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  • Unless I'm very much mistaken, it's implied that if the average person would try to use the mobile trace system, their body would be crushed. Rain, who is mostly a doctor and engineer by occupation, has no trouble using it. Would this mean Rain has the approximate body build of a Gundam fighter?
    • Because all scientists secretly have super strength. Just ask Ray Palmer.
    • The only person we ever saw at risk of being crushed was Chang, a ten year old boy, who had neither the strength nor bone density of an adult. Sai and Allenby have light builds and probably aren't much stronger than an average adult, yet they can handle the trace system with no problems. I think it's more that an average person can use it with some difficulty, which Rain had when putting the Latex Spacesuit on.
      • "Difficulty"... Is That What They're Calling It Now??
      • Sai and Allenby might have small builds, but I see no reason to doubt that they have above-average strength. They are after all highly skilled martial artists in a universe where Super Strength is standard for martial artists.
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    • The Gundams' Trace Systems are built for the pilot. Physically, Rain is very similar to Domon. Chang was about half Domon's size and as such, was almost crushed when the Gundam tried to suit up the 5'8" Domon.
    • Also, Rain would know how to adjust the Trace system for her own dimensions.

  • How was Allenby able to use the Bakunetsu God Finger (in that one tag-team episode)?
    • The Nobel Gundam started charging up some kind of... glowing-red hand attack while it was in Berserker mode, so maybe it was an adaptation of that? (Or just Rule of Cool.)
    • IIRC, Allenby placed a chip in the God Gundam's cockpit, transferring some of its power to the on-its-last-legs Nobel Gundam. The ability for the Nobel to use the God Gundam's finisher was probably coincidental.
    • It's implied that the "finger attacks are natural to the school of the undefeated of the east so It's probable that Domon taught her a watered down version she later used or she just copied it I mean she is pretty good as a fighter.

  • The attitude towards Gentle Chapman after he is resurrected by DG Cells. It's more hilarious than anything else that they consider a disqualified Fighter being sent to the Finals more important, but—do they really think that Chapman came back of his own free will? And you'd think that George, who knows firsthand that DG Cells make one Brainwashed and Crazy, would have a little more sympathy for the guy.
    • Of course, Chapman isn't even technically alive in the strictest sense. He's basically an animated pile of flesh held together with DG cells for the express purpose of powering his Gundam.
    • Maybe the Shuffle Crests gave their holders the ability to sense whether someone is completely overrun by DG Cells?

  • How is "Homicidally insane berserker Sailor Moon" related to Sweden? All the other Gundams are related to their country.

  • I understand that Master Asia or Mr. Wong wouldn't have wanted to remove Kyoji from the core life unit until they had a suitable replacement and plus Asia wanted to keep him there as a bargaining chip to use against Domon ("Fill in for your brother whose broken body is barely breathing thanks to you defeating the Dark Gundam"). However why doesn't Domon himself try to remove Kyoji once he finds out his brother is trapped there? Kyoji's clone Schwarz tried to free the original Kyoji, which hints that Kyoji could survive the removal, but then the Dark Gundam tries to absorb him too which instantly makes him tell Domon to destroy them along with the Dark Gundam. Didn't Domon realize that he could use his Gundam's fingers to get a grip around Kyoji's body and rip him out of the Dark Gundam's core life unit or was he really so on the verge of death he wouldn't have survived being removed?
    • He probably was; Schwarz was suffering visibly from Kyoji's weakened state before he got near the Devil Gundam's cockpit. Also, the Devil Gundam was attacking the God Gundam all-out, which would have made the fine manipulation needed to break the tentacles without crushing them and carry them to safety while being fired on and pursued by Gundam heads pretty much impossible. Before then, any attempt Domon could have made to pull Kyoji out would also have been interrupted by the Devil Gundam and Master Asia.

  • During the fight between Bolt Gundam and Dragon Gundam in the Guyana Highlands. Bolt Gundam's arm is chained to a rock by the chain of its own Graviton Hammer, leading to a CMOA when Argo rips his own Gundam's arm off rather than lose. Only one problem; the chain is a beam. Surely it has an 'off' switch?
    • That's not how the Trace System works. It tries to replicate everything that happens to the Gundam to it's pilot, that's why they feel pain. Argo's arm was completly restricted by the "Chain" so he couldn't move enough to switch it off. Either that or endorphins made him a bit crazy.

  • Before the big reveal that Kyoji was trapped in the Dark/Devil Gundam's cockpit we see Kyoji directing the actions of the Gundam personally. Is this really Kyoji under the mind control of the Gundam or is it just some representation of Kyoji the Dark Gundam conjured up using DG Cells? I was under the impression that the Dark Gundam was powerful enough to let Kyoji temporarily leave the cockpit and mind control him but after Domon severely crippled it by using that Super Mode powered Shining Finger Kyoji needed to stay in the cockpit at all times in order to continue functioning. Which interpretation is accurate?
    • Considering we see DG cells able to give what is essentially instant plastic surgery and perform a mind transfer, it's not a stretch to imagine that it was actually the Devil Gundam's personality taking the form of Kyoji.

  • How do DG cells work? For instance, how do DG cells replicate without some sort of metal with which to build said cells, like when they infect a person?
    • Hard to believe, but there are minute traces of metal naturally produced in the human body as a mineral, like Iron and Zinc in our blood and bones. the DG cells could be building off of that.
    • I'm aware of that, but the amount of metal in a person is negligible. If that's the case those that are heavily infected with DG cells must have to eat several bucketfuls of metal rich foods in order to have that many DG cells. Then there's when the DG cells animate the DEAD, which don't have any metal to speak of.
    • The Devil Gundam seems to be able to adapt and absorb. That's how it "Self-recovers". I assume it's like a form of Reverse Space Steam Cells. The DG Cells are corrupting already-present matter into more DG Cells so the Devil Gundam can absorb and become more powerful. The real question is how the HELL did Dr. Kasshu build an Organic, self-multiplying, self-aware, learning, unstoppable, feeling machine that can alter its own genetic structure to influence others in the first place?! He must be the greatest scientist of his time, no wonder Mikamura was jealous.
  • They might be capable of dismantling and assembling things on a subatomic level. Sure, it's far fetched, but what about G Gundam isn't, really?

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