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Nightmare Fuel / Mobile Fighter G Gundam

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  • The Devil Gundam itself. Not only is it Satanic in name and appearance, it also infects other people and turns them into Brainwashed and Crazy robotic zombies. i.e, Saette Gyuzelle was a Tall, Dark, and Handsome Genius Bruiser, but when he was taken over by the DG-Cells, he was reduced to a borderline meat puppet with his mind completely twisted.
  • Earth under attack by the Devil Gundam in its Colony Mode. It destroyed a lot of cities and whatnot, offscreen deaths could have soared higher and higher in count.
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  • The Devil Gundam again! Aside from the above, this could also make people fall under its command. And destroying it would be impossible even if it required a massive amount of Gundams and other mechas around only to be destroyed by it and its only death is The Power of Love.
  • Chibodee's childhood trauma. To celebrate their last day on Earth before moving to the Neo-America colony, he and his mother went to the circus. He was separated from his mother and held hostage by a terrorist dressed as a clown, all while gunfire erupted around him. His mother was likely killed, and the whole time, his captor LAUGHED MANIACALLY in the poor kid's face... *shiver*

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