Master Asia cruelly mocks the Shuffle Alliance for sacrificing themselves, Domon enters Super Mode, and injures Master Asia's arm, followed by Domon Kasshu walking out of the fire.
  • The mysterious ninja Schwarz Bruder arrives, and challenges Master Asia to a fight, he reveals that he is the only person strong enough to take on Master Asia, but Domon blows it by attacking the Devil Gundam's cocoon instead of the Devil Gundam's head, giving the Devil Gundam the energy it needed to evolve.
  • Master Asia proves how badass he is by teaching strategy to corpses.
  • Schwartz Bruder appears and calls Domon weak, and pathetic., and easily kicking Domon's ass, showing Domon that he has a lot left to learn causing Domon to travel to the Guyana Highlands, the same place Master Asia taught him.
  • Chibodee and Domon teaming up to stop a giant wave from killing Rain and Chibodee's Four-Girl Ensemble.
    • Chibodee also gets one when it's revealed that the girls were formerly street thugs that tried to hitch a ride on his shuttle, but Chibodee saw his own sad past reflected in the girls' struggles and dreams and therefore hired them to be his assistants, causing them to be loyal to him.
  • Sai Saici goes out for a walk while in the Guyana Highlands, and sees Nastasha Skinny Dipping in a river. And once Natasha sees him playing the Accidental Pervert role? Instead of doing the usual Naked Freak-Out she immediately reaches for her gun and shoots him away. Best Naked First Impression EVER.
  • While fighting the Dragon Gundam, Argo Gulskii's Bolt Gundam is pinned by the right arm. He rips off the Gundam's arm rather than allow Sai Saici to win.
  • Raymond, George's faithful butler and caretaker, gets into an old mobile suit to save George's life after a Heroic BSoD. Raymond survives the attack, and tells George that he must not defeat Mirabeau but the devil within George. This causes George to understand and get out of his funk, defeating Mirabeau properly.
  • Episode 22: Argo, Chibodee, George, and Sai Saichi fighting together to hold off the Dark Army while the Shining Gundam is being repaired. Naturally, such an epic moment is accompanied by Awesome Music.
  • Master Asia dodging Domon's attack, then getting his face full of Domon's fist showing he has learned, he attacks Master Asia, and destroys the Devil Gundam.
  • While fighting the Master Gundam, Domon wipes out the Shining Gundam's powers and has to jump out and run to the Burning Gundam. Master Asia tries to kill Domon with a Rocket Punch, but the Shining Gundam suddenly jumps up and blocks the shot, because Domon knew Master Asia would do that and programmed it to jump up at just the right moment.
  • Rain's feelings for Domon are so strong that, using a remote brainwave transmitter, she's able to make the nearly destroyed Shining Gundam crawl towards the Burning Gundam to transfer its battle data into the new mobile suit.
  • Domon getting into the Burning Gundam, blasting off (on Master Asia) into space, and then, using the beam ropes around the Earth, whips himself to Hong Kong, he's then attacked by a bunch of mysterious robots but is still able to make it on time.
  • Master Asia showing up, announcing that he will win the Gundam Fight, and become Super Asia. Domon announces that he will go undefeated.
  • A Moment of Awesome for the mecha designers! Neo-Spain's Mobile Fighter is a giant bullfighter, Neo-Denmark's is a Giant fish man, Neo-Norway's fighter is a giant viking with a boat attached, and can use paddles as weapons, Neo-Sweden's looks like Sailor Moon, and finally the funniest suit in the series, Neo-Netherland has a giant robot that looks like a windmill, and can trasform into one.
  • The first person Domon is expected to challenge is Neo Greece's Zeus Gundam, the supposed best fighter in the tournament other than Master Asia. While Marcelot is able to defeat Domon with his bare hands, Domon is able to regain his resolve, and win in the actual match by using the Burning Finger.
  • Schwarz in the Spiegal Gundam is able to defeat Neo-Norway's Viking Gundam, by using the ability to switch himself with the Viking Gundam's boat, and then using that distraction to cut off Viking Gundam's arms.
  • Domon dislocates his own shoulder so that he can escape from the Cobra Gundam's grasp and defeat it.
  • After learning that his new girlfriend Cecile is the little sister of his next opponent, Hans, Sai Saici runs away since the Mermaid Gundam can only withstand one more fight and tries to forfeit. Plucky Girl that she is, Cecile arrives and then slaps him, asks him if Sai Saici pities her brother and her, and demands that Sai Saici fights her brother.
    • While the Mermaid Gundam may look ridiculous, its pilot (Hans Holgar) is actually quite awesome, and destroys the platform they're on to force Sai Saici to fight him underwater. So, Sai Saici defeats the Mermaid Gundam by forfeiting one of his arms, and using the trident to destroy the Mermaid Gundam's head.
  • After Argo is defeated in seconds by Neo-Sweden's fighter, Domon is scheduled to fight the mysterious pilot. Domon then meets a girl playing a video game that uses motion capture to fight. Domon duels the girl, and their combined fighting causes the game to explode. After meeting the girl he finds out that she is Allenby Beardsly, Neo-Sweden's pilot. We find out that Neo-Sweden uses the Berserker system to force her into an Unstoppable Rage against her will. Domon is able to stop her and challenge her to a real fight which she faints exhausted from the Berserker System.
  • Carlos Andalusia refuses to join the other pilots in trying to kill the Shuffle Alliance, so they try to kill him with a bomb. While Carlos does suffer minor injuries, he still badass enough to help to take down the Devil Gundam in episode 48.
  • To prevent Graham Chapman from killing Princess Maria Louise, George uses his own Gundam to shield her. Also note that, in a situation where practically anyone would have a huge Freak Out, 13-year-old Maria is noticeably calm, making the same scene a Crowning Moment of Awesome for her as well.
  • Wong using a giant magnet to force the Burning Gundam down using 2,000 Gs!. Even though he shouldn't be able to stand up Domon through sheer force of will is able to activate Hyper Mode, and destroys the magnet. He and Allenby than team up to use the Double Burning Finger.
    • Note that Allenby's Nobel Gundam has none of the required equipment to perform the Burning Finger. And that she's never even been told how the technique works. She does it anyway.
  • Chibodee Crockett unleashing his final attack, the Machine Gun Punch! Domon dodges them, as he trained for this attack since Chibodee showed it to him beforehand, they both shout the Shuffle Alliance catchphrase, as their punches meet. Chibodee awakens finding out that he had fainted. He then screams that he will never give up in Hilarious Engrish.
    • It should be noted that Domon doesn't just dodge them, he splits into ten and catches each punch
    Domon: Chibodee, if you're going to attack me ten times all at once, I'll become ten Gundams to counter your attack!
  • After Neo-France forfeits the match since they have already qualified for the Battle Royale, George steals the Rose Gundam even though it means that he will no longer be a Gundam fighter, and will be arrested for treason. He then challenges Domon, and unleashes his final attack the Rose Hurricane. Since, like Chibodee, he was stupid enough to show him his final attack, Domon is able to counter it and win. The King of Neo-France is so moved by George forfeiting everything for honor, that he allows George to continue fighting.
  • Sai Saici having the Premier of Neo China show up for his match, and so moved by his father's recently rediscovered will he uses a suicide attack, the Shin Ryuusei Kochouken, even though Domon has already taken both of his arms. The attack actually defeats the Burning Finger, but Domon is able to counter with a second Burning Finger. Of course, since Sai Saici is so awesome, he is able to survive.
    • Sai Saici survived because the Premier, moved by Sai Saici's wish to revive the Shaolin temple, stopped Domon. Sai was about to DIE rather than let Domon win.
    • Honestly...both fights between Sai and Domon apply in spades - the others may see Domon as a worthy rival - but Sai proves himself as the only one able fight him to a draw - and even survive (and beat) the God Gundam's Burning Finger ...let that sink in for a sec.
  • Nastasha announces that Neo-Russia has brought over Argo's former pirate crew to make sure Argo knows what's at stake for him. Wong announces that instead of a single's match, Domon and Argo would be fighting each other in a two on two battle. Domon and Allenby, vs. Argo and Andrew Graham, the man who's wife Argo accidentally killed. Argo begins the match by using his special attack, the Gaia Crusher, to separate the arena in half, so he can fight Domon one on one. During the match he uses it again against Domon, who counters it with the Burning Finger, but Argo catches the Burning Finger with a third Gaia Crusher. Argo begs Nastasha to take care of his crew, and Graham, who was watching the whole match, is moved, but the strain of using the Gaia Crusher three times so quickly causes Bolt Gundam's fist to blow up, allowing Domon to defeat him. Wong then activates the Berserker System, causing Allenby to try to kill Argo. However, Graham, now knowing that Argo tried to save his wife, takes the blow instead, and blows up, giving him his CMoA. (Due to the nature of the series, though, Graham barely survives.)
  • Master Asia reveals that he has never taught Domon the Ultimate Technique of the School of the Undefeated of the East, and shows it to him. Then, while trapped, they team up to punch/kick a freaking building out of their way. Keep in mind that both are on foot, didn't have either the Burning Gundam or Master Gundam, and Master Asia had a sprained ankle at the time. The second CMoA comes when Domon and Master Asia are attacked by Gundam Heads, causing Domon to summon the Burning Gundam. Master Asia then whistles for his faithful steed Fuun Saiki who gets his own suit up sequence as he pilots his own Mobile Fighter. Yes, ''a horse is piloting a Giant Robot in this series''. Asia then orders Domon to preform the Sekiha Tenkyouken - the ultimate technique of the School of the Undefeated of the East - which Domon successfully does for this episode's third CMoA. (Hatomi Sei performing in Cantonese ups the awesome factor of this sequence to EPIC levels.)
  • Domon vs. Schwartz Bruder with a time bomb underneath them. The episode ends with Domon defeating Schwartz just before the time bomb explodes, causing Schwartz to be injured, and having his masked removed revealing that Schwartz was Kyoji. Or better said, a clone of Kyoji.
  • The start of the Battle Royal, which includes every good Gundam making awesome entrances, and the whole thing ends with the evil Gundam fighters, facing the good Gundam fighters with a GUNDAM FIGHTO! READY! GOOOOO!
  • Bolt Gundam and Dragon Gundam vs. Heaven's Sword Gundam. The match ends with the Bolt Gundam using its chain to wrap Heaven's Sword Gundam while Sai Saici in the Dragon Gundam uses its Finishing Move to get on the Heaven's Sword Gundam before finally killing the thing with a thrust from Dragon Gundam's spear.
    • "I'll turn you... INTO A FRIED CHICKEN!!!"
  • Little, cute Rebellious Princess Maria Louise gets a second CMoA of her own as well: she crawls through a hole created in a badass energy barrier, knowing that she can't fight but wanting to be more than a mere Neutral Female, *and* using a molotov cocktail to destroy the cornerpost that sustains said energy barrier, which lets Rain and Schwarz get into Rantao Island to help Domon and the others.
  • Rose Gundam and Gundam Maxter vs. Grand Gundam. The Rose Gundam gives Chibodee a Rose Bit which Chibodee then uses to attack the cockpit of the Grand Gundam. The best part is Chibodee's One Liner "Goodbye Champ"!
    • You forgot George showing off near-superhuman strength in lifting the Grand Gundam's foot off the Gundam Maxter.
  • Schwartz reveals to Domon the truth of what happened to Kyoji, and the two men who where really behind everything. He sacrifices himself by grabbing Kyoji and ordering Domon to kill them both so that the Devil Gundam can't force Kyoji to pilot it anymore. Domon tearfully kills them both, enraging Master Asia, who challenges Domon to a duel.
  • The entire episode 45, which is mostly Domon and Master Asia countering each others move. The match ends with Master Asia and Domon both using the Sekiha Tenkyouken after Masia Asia taunts him. Domon is able to defeat Master Asia, while Domon calls Master Asia "teacher" again. The rest is Rain doing her best to try kicking ass and save the Brainwashed and Crazy Allenby, and a death scene that is both sad and hilarious at the same time.
  • Rain taking on the possessed Allenby while Domon fights Master Asia. Yes, the very same Rain, Domon's doctor, takes a serious level in badass. After a reprise of the same sexy suit-up sequence (mentioned above) Rain makes the Rising Gundam her own. During the fight Allenby attacks and kills Wong (which shows just how dangerous she was at the moment), and yet Rain is able to defeat Allenby and destroy her Gundam without killing her by using the Rising Gundam's Rising Arrow.
  • Domon tries to blast into space using the Gundam carrier, but is interrupted by Wong in the Walter Gundam and the carrier gets destroyed, but as Domon plummets to Earth, he sees a vision of Master Asia, and is Fuun Saiki, Master Asia's faithful steed. He then propels Domon after Wong and helps him finish him once and for all — with a hind-leg kick to the head.
  • Domon finding out that his boss, Colonel Ulube Ishikawa has used everyone and taken both Rain, her father, and the Devil Gundam, so Domon goes off into space followed by the rest of the Devil Gundam. The Magnificent Bastard reveals that Wong wanted Allenby as the pilot since only a woman can bring the Devil Gundam to full strength, and puts Rain into the cockpit; it wraps poor Rain in vines and coats her in metal to use her as basically a spare part. At this time, the Devil Gundam grows huge, turning into its final form: a terrifying Giant Robot that is made out of a colony. Undaunted, the Shuffle Alliance enter the Devil Gundam to take the fight within the Gundam itself.
  • Professor Mikamura, having realized the extent of his actions (ruining the live of his best friend and his family *and* his daughter's own) is shot for trying to save the kidnapped Rain. He's mortally wounded, but finds the strength to crawl towards Domon's father's capsule and use his last breath to release the capsule, allowing Domon's father to be revived. One of the best-done and more moving deaths in the whole franchise, Y/Y?
  • The rest of the Gundam Fighters, having learned what it really means to be a fighter, attack the Devil Gundam in a spectacular fight with Gundams everywhere, fighting giant tentacles trying to destroy the Earth (several civilians are massacred in this scene). The staff once again gets another Crowning Moment of Awesome when they start putting in all kinds of Gundams from previous series, including Wing Gundam's actual first appearance. (And it's not just Gundams, either - you can make out, of all things, Zambot 3 in a couple of shots.)
  • Neo Netherland has 30 Nether Gundams that most of the time are disguised as Windmills! Ear your heart out, Don Quixote.
    • And Neo Denmark has an army of Mermaid Gundam prototypes, all of which are different kinds of sea creatures.
  • Kyal destroys a Gundam Tentacle with one attack by using his powers to energize the other Gundams into being able to go through the Devil Gundam's tentacles.
  • Domon and the rest of the Shuffle Alliance attack the Grand Master Gundam, a massive Gundam within the Devil Gundam which is a combination of the Four Heavenly Kings, piloted by a DG cell possessed Ulube. After being defeated one by one, all five go Hyper Mode, as they perform the Shuffle Alliance Attack. The resulting attack completely obliterates the Grand Master Gundam.
  • Ulube blocks Chibodee's Bursting Machine Gun Punch by flexing his abs so hard that the force it generates blows it back.
  • Domon confronts a second Devil Gundam within the Devil Gundam, which contains Rain, after (following Allenby's advice) Domon confesses his love, Rain shoots out naked and Domon wraps her in his red cape, and soon Rain and Domon use their love in a massive Power of Love that summons a literal King of Hearts to appear, and destroy the Devil Gundam. A link to the scene is in Hot-Blooded. (The very best is the heart-shaped hole in Devil Gundam...)
  • The ending has Rose Gundam, Gundam Maxter, Dragon Gundam, and Bolt Gundam escape the exploding Devil Gundam, as all the pilots turn around and shout "Domon Kasshu", only to see Domon turn up on the Devil Gundam's head riding Fuunsaiki while holding Rain.
  • The Devil Gundam gets one every time it mutates. Special mention goes to its last stage: it eats Neo-Tokyo and becomes a mass of Gundam heads, wires and metal. Then it gains angel wings and initiates a Colony Drop.
  • The Grand Finale where Domon finally spits it out, which eventually leads into the most over-the-top and bloody awesome portrayal of The Power of Love ever: the Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken.

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