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YMMV: Dragon Ball Multiverse
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Raichi is this. In his movie appearances, he was a generic "I WANT REVENGE!" guy and clinically insane. In Multiverse, it's very obvious that Raichi has been embittered and broken by the destruction of his race (which is still fresh in his mind), as he is the last living Tuffle. However, he's still shown to have his own sanity, even if he wants revenge, and even has the capacity for pity, when he freed Tapion because he heard the man was a hero, and also helped Tapion by freeing him from the suffering of Hirudegarn. Whatever one may think of Raichi, he deserves pity more than outright contempt.
  • Anti-Climax: After nearly 700 pages of build-up, XXI appears on screen for the first time. And then, the chapter ends with a bad gag before heading into a special.
  • Ass Pull: Future Gohan's victory in the "Mirai" special is only made possible by a series of complete and utter asspulls. First, Gohan somehow manages to avoid being killed by Dabura by showing far superior speed and reflexes to characters that are canonically way faster than him, including Buu Saga Piccolo and the main timeline Gohan. Oh, and he also somehow survives a punch from Dabura, when it's repeatedly shown that if a fighter that strong even light taps someone that weak, they can make said someone EXPLODE. Then he gets teleported onto another planet with Yakon, a monster who can easily kill him via energy drain. Coincidentally, just Yakon is about to drain Gohan, Yakon's sister, a new character who was never even implied to exist in the source material, shows up and starts screwing around, keeping Yakon distracted long enough for Gohan to to start blasting holes in the ground and making vague threats at Babidi. Then, for no reason at all, Babidi transports Gohan back to Earth rather than leave him to rot in nowhere space. Oh, and he doesn't bring Yakon back for some reason. However, Dabura's still there, so Gohan still has no chance, right? Well no, because then the crowning moment of ass-pullery occurs: Babidi drains Dabura of the vast majority of his power right before telling him to face Gohan. We're talking a huge drain, over 95% of the guy's power. Why? Because he almost killed Gohan, keeping Babidi from getting energy. For some reason it never occurs to Babidi to "punish" his mind controlled slave AFTER Gohan is dealt with. Or just to take less energy. Finally, due to this awfully convenient turn of events, Future Gohan is able to beat a guy dozens of times stronger than him and save the day.
  • Awesome Art: Chapter 29 Special has been praised for having a better art than the rest of the special chapters. It was drawn by a new artist on the team, and has made this special probably the best received so far. Here it is.
    • Chapter 41 takes on a very different, more realistic style. Despite being another filler chapter, nobody really minds, because the art is both amazing and visually distinct, and Gast is a walking collection of awesome.
  • Base Breaker: There are a few characters the fans of the comics are torn over.
    • Vegetto: He has is fair share of haters, but he does have his defenders as well. The haters feel he is steals focus from U18 (the main DB universe) and is a Mary Sue. His defenders argue that his love of battle and arrogance aren't presented in a positive light and that he was ridiculously overpowered in the actual series for the short time he appeared.
    • Pan: She is a fun case. Her haters are usually people who despised her Dragon Ball GT counterpart. They transfer that hate to the DBM Pan, despite the two characters being drastically different. Her supporters are quick to point this out and like how her character arc involved her accepting her role as one of Earth's protectors and transforming into a Super Saiyan.
    • Broly: One side hates him because he is as ridiculously overpowered as his fanboys claim he is. The other side agrees he was way overpowered, but don't mind because it allowed for one of the best fights in DBM, Vegetto vs. Broly. The fact he left the comic fairly early probably helps.
    • XXI: He was a very anticipated character that fans universally wanted to see. Once he actually appeared a small number of people were a bit disappointed. After his match against Vegetto he split the fandom. There was a surprising number of fans who agreed with Vegetto and U4 Buu that XXI cheated. They reasoned that XXI's technique transported Vegetto into a dimension where time runs much slower than the outside world let him win by default thanks to the 30 count. They feel he abused a technicality, and violated the spirit of the tournament format. They wanted a rematch between Vegetto and XXI as much as Vegetto and Buu did. There are people who felt XXI's move was legal and that it was a good strategy. This belief is shared by U16 Gohan. He pointed out had the match been a real fight the technique would have still allowed XXI to achieve his objective before Vegetto could even break out of it.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The beginning of the tournament's second day is celebrated with a musical performance by the Star Wars Cantina Band. Pan and Tapion enjoy the musical interlude, Bra, Frieza's Family and Babidi do not. Zen Buu thought it was so bad that he demanded that they give their instruments to him so he could play.
  • Canon Defilement: The series violates all levels of the canon at various points.
    • Salagir openly admits that he ignores the guidebooks and substitutes his own fan theories for them, even though they're official material and approved by Akira Toriyama himself.
    • In the main series, it's said that only Namekians of the same clan can fuse. In fact that's kind of the whole reason everyone didn't just fuse. In DBM, that restriction is lifted, making the existence of Gast Carlohc possible.
    • In the manga, King Cold repeatedly states that Frieza is stronger than him, and that anyone stronger than Frieza would automatically be seen as the strongest in the universe (excluding Cooler of course, as he's anime only). In DBM, Salagir ignored this and gave Cold two massively powerful forms he was never stated or implied to have. The first one rivals Cooler and lets him easily stomp all over Super Saiyan Yardrat Goku in U12 while the second is stated to be on the same level as Android 16 and Imperfect Cell.
    • In the manga, Babidi couldn't drain his own minions for use in the resurrection of Buu. He states that only "good" (morally) energy can be used for Buu's resurrection, and all of his minions are evil. If he could, he would've just drained Dabura over and over until the meter filled. In DBM, not only can Babidi do that, but he uses it as a PUNISHMENT, draining Dabura of nearly all of his power before sending him off to fight Future Gohan. The author admitted that he did this because even he couldn't see a plausible way for Gohan not to get killed in one hit.
    • Salagir is also very open about the fact that he "allows himself" to change non-manga materials as he pleases, i.e. the movies (not that he stays true to the manga either). In particular, almost everything about Broly, from his power to the story of his second movie, because Salagir thinks he's cool.
    • The U3 special introduces Hanasia, Bardock's wife and the most powerful saiyan alive at the time. Not only is she a pretty blatant Mary Sue, but she also creates a huge plothole by existing, since King Vegeta was stated to be the strongest saiyan at the time on several occasions.
      • This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when Goku's mother is finally introduced in Dragon Ball Minus special, written by Toriyama himself. She is almost the exact opposite of Hanasia.
    • Vegetto and Bra having access to the Kaioshin Instantaneous Movement technique, an ability vastly more overpowered than Instant Transmission due to it's ability to travel literally anywhere without limit. There's no implication in canon that it can be taught or passed on to other people, particularly non-Kaioshin.
      • This one isn't really canon defilement. The technique was never implied to be Kaioshin exclusive technique. It was originally Kibito's technique who was a non-Kaioshin. It might be jarring to have Vegetto and Bra knowing the technique it's not technically defiling canon.
  • Complete Monster: Bojack is significantly more cruel here than in his movie, having no qualms with snapping U16 Pan's neck after having already essentially won his match. He's also hated by pretty much everyone in his universe, including his own men. This is probably a result of him show little to no loyalty towards them; he's even shown using his minion Bido as a human shield.
  • Creator's Pet: Broly and Vegetto. Despite Universe 18 being the canon universe that we know and love, an irritatingly large focus is put on the fight between Vegetto and Broly, with the characters from Universe 18 going on and on about how powerful the two are. They exaggerate Broly's power, moving him from "extremely powerful" to "invincible" while in his Legendary Super Saiyan state.
    • Bra too, given that she's absurdly overpowered (to the point where Goku and Vegeta, the main characters of the original damn manga, worry that she may be stronger than them!), an absolute Jerkass to most other characters, gets praised even when she directly goes against orders and also receives an irritating amount of spotlight alongside Vegetto.
    • Even though, Vegetto seems to have been disqualified in a pretty shameful fashion and Broly has been absent from the story since a long time ago. Special mention also goes to the buildup towards U3 Ghost Warrior Broly, only for him to be killed in one hit before he could transform - a Crowning Moment of Funny for some fans.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The villains steal the show.
    • Kakarotto for being psycho and hilarious.
    • Cell. Just as badass and smug as the main series Cell, except with a nice helping of Crazy Awesome on top of it.
    • Zen Buu, an Faux Affably Evil Magnificent Bastard with many funny and awesome scenes. A lot like the original Super Buu, except more intelligent and civilized. Comes with a helping of Creepy Awesome.
    • Hanasia, due to being Goku's mother and just awesome in general.
    • If Gast wasn't on the list before the certainly earned his spot when he effortless stopped U4 Buu's rampage and saving everyone from being absorbed by him.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Salagir parodied with Mary Sue concept with a character who was literally named Mary Sue. She was a living embodiment of everything wrong with original characters in fan fictions. Ironic, since Salagir was guilty of MANY of the things he mocked other fan fiction writers for in the form of this character. Particularly, Bra is a pretty straight example of a Mary Sue.
  • Magnificent Bastard: U4 Buu, even more so than his original counterpart.
  • Memetic Loser: Raditz's usual portrayal as this is played with here. Besides losing on the first round on the main storyline, a minicomic was published which made fun of the concept.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Bojack snapping U16 Pan's neck. Cell's beatdown on him was very satisfying.
  • Narm:
    • Last panel of page 382.
    • Android 16's fight is quite narmy.
    • Zen Buu's punch to the West Kaioshin in page 735 was deemed similar to those from cartoons.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Pages 342 through 351.
    • U13 Kakarotto...just see this page and Chapter 27... Made even more horrifying by the single fact that, had the Goku we know and love not hit his head as a child when his ship landed on earth, that's what Goku would be today... Oh, it gets worse. Turns out Kakarotto and Krillin were good friends, and for one panel, we see Kakarotto being as innocent as his U18 counterpart.
    • The Kaioshin's rather direct way of dealing with upcoming dangers, like killing Frieza and Cooler when they were children and Broly when he was an infant, in the Universe 1/10 Special was noted to be too violent by fans.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: To many, Pan, who was redesigned from her counter part, being given more similarity to child Goku.
    • U16 Bra certainly counts, since the canon incarnation of the character is basically just a space filler.
      • U16 Bra is becoming The Scrappy of her own. More fans are becoming sick of arrogance, the way she talks down to most people, short temper (basically she has both Bulma and Vegeta's worse personality traits and none of their better qualities), and her essentially being the third strongest person in the tournament in terms of overall power (in her Super Saiyan 2 form), surpassed only to her father, Vegetto in U16, and Zen Buu, making her stronger than Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan of the main universe.
    • Uub may also qualify. While it's true that he had a supporting role in GT, he quickly (and I mean quickly) became unimportant and something of a small fry. In DB:M he at least gets to show off a bit.
    • The Super Saiyan 3 form. Its role in the original series was relatively minor, gets glossed over fairly quickly and is just impractical to use. On top of everything else it looks pretty dumb. DB:M manages to portray it as a churning maelstrom of barely-contained power, giving the form much more 'oomph'.
      • This is actually the opposite case. DBM actually made Super Saiyan 3 form even more impractical to use. The stronger the person is the shorter time they can actually maintain the Super Saiyan 3 form. Both Vegetto and Gotenks can only hold the form for about minute before they burn out their ki, because their both so powerful. It was is a recurring plot point. Vegeta doesn't even think the form is worth having and was looking for something more practical to use.
    • To a minor extent, the special themselves. While chapter 14, 16 and especially 18 have been panned by pretty much everyone (as you can see below), the next special, despite being even longer than all of them, as it lasted for two chapters, was received well enough for most readers to be again interested in them. The Universe 7 special was well received as well.
  • Silent Majority: Non-posting readers.
  • The Scrappy: Despite the above rescue, Pan, Both of them, mainly due to the sour taste Dragon Ball GT left to many fans. Despite both Pan's being not similar to the one from GT at all. And Universe 16 Bra for those who believe her to be Sue-ish.
    • Chapter 14 has basically turned into a giant Scrappy Chapter.
      • So has Chapter 16. And 18. It seems most of the special chapters will become this.
      • Chapter 18 especially. Due to its off model nature, being almost a rehash of the Cell chapter, and adding plot holes.
      • Vegito has a growing hatedom in the comments section, but he does have a few defenders.
    • U16 Bra: More people have started disliking the character as the series progressed. Unlike Vegetto she doesn't seem to have many defenders.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Frieza gets the short end of the stick in EVERY universe he appears in. The one version of Frieza taking part in the tournament has had no increase in power, when he could have had a 5th form or some other kind of interesting transformation.
    • The U19 Tech Warriors are the most unique fighters present in the whole tournament. Thus far, they have either been casually beaten in battle, or in the case of Eleim he only won by a tiny margin.
      • And now they've been knocked out of the tournament entirely after having the faintest hints of their backstory explored
      • Thankfully this is finally starting to get subverted. U19 is getting its story told in novel/fan fiction form that is on the DBM site.
    • If you ask any fan of the comic most of them will say a lot of characters are being wasted. Uub probably qualifies. Like his GT counterpart his role in the overall plot has been small. This might be because he's only had one match so far. A small, but vocal part of fandom don't like that Goten and Trunks of universes 16 and 18 are just as childish as they were as kids and feel Salagiri wasted two promising characters by reducing them to joke characters who are even shallower than their canon counterparts. The girls from U6 have been getting complaints. Fans feel they are unnecessary since their backstory hasn't been explored yet nor have their characters made any impact on the tournament besides being fodder for stronger characters. Many felt U6 special should have told the girls story instead of showing Bojack and his gang kill the Z-fighters.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Fans love the concept of multiverse with various universes, different from the main DB universe, but some feel its being wasted for a tournament. Many fans feel the specials as a whole are wasted because most of them retell how canon events went except with the villains winning instead of exploring the repercussions of the villains' victories. The U6 special got a lot of complaints because it showed Bojack and his minions killing all the Z-fighters and never even showed the girls in U6 at all.
    • The U17 Special was disliked for similar reasons. What, Cell killed the Z fighters in his universe? Naw, ya think? Plenty of fans were wondering why they didn't show, say, how Cell dealt with Babidi.
    • The Future Majin Attack special in a way. The special was better received the most of the other ones, but there was still out cry from fans on how forced the plot was to make Future Gohan win against Babidi and Dabura. See the Ass Pull section for more details. Instead the special could have been centered around Future/U12 Trunks and 16 and how they dealt with Babidi and Dabura coming to Earth to revive Majin Buu.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Many, most notably Vegetto vs. Broly (the fight that opens the comic).
  • Unfortunate Implications: In a mini-comic filler the author decided to include race based humor.
  • Vocal Minority: Among DBM fans, there are a few "regulars" who post more or less every page.
  • What an Idiot: The Vargas who decided not to bother sending Broly back to his universe after the Broly vs. Vegetto fight.
    • The Grand Supreme Kai being willing to let U4 Buu compete after his rampage was a relief to fans who felt it was too soon for him to exit the story, but the fact is that he allowed him to still compete is still foolish. It is true they have him contained at the moment the fact of the manner is that since he learned how to overcome Vargas technology and manipulate it means he is resourceful enough that him over coming the technique used to contain him is not out the realms of possibilities. U16 Gohan already told the Kais everything about him, meaning that the Grand Supreme Kai already knows just how dangerous he can be.
    • Universe 8 Gohan is commonly seen this way after it didn't even occur to him to use the dragon radar to search Frieza's ship, frantically checking every room instead.

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