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Tear Jerker / Mobile Fighter G Gundam

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Mobile Fighter G Gundam: the Rated M for Manly series also has Tear Jerker moments of their own, which will bring out Manly Tears from the viewer, no matter the gender.

  • What about the death of Master Asia? After a very last, gruelling battle, Domon tops his Master out, only to find out that he wasn't really as much as an SOB that he thought he was, he was misguided by his mistake to be absorbed in Gundam Fights that ravaged the Planet Earth and that everyone only cared about the Fights, not the planet. And then, Master reveals that he still retained his honor, not infecting himself with the DG Cells. Finally, for one last time, master and disciple recite the motto of School of Touhou Fuhai (Look, the East is burning REEEEDDD!!!), and Master Asia finally perishes after finishing the reciting, followed with a very crushing cry of Domon... "SHISHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" (or a Big "NO!" in the English Dub)
  • And Domon crying the epithome of Manly Tears as he's forced to kill his once-hated, now-again-beloved older brother Kyouji to free him (and his clone, Schwarz Bruder) from the Devil Gundam... Once it sinks that Kyouji never was really to blame since he was Brainwashed and Crazy, and that he used his last bits of free will to create Schwarz Bruder and try fixing what went so utterly wrong... the "BROOOOOOOTHEEEEEER!!" (or "KYOOOOOOOJI!!!!!" in English Dub) is a slap to the face for both Domon and the watchers.
    • The worst part is right as Domon is about perform the Erupting God Sekiha Tenkyoken. If the viewer looks closely, they can see what look like tears forming in the God Gundam's eyes.
      • And if that wasn't enough, the somber reprise of the Shining Finger theme that plays really hammers it home. Domon shaking, trying to hold back the tears as he prepares to do the deed while giving his final goodbye to his brother just before this begins is equally gut-wrenching. The whole sequence is so tearjerking that even Stalker is visibly trying his damnedest trying not to break down in tears while recapping the event the very next episode.
      • Earlier in that same episode we witness the fallen other members of the Shuffle Alliance. Yes, they do get up in the following episode, but you couldn't tell with the following: Natasha by Argo, Keiun and Zuisen by Sai Saichi, Janet, Cath, Shirley and Bunny by Chibodee and Marie Louise with Raymond by George. All acting as if the four of them were dead.
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  • Don't forget the death of Dr Mikamura, killed for becoming The Atoner after realizing how all of his sins destroyed the Kasshu family and made his little girl Rain suffer as well. The guy's Famous Last Words don't help, as he releases Dr. Kasshu's capsule into space so the others will retrieve him, and he sadly says "Can you see me, my old friend? I couldn't beat you, even to the very end...".
  • Also the very final episode is... depending on the viewer's opinion either a TearJerker or a hilarious scene. At the very least it is very impressive, when Domon saves Rain and they use the Love-Love Sekiha Tenkyoken together
  • The final moments of Master Asia in G Gundam. The Kyoji moment may have help build it up. It only becomes even more poignant if you understand the true meaning of the word "shishou". Apparently, it doesn't just mean "master" but refers to someone's first teacher, who they hold in very high regard for life no matter how far they advance, even if they transcend their master utterly. Thus adding another layer to Master Asia's surprise when he says to Domon: "after all this you still call me master?"
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  • A more subtle one: Chico and Gina Rodriguez's backstories. Yeah, the Tequila Gundam is very stereotypical, but the pilot and his Ill Girl sister's story of sickness, poverty and desolation is very sad.
  • Saette and Rain. That's all.
  • And when Rain decides to leave after learning the truth about the Devil Gundam and thinking that, since her dad was involved in the whole fuck-up, she can't face Domon anymore? Seeing Domon try to desperately reach for her, only to fail, is heartbreaking.
  • A minor one, but deserves mention here: during Allenby and Rain's Designated Girl Fight, a Brainwashed and Crazy Allenby is rampaging and looking for Domon. To see the lonely and frightened side of her come completely to the forefront, frantically searching for the only one who can understand her can be heartrending. Her Anguished Declaration of Love may be the clincher.
    • Theh, in final episode, when Allenby makes Domon realize ne heeds to confess his love to Rain and few episodes earlier, when she mentions she knows how to Domon Rain is most important person in the world - when one think about it, for somebody who had a harsh life like her and went through what she just did, realizing the first and probably only person who understands her and whom she loves will always care for her but simply cannot return her romantic feelings because he has given his heart to someone else (and probably gave it to her *before* even met Allenby) must have hit pretty hard. and it makes Allenby *awesome*.
  • The episode where Domon upgrades to the God Gundam - Rain remotely controls the nearly-totaled Shining Gundam to get Domon's battle data to the God Gundam. The scene is both heartwarming and sad, as Domon had been fighting alongside the Shining Gundam for almost a year. He holds the ruined Shining Gundam like a princess in God Gundam's arms.

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