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There are elves for each magic attribute.
"Moonshadow" elves implies that they're a specific group of elves. And since this group specifically uses lunar magic, maybe there's elves that use solar magic or oceanic magic or stellar magic or etc.
  • Supported by the existence of Sunfire elves, which specialize in solar magic.
  • In the Distant Prologue of the first episode, we see an elf wearing a robe decorated with stars, implying specialization in star magic, and another one dressed in white with wings on its back, presumably specialized in sky magic.

The video game will be a Fire Emblem expy.

The video game will be a The Legend of Zelda expy.

Claudia won't reciprocate Callum's feelings because she's lesbian.
  • Or she'll become evil.
  • Or she's...just not into him.

Callum is illegitimate.
He has lighter skin than the King and Ezran, his younger brother Ezran is the Crown Prince, and he seems uninterested in duties like his swordsmanship.
  • Jossed. He's King Harrow's step-son and thus Ezran's half-brother.

Xadia is on the other side of the Avatar World that we didn’t see.
What keeps them apart is treacherous waters and killer magical monsters.

Runaan is engaged.
One of the images in the end credits shows another male elf making two necklaces that look like the one that Runaan has, with another image showing that male elf crying. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Water Tribe also had tragic love stories involving engagement necklaces.

Ezran's affinity for animals comes from King Harrow

Rayla's parents are trapped in the mirror

King Harrow...
  • Isn't dead. Viren had a plan when he went back to the King's room just before the elves attacked. He knew the King wasn't going to switch souls voluntarily, and he wasn't willing to take the King's place himself, so he caught Harrow by surprise and swapped his soul with that of his bird and then the elves killed Harrow's human body without knowing what had happened.
    • Viren probably did perform the soul-switching spell, trapping the king in the pet bird's body.
    • How does this explain the bind on the elves' right wrist breaking? My interpretation was that it broke because they fulfilled one half of their mission by killing the king. If they only killed a decoy, wouldn't the bind remain intact?
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    • They killed his real body. That bind might not account for souls.

What's inside the mirror
  • An elf. It'll be the show's next Big Bad once Viren figures out how to free whatever was in it. The elf will be a Star Elf and will be the same one that opens the map during the narration at the beginning.

Because of the four fingers, elves start double digits at eight instead of ten.
And it only gets more complicated from there...

Callum will learn more spells, and have to use the cube to figure out which ones he can cast
Without a primal stone, Callum can't cast his air spells whenver he wants. He will need a source of magic. Forunately, his cube lights up when it is near enough a large source of magic, so he can use it to figure out which spells he can currently cast. They have a strong source of Moon (Rayla), Sun (Bait), and Sky (Azymondius), so they'll either need to find the other three, or he'll need to focus on those three elements.
  • As a sub-clause, this means he will need to get uncomfortably close to Rayla to cast Moon magic.

One of Viren's children will die.
  • If it is by the hands of Viren or the other sibling, it will result in a Heel–Face Turn. If it is by the heroes, either intentional or by accident, it will result in a Heel–Face Door-Slam.

Light magic will be introduced.
  • Whereas Dark magic stems from using the life force of others, Light magic would be powered by sacrificing one's own life instead. It's power would be great, but using it too much would be fatal to the caster.

Callum is a Half- (or Quarter-)Elf. Specifically, Sky Elf
  • The clue in this case is how easily he picked up using Magic without the Dark Magic shortcut. By Word of God, Elves are inherently magic, but Humans aren't which is why they came up with Dark Magic. They have also been rather coy about the possibility of Half-Elves as well(while at the same time giving a definite "no" to the possibility of Dark Elves) Also note that in Episode 3, Viren refers to him as a "Mongrel". So the idea is that Callum's Father(or Grandfather) was an Elf.
    • So why Sky Elf? Well, Sky Elves, as far as we can tell, are the only ones that have the skin tone closest or identical to his(although he might just take after his mother more in that regard), plus all the magic he has dealt with in the first season has been related to Sky magic. Sky Primal Stone, Sky Magic spells, Sky Dragon. Furthermore, we see that the cube reacts to Elves as a source of magic. So any reaction to Callum as a source of Sky Magic could have been hidden by the presence of the Primal Stone. So the idea is that Callum's use of Sky Magic has awoken his Elven heritage. So they'll start Season 2 with Callum wondering how he's going to use magic now that his Primal Stone is gone, only to find the cube reacting to him like it did to Rayla.
  • The creators have confirmed that Callum is biracial, take that as you will.
    • Although this can also mean simply that he has a white father and an Asian mother.
  • To add onto the above Troper’s WMG I would also like to say that it has been shown that illusion magic (or at the very least Moonshadow elf illusion magic) is very convincing. So perhaps an illusion was cast on Callum to hide his elf traits.

The different kinds of elves have varying accents
We know the Moonshadow elves have Scottish accents, so it wouldn't be that odd of a way to make the other elf groups distinct.

The Dragon Queen is the Big Bad
A long shot, but she was the one that ordered the hit on Ezran for political purposes so she definitely Would Hurt a Child. She was also mysteriously absent when her mate was killed and her child kidnapped. Alternately, she is innocent of the whole affair, but her need for revenge will overrule her desire for peace.

The dragon on the poster and in the opening is the Dragon Queen
Azymondias seems to take after his father, leaving his mother's appearance open, and they're the only other dragon we've seen. There's no indication that female dragons would look significantly different or that dragons from different types (they appear to be a sun dragon) can't breed. Plus, Law of Conservation of Detail holds that the dragon has to be important or they wouldn't be putting focus on them.

Viren is the same human who first discovered Dark magic.
His weird butterfly ritual seems to be the thing keeping him young. Also, when he traps Runaan's soul, his staff shifts and looks exactly like the one shown in the first episode narration (and in one credits shot).

The Sun Elf dagger used to be a sword.
Its end doesn't look like the way you'd shape a dagger, and the hilt is too long. One credits shot actually shows a whole sword with the same design. So this is probably a sword that has been cut short, which of course raises the question: what sort of terrible material can cut through Sun Elf metal?
  • Maybe dragon teeth, considering what they did to Rayla's binds?

The Dragon Prince will utter it's first word in human language at the end of Season 2.
In majority of Season 2, he will be mostly like an animal companion, but in further seasons, he will be a full-blown character.

There will be a Sixth Ranger type character in the later seasons
There are plenty of candidates:
  • Ellis and Ava: Circumstances could easily place them on the run with the princes and Rayla.
  • Soren and/or Claudia: They'll probably think their dad may have past the Moral Event Horizon and defect. Or one of them dies and the other joins the princes.
  • A new character entirely: Possibly an elf, someone who teaches Callum magic maybe?

Lord Viren was planning to use the Dragon Prince’s egg to power some serious magic.
He’s certainly got Claudia convinced it was a dangerous weapon, and we already know he Would Hurt a Child. Possible goals:
  • Resurrect the original dark mage
  • Create a powerful magical weapon that will turn the tide of the war
  • Give himself some kind of One-Winged Angel power-up

Elves are descendants of dragons.
No really - what elves in other high fantasy stories have horns? Why four fingers? The reason they can do magic and the humans can't is because they're part draconic, and therefore connected to the primal sources like the dragons are.